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Hey guys Yadi here at iwedtv and today I�m
gonna show you three ways to add classic style to your wedding with lace. But first, have
you thought about the style for your bridesmaid�s gown?Lace is an excellent choice of fabric
for your wedding because it�s so elegant, feminine, and timeless. Ever since Kate Middleton
dawned that stunningly straight gown when she married Prince William we knew that lace
was here to stay. Lace is a sure way to add a delicate touch to any wedding. But a gorgeous
lace strip wedding dress is not the only option. There are many other ways to include that
romantic lace detail at your nuptials. Sure lace is not a new idea but we�re starting
to see some creative uses. Here are four: Lace wedding gowns: You can go for a gown
with a minimal amount of lace at the top or bottom of your gown or you can go for full
lace gown for that wow factor. Lace head pieces: It�s customary to see lace beautifully detailed
at the edge of a veil but if you�re not a veil kind of bride you can also opt for
a subtle yet stylish lace head piece instead.Lace accessories: So maybe you already have your
wedding gown and your headpiece but you still want to add a hint of lace. Well how about
lacing up your bouquet? Your shoes? Or even your nails? Another Cool Idea. These days
the trend is not only to lace up the bride but the entire wedding. A few ways to add
that delicate touch? Your wedding invitations, the cake, the isle runner, the table runner,
the chairs or how about the entire table setting. A Few Tips. If you don�t have the money
to spend on countless yards of lace or if you don�t know whether you want to make
a huge statement with lace; fear not! Lace comes in a wide variety of sizes, designs,
and patterns. This lovely fabric is easily available and easily dyeable; just in case
you want to match it to your color scheme. To decide, ask yourself. How long you decide
if lace is right for you? These days it doesn�t matter if you�re planning a funky chic wedding,
a laid back outdoor reception, or a more traditional celebration. There are countless ways to incorporate
the lace trend. What�s magnificent about lace is that it�s a super versatile fabric
that can blend easily with any theme or color; making it an ideal choice for any type of
bride and proven that there�s always a place for lace. Next Steps. First, decide how much
lace you want to use. Then determine a budget for the lace fabric and other items. Finally,
you�ll want to browse sites like Pinterest to find some creative inspirations for DIY
lace ideas. Another thing to consider is which of the hottest colors trending now will be
a good fit for you wedding. I�ll be covering that in another wedding trend segment so be
sure to subscribe to get full scoop. These are my wedding trends for today. Remember,
no one can rock your wedding better than you can, so be the superstar!First time planning
a wedding? Don�t panic! Just download my Free Survival Guide today.

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