Wedding Planning: After the Ceremony : How to Create a Seating Chart For Your Wedding Reception

So, you’ve done all the planning for your
wedding, you’ve gotten all your RSVPs back and now you’re trying to decide how to create
a seating chart for you wedding reception. First of all, I’m Jessica Meiczinger with
Simply Devine Events and I’m going to go over the steps on how to do this little task which
can be time consuming and stressful. First of all, I would get with your catering manager
and get a blank floor plan from her and start there. Also, ask them if they have any common
floor plans for wedding receptions and take a look at those because you might like one
of those that they have pretty much all laid out. Starting out with your blank floor plan,
you can do it on your computer, this one I’ve done on the computer, you can also hand draw
it as well. You want to strategically place the tables and your guests at those tables
according to their age, your families, and also your friends and coworkers. You want
to designate tables per those groups of people. Right here we’ve got the head table. Obviously
at the head table you’ll see your bridal party or just your family or just like your maid
of honor and best man or it could just be the bride and groom themselves. Then you’ll
arrange your, have your dance floor in the center, maybe your DJ across from it down
here or maybe off to the side but in close proximity to the dance floor and the rest
of the guests so he can see what’s going on throughout the evening. You want to arrange
your tables around the dance floor or in one section. Closest to the head table you want
to have your family tables. Then have your friends and the rest of your family branch
out from there. Also, keep in mind when doing your seating chart, go ahead and place your
elderly guests the furthest out from the entertainment because they are typically the type of people
who don’t like loud noise and want to have intimate conversations amongst their peers.
So, I suggest placing the elderly a little further out from the music so it doesn’t bother
them and they can enjoy the evening. Another idea of what you want to do too is break down
your tables. Break down the names, you can name them, you can number them. It’s basically
up to you and what you want to do. Make sure to include the guest names, both first and
last names, any special dietary needs. If you’re doing a plated dinner make sure you
list what they’re having whether it be chicken, beef. Also this will help you and also help
the staff as well in serving the guests in an efficient manner. So, those are just some
ideas on how to create a seating chart for your wedding reception. Again, I’m Jessica
Meiczinger and happy planning.

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