In this video I’m going to show you how to
put the cups on the wedding dress. This is very simple but if you don’t know how to do
it, then it could cost you a lot of money at the store where you bought your dress.
So, I’ll show you how to do it in this video. Just stay with me. I’m using a double thread, and
I’ll use this hand needle. Just thread it through. Let’s make a knot. Two, Three. Okay, here it is! Here’s the dress! The point goes to the armpit part. And this is towards
the center of the chest. And here’s the dress. We’ll put this, the point of the cup to the
point of the dress, line it up. You have to find the point of the dress and just put it
there. Sew it from the top first. I do it three to four times to make sure that it will
hold the cup and it’s not gonna come off. And one, two, three, wrap it around three
times. Pull it through. That should secure your stitches. Make a knot again. And at the
point, put your finger right there. Bend your cup. Just make sure you get enough of the
dress. And so it like that. Then secure your stitches by wrapping it three times, one, two three, pull it through. It’s tight. Here’s your cup. And just do the same with the other one, this
point to the side. Find the center point. Right there. Just check to make sure it’s
even with the other one. I don’t think the bride would appreciate it, if one boob is higher than the other one. Fold it. There’s four. One, two, three. And this is Jiex, sharing the joy of sewing one stitch at a time.


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