Wedding Planning a Green Wedding : Green Wedding Programs

Hello, my name is Lori Randall with Simply
Divine Events, and I’m a wedding coordinator. And next I’m going to talk about how to incorporate
your wedding programs into your green wedding. First, if you’re going to do wedding programs
at all, some people who may choose not to do wedding programs since you know it is an
extra you know piece of paper that you’re using. And it’s something that could be wasteful,
but if you do want to use a program for your ceremony think about using recycled paper
for this. Look into using vegetable based ink for your programs or simply just don’t
do a program at all. Also what I kind of like and I think it’s kind of nice if you’re having
a green wedding and you want everyone to realize and know that you’re trying to be as eco-friendly
as possible and you’re trying to make least amount of waste for your wedding celebration.
Go ahead and write on your program maybe on the back after you thank everyone. Go ahead
and write on your program that you know you’re trying to do this for the environment that.
List all the things that you’ve used. Maybe I’ve used recyclable paper for my invitations,
for my wedding program. We’re using organic flowers or local florist. We’re using foods
that are in season. And just kind of list all the things that you’re doing to try help
better the environment for your celebration. So those are some tips for keeping your green
theme into your wedding programs.

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