Wedding Dress Shopping (Colorado Barn Wedding)

guess what we’re doing today we’re going
wedding-dress shopping but first we must like terrified it and then it was like
on top of the screen door and then like went over my head yeah go right down aim leave scared you know you guys I don’t
drive anymore me then I like don’t know how Coffee time Coffee time give us the
coffee how’s it going what do show you today always like apples they’re just like
cinnamon coffee or the little apple that’s pretty no you’re good
sick alright now we’re getting mimosas to start this party before I have to try
on dresses because I love dresses so much I definitely need a drink we got some crazy folks asking us the
park men to be brilliant bright oh thank you yeah let’s go let’s go drink let’s
go eat or cheese because of that poor oh we’re in the car all right first impressions I love the
salad I didn’t think I was gonna love and there’s expensive so we’re gonna try
and find a bargain so browse online but we like no now we know what to look for
and I’m also willing to increase my price a little bit just like not that
much yeah yeah that’s a wrap we found this bead thing and storing
through it in and look at that I love it the time lapse boom fest round two of
charges we need a second one mostly because the first port was too good to
ignore mostly champagne


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