Wedding Planning: After the Ceremony : How to Save Money on a Wedding Night Hotel Room

So, you want to save some money on your wedding
night hotel room. Here are just some great ideas on how to do so. I’m Jessica Meiczinger
with Simply Divine Events and I’ll go ahead and tell you some ideas and tip bits on how
to get a better price on your wedding night hotel room. First of all, talk to your hotel
your catering manager where you booked the reception. Chances are they might include
that room night for your wedding night in their wedding packages or if you have a blocker
rooms at that hotel, sometimes they’ll if you block so many book so many rooms, you’ll
go ahead and get your room for free. Otherwise, they’ll give you the group room rate and honor
that price for your room as well and most of times sometimes you get upgrade to a suite
or the penthouse depending on the hotel your taking at. Another option is if you really
want to save money for goes staying at the hotel at all go ahead and just you know take
a limo back to your home or if you’re getting married at a destination wedding site just
go ahead and back you know go back to the cabin or the house you rented and just stay
there for the evening. So, those are just some ideas on how to save money on your wedding
night room at your hotel or venue. Again, I’m Jessica Meiczinger and happy wedding planning.

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