Wedding Planning a Green Wedding : Green Weddings & Cocktail Hour Foods

Hello, my name is Lori Randall with Simply
Divine Events, and I’m a wedding planner. And I’ve been planning weddings and events
for ten years. Next I’m going to talk about how to incorporate your your menu into your
cocktail hour. Basically what you want to do is look for a local caterer or a local
grocer that uses organic foods. Many people have like the the typical fruit and cheese
displays at their cocktail hour. You want to look into finding fruits that are in season
and that are locally grown. And you want to stick away from your international cheese
displays. You want to use things that are locally local to your area as much as possible.
You kind of want to stick away from the more the buffets and things that could go into
waste. You want to look for this is like a light affair. So look for some things that
are like passed hors d’oeuvre And again look into your organic your locally grown meats
and fish and think about using things that are in season. It’s really important to look
at and really make sure that you’re talking to your caterer or your local grocer and finding
out you know what’s your best bet and what’s going to be the most cost-effective to you
on trying to be as green as possible. So those are some tips for your cocktail hour menu
ideas for your green wedding.

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