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hey everyone firstly I apologize if you
do hear drilling outside I live in New York welcome back to my youtube channel
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springtime has sprung and as many of you know I’ll be getting married in
September I’ve been wanting to bring all of you
along with me inside all of the wedding planning that I’ve been doing but the
truth is as a bride-to-be when I go to these events like when I go to try on my
dress or when I go to taste cake – which is very important – I need to make sure
that I’m actually focused and not holding a camera facing it at me and
making a video for youtube. you’ll notice I do have a video on my channel where I
picked my wedding dress and that was actually a recreation of me going to
pick my wedding dress which I did with no camera. I posted on my Instagram story
asking if you had any questions about the wedding planning process and I got a
ton. just wanted to let you know this video is not planned at all. I haven’t
even read these questions yet… Michael’s not even home unfortunately. I would love
him to be involved but this is just a Lucie video starting right now!
do you have wedding planners or are you doing this all on your own? great
question we’ve got planners! when we first got engaged I was so confused how
do you throw a wedding? I mean this is a party…so yeah you can just kind of call
places and be like hey we’re looking to book a wedding, what do we do? a lot of
venues actually provide all the things that you might need for a wedding like
catering the tables and chairs maybe they even do flowers – who knows? our
initial idea was that Michael and I wanted to get married at either his
house or at my house because of that we knew we needed wedding planners because
we didn’t want to try to pull together a wedding out of thin air in a backyard
without help from anyone. as it turns out we’re not doing it on house so we
actually did choose a venue but using planners has come in major handy because
the venue we chose is actually a museum! and it’s not a standard wedding venue
where they already have tables and caterers…you do have to bring everything
into this museum. so yes we have wedding planners. how long does this wedding
planning process typically take? I don’t think there’s an answer to that question
because some people get married two months after their engagement and
other people wait four or five years. our wedding is actually going to be one
year and five months post our engagement so we’ll basically have a
year-and-a-half engagement before the wedding, and I personally think we’re
gonna use every day of that time period to plan! how do you decide who to invite
since you’re constantly meeting new people? whoa! I think we’re gonna have
somewhere in the 200 person range – even culling down our list to 200 people was
difficult. I’m a very social person I have a lot of people that I care about a
lot a lot of people that I feel really close to so when it came time to make
the wedding list I have to really sit down and decide…okay this might be a
person that I love, but the truth is they don’t have a relationship with me and
Michael as a couple, and I really need to be inviting people to this event that
are there for the two of us together. are you going to have a wedding cake and if
so what flavors did you choose? yes we’re having a cake and choosing the cake and
the flavor was the most important thing to me here. I know this weddings about
love but to me it’s about cake. just kidding, Michael but the cake was really
important to me because when I’m a guest at a wedding the cake is really
important to me. and we’ve got an incredible cake for our guests. it is dark
chocolate red wine cake with marshmallow buttercream frosting. I am salivating
just thinking of it. what is your color scheme? I don’t want
to give too much away but I will tell you that all of my bridesmaids are
wearing different dresses, and they’re all in different colors. they are all
wearing the same shade and the same tone but not the exact same color. and in
terms of the color scheme of the actual venue we’re keeping it pretty simple. and
I’m not gonna tell you to color. but take a guess! are you planning on filming
your wedding and posting to YouTube? yes we are! I’m really excited about our
videography team we hired a husband-and-wife duo that are amazing
and take great quality footage and I am so so excited to see the final wedding
video! this question is for Michael but I think I can answer it for him – how did
you design the ring? so I found a ring that I loved on Instagram it was
actually on Stephanie Gottlieb’s Instagram
and I sent Michael a screenshot of that ring. I just loved it so much it was the
split shank with a circle diamond in the middle. he saved it on his phone he
doesn’t really get Instagram so he didn’t know where to get that ring so he
just brought that image with him to a jeweler and had that jeweler make that
ring – and now I’m really excited because I showed Stephanie that my ring was
styled based on hers and based on her design and now we’re working with
Stephanie to make our wedding bands custom! so I’m very excited about that.
how many bridesmaids are you having? I am having I have 10 bridesmaids and one
maid of honor my sister Allie. so 11 people total are in my bridal
party. how did you ask your bridesmaids to be your bridesmaids? so I didn’t do
anything crazy but I did pull together little bags for them that said “I do crew”
and they had a lot of goodies in them, I gave them each this necklace so we’re
all matching. so essentially what we did is we threw an engagement party but it
wasn’t a party for our family, it was just a party for the bridesmaids and the
groomsmen. so once everyone was there we were in party mode we took a little
pause, I gave a little speech, I think my mom and Michael’s mom came out and gave
all the bridesmaids their bags and everyone opened it at once there. and
that was it! next question – what are you most excited about? I’m really excited
about the ceremony, which is the part where you actually walk down the aisle,
get married, say I do, and kiss! what’s the hardest part about planning a wedding?
I think this answer would be different for everyone but for me I think it’s
just all the little bits and pieces that I had no idea were a thing. I think this
all really came crashing down and hit me like a ton of bricks when we were
sitting at the place where you pick kind of like the table settings… so you go
into this place and basically there are mock tables and they have different
linen colors, they have different placemats, they have all different cups
and bowls and knives and forks … who knew there were a million types of forks on
the market today? and you basically just play around like you move different
forks next to different cups and bowls. and the moment that really just got me
was — we were at this place looking at the placemats and the tables and the
planners came over and they said, “do you like this salt and pepper shaker or this
salt and pepper shaker?” I was sort of like when I
envisioned planning a wedding I didn’t think I would be looking at every single
detail down to the salt and pepper shakers. I don’t even look at that at a
restaurant! and now I have to decide which one to put on my table, and it’s a
big deal! what are you most nervous about for your wedding day? the thing I’m most
nervous about is trying to understand how especially this ceremony is just
going to come together… I know that there’s one rehearsal, so on the night of
the rehearsal dinner which is the night before the wedding we do go with our
bridesmaids and our groomsmen and I think we even do some sort of a
walkthrough. I was in shows all through high school I was in an a capella group
in college. I know that when it comes to any sort of performance that takes place
in front of an audience you need to rehearse! and you need to practice! and I
know we will have a rabbi there to guide us through the ceremony and take us
through every step of the way, but I am a little confused how
everyone’s gonna know where to go! and how everything’s just gonna come
together. what’s your theme? theme do weddings have themes? how do you know what
to wear for all of the events that you have? great question because when it
comes to planning a wedding not only do you have to pick your dress for the big
day but there’s also the bridal shower and your bachelorette party and if you
have an engagement party there’s another event. and actually I’m wearing a dress
right now this is from Parker New York and they have a great website where it’s
essentially a weddings landing page where you can find styles for all the
big days leading up to a bride’s wedding day… so for the bachelorette party for
the bridal shower and the wedding day there are styles to choose from! every
bride is gonna have her own style so obviously not everyone’s gonna want to
wear the same thing. not every bride is gonna want to wear white to all of these
events. I personally am really loving the white theme and I’m definitely wearing
white all weekend on my Bachelorette as well as to my bridal shower – and my
wedding dress is white – but that’s the thing, every bride is different and
there’s not really many places where you can go to find outfits that are just
appropriate for all of these occasions in all different styles…so I’m going to
need to scour Parker New York’s website for my bachelorette party which is
coming up! which leads me to the next question – what
are you doing for your bachelorette party? my twin sister Allie who is my
maid of honor is planning the entire thing so I know where we’re going but I
don’t know anything about the weekend! I’m not gonna tell you exactly where
we’re going cause you will see me posting about it soon…but we are going somewhere
warm down south from New York. Will you be doing a first look on your wedding
day? yes we are doing a first look! at first Michael and I didn’t want to do a
first look because we wanted the first time that we saw each other to be in the
ceremony when I’m walking down the aisle to him, but then we decided that we
wanted to have a little bit more time before the actual ceremony when we could
take photos together and when we could take photos with our bridal parties that
we don’t have to spend all the time during cocktail hour doing those photos!
so yes we’re doing a first look! how involved were your families in the
planning process? our families have been very helpful my mom and Michael’s mom in
specific are taking the lead in terms of family involvement. good news is my mom
and Michael’s mom really like each other and they’re really good friends – and
what’s even better they have the same taste! I’m not the kind of person or the
kind of bride who went into this event knowing exactly what I wanted and having
rigid rules for everything… you know, part of me wanted to just walk into the
wedding as a guest and be like – this looks great thanks mom! but then the
other part of me thought, “I’m only gonna be a bride once in my life, I should be
involved in this process.” so I decided to help them out and be involved but that
said, our moms are really heavily involved and they’re really helpful. next
question – is Michael helping or are you doing this all on your own? so I know
Michael’s not here for this video and it looks like he’s out of the process, but
Michael has been a GEM and there have been certain things that he’s actually
taken charge of all on his own! things that I haven’t even touched. as you might
know we made a save the date video so instead of sending out paper cards we
emailed our guests and gave them a link to our wedding website where the save
the date video was embedded we had a custom wedding website builder put it
together based on our vision and Michael handled that entire process from A to Z.
there are a lot of questions here! is it stressful? is it stressful? I’m seeing the
word stressful pop out of my phone! truthfully there are parts of this that
are a little bit stressful…I mean you want to make sure that it all comes
together the way that you’re envisioning it and
you want to make sure that everyone understands you when you’re trying to
describe the things you like. so I’m not gonna lie and tell you that there’s no
stress in this process at all, but we have been trying to enjoy the process as
much as possible! and we’re continually reminding ourselves that this is all
just a party! it’s all the people you love coming together in one beautiful
space to celebrate your love and it’s all gonna be fine! how did you set a
budget and have you stuck to it so far? when I went into this process I knew
nothing about a wedding budget so I actually googled it and there’s a lot of
diagrams that break it down nicely for you.
I actually made an entire wedding planning budget spread in my bullet
journal – it’s the shape of a ring and it shows you the breakdown of how much
everything should cost roughly. because everyone that’s planning a wedding is
gonna be working with a different budget, I didn’t actually assign a number to
that… it was more so just the ratio of based on your total budget what
percentage should go towards each line item. our parents are helping us and it’s
actually their gift to us as our wedding gift is helping to pay for this event. we
are just so grateful to have them and we’re so grateful for their generosity.
but when it comes to budgeting we do have a spreadsheet and our planners were
really helpful in that department to kind of tell us what things should cost
or what things typically cost! and yeah we’ve done a pretty good job. what date
is your wedding? September 21st 2019! and a lot of people are asking how we
actually settled on our actual date once we pick the venue we wanted, we asked
them what dates they had available and they gave us a list of three or four and
September 21st was on that list and that was actually right in the sweet spot for
us in terms of timing and it wasn’t until after we picked September 21st
that we realized that we’d picked the date from the Earth Wind and Fire song — *plays song* magical. what was the first thing
you prioritized in getting accomplished for your wedding? step one was finding
our venue and I’m gonna tell you a lot of venues that we looked at were fully
booked up years in advance! so we looked at a ton of venues in New York, we went
to some Tribeca rooftops, we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a lot of
places were booked for summer and fall dates of 2019 and this was a year in
advance! did you ever consider having a small personal wedding instead of a big
one? I don’t think we considered it really really heavily but we did talk
about it when we first got engaged my mom actually suggested why don’t we just
go on a family trip with our immediate family and Michael’s immediate family…we
can go to the rolling hills of Tuscany, you two can get married in front of just
the five Finks and the four Morrises, then we can come back to New York and
you guys can throw a big party on a rooftop for all your friends where
everyone can come celebrate and dance with you. that was intriguing to me for a
few reasons – namely the rolling hills of Tuscany, and secondly the fact that it
would save a lot of money – but the reason that we opted out of that is because on
both sides of our families, we have so many other family members that would
really want to be there to celebrate with us! do you have two wedding dresses?
no I actually only have one wedding dress. and I’m not changing dresses after
the ceremony. I love my dress so much that I just need to wear it all night.
the one thing I think I am gonna change in between the ceremony and party is my hair.
I’m not sure what style I’m gonna go with at the ceremony versus at the party
but I do want to make them a little bit different. do you hire one band for the
night or multiple? we hired one band for the night I think
it’s like a five or six person band. various band members sing so I think
they put different voices on for different songs, and this particular band
that we got is supposedly really good at covering songs and really sounding like
the artist that they’re mimicking… and I’m really excited for them. I’ve heard
some great things about this band so I will report back post-wedding! show us
your save the date video! I did show you this video already it’s on my Instagram
TV and my Instagram is @luciebfink. Where did you register and how’s that
process going? we’re registered at three places Zola,
Bloomingdale’s and Williams Sonoma. The registry has been very exciting so far
because I get an email every time something’s been purchased. all of the
stuff is currently being sent to Michael’s parents and that’s because
Michael and I are likely going to move before the wedding!
staying in Manhattan but going to a new apartment. And because of that we didn’t
want to get all the items here where we can’t really fit it and then have to
take it with us when we move. but we keep getting pictures from his mom of all the
boxes that are piling up. we are really excited pretty soon we’re gonna go do a
registry gift opening party so that we can kind of jot down who got us what
gifts and we can know who we need to write thank-you notes! What can you
tell us about your dress? what can I tell you
well it’s white… it’s not that poufy… it has a lot of personality. all right I
think I’ve answered more than enough questions for now. if there’s anything
else you want to know comment below and I’ll try to respond! overall I just want
to say that this process has been a process. there’s a lot to do when it
comes time to plan a wedding but if you’re a bride out there or if you’re a
future bride-to-be, or if you’re a future groom-to-be, just try to remember the way
Michael and I are trying to remember every day that you’re just planning for
one big celebration! and the day of, as I’ve heard, is just gonna go by in the
blink of an eye! it’s all gonna be a blur so on the day of I’m gonna be constantly
reminding myself to stay present and to look around and to feel the love in the
room! September 21st 2019 for Lucie Fink and Michael Morris is a joining of
spirits – if you will. and we’re finally becoming a family with one another and
our two families are becoming one family and it’s amazing! so even if there are
bumps in the road in the planning process, just try to remember – it’s just a
party! it’s just for fun and it’s just for love!
thank you so much for coming to my channel. be sure to subscribe right
here, give this video a thumbs up if you liked watching it, and I’ll see you next
time! bye!


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