Wedding Hashtag Designer | #targetdemo

– “#HappilyEverRamirez” – I designed this
for a couple named Bill and Benny Ramirez. “#AliciaWedsJack” – I designed this
for a couple who wed on a boat. This is my most proud moment,
where it all started: “#DevonsWeddin2014.” Everyone’s trying to get a piece of this one. I’m Samuel Pollark, Wedding Hashtag Designer. When clients come to me, they know that
I value them not as individuals but as two unique souls who
merge together to form one unique phrase. That’s what a hashtag is.
That’s what sets us apart as humans. – [Dan] I call her coconuts.
– Yeah, and I call him squiggle. The big day is June 18th
and we couldn’t be more excited. – It has been stressful, yeah? But we’re almost there. – Yeah, we just need to figure out
a hashtag for our wedding. We are so lucky to have Samuel. He’s one of the most sought after
wedding hashtag designers in the area and like a lot of our friends have used him. – [Dan] Yeah, and he is absolutely brilliant. Right?
– [Dana] Yes. – [Dan] Like he really get to know us and understands like what makes us us, you know? – I know.
– Yeah, right? She knows, she totally knows.
– Duh. – Hello, hello, hello? – [Samuel VO] ]My father was a
hashtag designer. He did it with woodworking. So I, in college, learned the art of computering
– Heavy bird. Bird that can’t fly. – [Samuel VO] and got into it that way. – Heavy coat. I go to work now. – [Samuel VO] My process? I observe clients personally
to architect a hashtag that defines their nuptials. I do this by observing each individual for 22 days. I analyze their patterns, their symbiotic interactions. The societal triggers of their couplehood. Their scents. I, in essence, become the couple. And by using my patented
Pollark sensory analyzation system I architect a complex algorithm that
outputs a specific, unique wedding hashtag. – Sometimes you forget he sees everything. But that’s what you do for a perfect wedding. – Yeah, we tried to come up with our own
wedding hashtag, at first, before we hired him but it was a disaster. – It basically almost ended our engagement. – Yeah, we were on a thread. – Hashtag designing isn’t child’s play. It’s leaving footprints for future generations. It’s hashtag history. – I’m almost too afraid to see it to be honest. – Samuel. Hey, man. Thank you. – “#WiltYouMarryMe.” Wow. – Wilt is my last name.
– Our last name. – That’s seriously powerful. Here we go. It’s live. It’s real. – Honey.
– Wow, this is great. – I love it.
– Wilt you marry me. – It is so worth spending most
of your wedding budget on this because you get to be like stars in the sky, you know. And it’s all because of Samuel. – Bring on the likes. – [Samuel VO] As a man married to his work… it is nice to bring the concept of joy to partners.


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