Wedding Planning a Green Wedding : Wedding Dresses for Green Weddings

Hello, my name is Lori Randall with Simply
Divine Events, and I’m a wedding planner. And I’ve been planning events for ten years.
Next I’m going to talk about what attire you should wear at your green wedding for your
green wedding ceremony. First a lot of what’s very popular for your environmentally friendly
green weddings are hemp dresses. And you can find a lot of those on-line, too. And depending
on where you live throughout the country there might be more bridal shops that carry them
versus you know living in an area where it’s a little more rural. You might have to go
on-line and and order that way. But that’s very popular. You can also look into your
organic silks and your organic cottons for your bridal gown as well as your bridesmaid
dresses. If you don’t want to go the hemp route or the organic cotton route, you can
also just think vintage and go to vintage shops. You can also use a dress from a family
member, maybe your mother or your aunt or or your sister and re-use their dress. Basically
you want to think of organic. You want to think of recycling and re-using. For the guys,
there’s also organic cotton suits. You can do hemp suits as well. Or you can also do
like the silk suits if you want to go that route. You can also look in your consignment
shops. If you want to just go ahead and buy a dress that’s just more simple and casual,
something you can buy at a department store and just re-use that later. You might want
to go that route as well. So those are some ideas on what attire you should wear for your
green wedding ceremony.

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