Wedding Etiquette : How to Tip Wedding Vendors

To tip or not to tip that is the question
and the answer is it depends on the quality and the service that they have given you.
Hi my name is Hazely from “Hazely Academy of Refinement and Modeling” and I’m here to
talk to you about how to tip wedding vendors. Always talk to the side manager, this is going
to help you know what are the regulations and what is allowed as for a wedding tip.
Always also plan ahead, how to bring in your envelopes and also bring extra envelopes designed
to the people you are going to be given them to. Also remember that you might want to design
somebody to give those actual tips. Maybe it is the wedding planner or a host or somebody
that is kind of being your right hand in the wedding. Performance is basically the key
of how you are going to decide to give the tip, whether it is 15% or 18% it is really
up to you. The average is usually 15%. Remember it’s your day and it is really going to be
kind of what you are looking to give and who makes that day perfect for you. I’m Hazely
Lopez from “Hazely Academy Refinement and Modeling Academy” and I hope you have a wonderful
wedding day and always remember, an extra tip, an extra smile.

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