Wedding Planning a Green Wedding : Green Wedding Ceremony Traditions

Hello! My name is Lori Randall with Simply
Divine Events. I’m a wedding planner. And I’ve been planning events for ten years. Next,
I’m going to talk about tips on how to incorporate your green wedding into your ceremony traditions.
Your main ceremony tradition is your Unity candle. Unity ceremony that you’re going to
be doing. And instead of just using your regular wax candles. You’re going to want to think
about using your soy candle. And basically, just to kind of, explain a little bit about,
what the Unity candle is. It’s your uniting the bride’s side of the family. As well as
the groom’s side of the family. And becoming one, as you marry. There’s two pillar candles
and then two candle sticks. And there’s a pillar candle in the middle. And you take
those and you light them together. And that’s signifying the unity of the marriage of that
couple. So think along the lines of soy candles for that. Also there is the sand ceremony.
That many people do, when you’re outdoors. Say, you’re in a garden or on a beach. You
might want to use sand, instead of candles. Since the would you know, blow out from being
outside, with the wind. So look about sand. And sand is something you can go get from
the beach. And then, throw it back out into the beach. After you’re done with that. So
that’s something that could be re-used, re-cycled. And basically you’re just kind of, borrowing
for your ceremony. So think along the lines of soy and just basically, nothing that you’re
going to waste. So those are some tips for your green wedding ceremony, tradition ideas.

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