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– I’m Abbey. I’m a photographer based in Pocatello. Today I’ve put together a
little wedding PDF guide to help you guys kinda
get through the crazy part of planning the wedding, (laughs) because it can be super rough. There’s a link right below this video that you can download the whole PDF. This is gonna be more of an overview, so if you want more details
and things like that, and there are some cool
little excerpts in the PDF so that you guys can see them, look at them and actually have a visual of what I’m gonna talk about. And so a little bit about me, that’s kinda how the PDF starts, just to let you guys know. I have been a wedding photographer for about three years now. I’ve shot over 60 weddings, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but with those 60 weddings, I have most definitely learned some really good tips and
trip, tips, (rolls tongue) tips and tricks to help you guys, so that’s what I’m gonna do today. My first thing is how you’re
gonna pick your photographer. I mean, obviously… (laughs) But if you pick anybody, I really wanna stress some key points to talk to them about to make sure that they’re the right fit for you. I really think you need to meet them. Make sure that your personalities fit, ’cause this person is like up
in your business all day long, and so you really wanna make sure that you have a good connection with them and that everything is good on that term. Second, you wanna know… You wanna be able to ask them
as many questions as possible. You wanna know the ins and outs of everything that they know. Ask them about their contracts. Ask them about how well they
do with lighting situations. Know your venue. If you are shooting in
a really dark place, ask them, hey, just to let you know, our venue’s really dark. Do you have like any experience with that? Because the worst thing
would be to put them in a bad position where they’re like, oh my gosh, I’ve never
shot in something like this and I just, I wasn’t sure, and then the photos just don’t
turn out the way you want to, so if you’re just open and
honest about everything with your photographer,
they can reassure you, they can answer all of your questions, and really you can
connect with them because, like I said, like we’re up in
your business all day long, and the last thing we want
is like an awkward tension. The next thing we’ll talk
about is engagement photos. Everybody kinda wonders what the point of engagement photos are, other than for the fact, you
know, Instagram profile pic. Come on. Everybody needs one of those. But the second thing is it really helps photographers
get to know you guys. It really helps us learn a dynamic. Are you a crazy, fun couple that loves running
through the air? (laughs) Loves running through a field, or are you a softer couple
where we just wanna lay down and relax all day? Those types of things are
brought out in engagement photos, and it also makes it
easier on the wedding day because you already know a
flow with your photographer. Are they loud? Are they quiet? Do they know how to pose you? Do you need to think of those poses? Those types of things can be determined at the engagement session, and of course, you get those
Instagram-perfect photos. You can print them, you can hang them up. You’re not just in your
wedding dress the whole time. They’re just a really
good thing to hold on to to remember almost like
the pre-married phase. So they’re really fun to look back on, so I would highly recommend
doing your engagements with the photographer that
you’re gonna be shooting with or a photographer that you really love. Okay, and next we’re gonna talk about, we’ll talk a little bit about
the actual wedding day now. For wedding preparation pictures, these are those pictures
where you’re getting ready with all your girlfriends
and Mom’s with you, all of those fun things, but there’s a lot that
can kinda play into these. We need to make sure that
there’s good lighting. Some kind of natural light
is always the better option. If you’re gonna have the fake lighting in the ceilings and stuff, just be prepared to have good, a lot of that kind of lighting versus just a little lamp
in this corner of the room. Make sure it’s kind of a cleaner area when the photographer gets there. You have bridesmaids and groomsmen. Tell them, clean it up. Like, figure it out. They are there to make your day better, and you’ll love your images 10 times more if there isn’t like a Taco Bell wrapper sitting to the side. (laughs) And then any of the other prep photos, just making sure that like the
lighting situation is good, everybody is on the same page as to what time is hair and makeup, what time is everything going on, so that we can make sure that you get the best
photos for what you want. Okay, and so then your shot list. So as a photographer,
from personal experience, it is so nice when a
bride can just write down even the family combinations, like Uncle Bob, Aunt
Sally, bride and groom, because then on the day of, wedding photos can go
boom, boom, boom, boom. Then it’s our job to go,
yo, Uncle Billy, Aunt Sally, I need you over here for a picture, and it makes it so much easier
to just roll through it. And then another really
important thing with shot lists are making sure that your
photographer knows what’s so, like if there’s any sentimental, so-important shots that you want. I once had a bride that had
her grandpa playing the guitar. She was walking down the
aisle, and she let me know, and it makes it so that
we can 100% capture it, capture it correctly, and then make sure that there’s a point of telling that story about him playing that guitar while
you’re walking down the aisle. Anything sentimental
like that is so important so that we can make sure that things like that
are captured for you. Of course we’re gonna get
you kissing at the altar, we’re gonna get you cutting the cake, all of that stuff, absolutely. But any details that you
feel are so significant that we need to know, let us know. Write it down, send it to
us, we’ll be fine. (chuckles) Okay, and then next we’ll talk about first look versus aisle looks. Everybody has kind of
an opinion about these. Personally, I prefer the
first look over the aisle look solely because of the fact
that if we can do bridals on a different day than the wedding, we’ll have so much more time
to capture those images, and two, because it’s
so much more calming, because emotions are
so high on wedding days that if you guys can just see each other, relax each other, and
then walk down the aisle, sometimes it’s just a calming effect. You guys probably haven’t
spent a lot of time away from each other at this
point in your relationship, and so they’re like, the anticipation almost
just like makes you go wild, and sometimes just releasing that and having five minutes
of just you two together can be so beneficial to your wedding day. Down the aisle is just as good. It’s just as fun. You get some of the exact same emotions. It kinda depends on whether or not your guy likes being in front of everybody to see you emotionally, or if that’s what’s best for you guys. If you’re more of a shy couple, sometimes that can be really intimidating. So that’s just another
thing to think about when planning out all of that, all of the pictures that
kind of include in that, so your bridal party,
your family pictures, the ceremony pictures. First, location, location, location. We gotta make sure that
that lighting is perfect. We have to make sure that
wherever you’re getting married, you’re not straight-sun,
sweating down your face. We gotta make sure that Grandma and Grandpa can
all get to that location. Any of your bridal party,
anything like that, we gotta make sure they’re
all ready to go do that. If you’re doing a first look, we can do those immediately after, so then those are kind of out of the way before you walk down the aisle. Or, if you’re doing an aisle
look or we don’t have time, we can always do them
right after the ceremony, which is typically when
we’ll do family pictures, and having that shot list will
make this go 10 times faster so that you guys can get
back to the actual part of the party that you
wanna get to. (laughs) So that’s another really
big tip, is just making sure that all of those
pictures are planned out, given plenty of time, and really thought out
as far as the lighting. Speaking of time, we can
talk about our timeline now. So if you guys want kind
of a sample timeline, I created one in the PDF, so you’ll just have to
download it to get it, and it gives you kind of a sample timeline of what an eight-hour
wedding would look like, and if you kind of notice, there’s about 15 to 20
minutes added on to each item, because as much as we want it to happen, weddings never go on time, unless you have like
the best wedding planner of your life. (laughs) And there’s just always
a nice cushion to have just in case something happens, and so I really urge everybody
to add 10 to 15, 20 minutes, onto each item to make sure that you have plenty
of time for everything. Let’s say I would get there about noon, and then I’m there with you
until eight o’clock that night, or most people, if it’s a summer wedding, it would be about two in the afternoon and then I’m there till
10, getting ready, photos, whether or not we’re doing the
first look or the aisle look, ceremony, family pictures, cutting cake, reception, first dance, all of that. You can see that on the timeline that I provided in the PDF. Rewind. (laughs) One more thing, setting
aside personal moments. If you need 10 minutes before
you walk down the aisle to just sit by yourself
and really think about it, set that time aside. If you really want a moment with Mom, set that time aside. Don’t feel like the day is rushing because everybody else is running like a chaotic, crazy person. That’s part of weddings, and that’s okay. So just remember, it’s your day. Set that time aside and
make it perfect for you. Okay, now we’ll move on to
considering a videographer. This is kind of like a… There’s something so different
about photo and video. Photos really capture
specific moments perfectly. Video gives that emotion, and like, it’s almost as
if you’re in the day again. Photos can do the same thing, but something about watching it just makes it feel completely
different, and I… I could cry at wedding films and I can cry at wedding photos, and to have both I truly believe is like the ultimate,
ultimate, ultimate package. I love it. I wouldn’t recommend anything else. So if you’re considering it, look into it and go
through these same steps. Ask them questions. Make sure you like them, because they’re also with
you all day long. (laughs) So that’s basically all I
have in this wedding PDF. There’s a little bit more detail and kind of an idea of a shot
list, so if you guys want it, there’s just a little link
right below this video. Download it. Yeah. And you know, I am a wedding photographer, so if you need one, let me know. (laughs) Bye, guys.

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