Wedding Planning a Green Wedding : Green Wedding Music

Hello! My name is Lori Randall with Simply
Divine Events. And I’m a wedding planner. And next, I’m going to be talking about tips
on how to include music into your ceremony. That are green, Eco-friendly related. The
music in your ceremony, you’ll want to look. Is something that’s not going to take a lot
of power. So you want to look for instruments that, maybe, something like an acoustic guitarist.
Maybe a flute, a harpist is really nice. A lot of people are also doing, just like IPods
too, as well for their music. You’re not looking to do, anything too extravagant. Where you’re
not releasing a lot of energy and electricity. So think along the lines of something simple
and elegant. There’s also string trios, that you can do. Or just a simple, solo violinist.
That could be out there. So stick away from your big, high powered you know, speakers
and DJs. And that sort of, thing for your ceremony music. Keep it nice and simple and
relaxing. So those are some tips for your music, for your green wedding ceremony.

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