Wedding Planning a Green Wedding : Green Wedding Invitations

Hello, my name is Lori Randall with Simply
Divine Events, and I’m a wedding planner. And I’ve been planning weddings and events
for ten years. Today I’m going to talk to you about green weddings, how to plan a green
wedding. First I’m going to talk about how to incorporate your environmentally friendly
theme into your invitation. The first place you want to look for finding environmentally
friendly invitations are on-line. It’s probably your best bet. And you want to look for recycled
paper, using vegetable ink in your invitation for your printing. You also might be able
to look at some stationery shops as well to find some environmentally friendly invitations.
Here I have an example of one. This one here is a seal and send invitation. Basically it’s
just sort of like a post card. Basically you just you just seal it and send it on. There’s
no envelopes that are involved. There’s no inside insert so it’s cutting down on the
cost of your your paper and the production of your paper. This is recyclable paper as
well. Your RSV response card is has a perforated line here so basically you just detach it.
You can put your postage on here, and your guests can just send it right back. So it
just cuts down a lot on the use of paper, and it is recyclable paper. So that’s one
choice that you kind of might want to look at when you’re looking for some some invitations
for your environmentally friendly wedding.

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