Wedding Dance Show Rocky Mountain Bridal Show 2020

Take an adventure a dance adventure back
in time to the 1950s for a hot Havana night a traditional salsa on – with
adventures in dance from the sixteenth century where balls
were begun with the waltz the Viennese Waltz would often be danced by the guest
of honor like the bride and groom at a wedding to
kick off the celebration please join us with a wizards waltz from
Harry Potter by the 1950s Americans were ga-ga for
the cha-cha this Latin dance has its roots in the Cuban culture mixed with
hot jazz licks let’s check out our dancers presenting this cheeky cha-cha balancing the blues with the banned
animal dances the foxtrot is a flirty addition to any event I would imagine
Jacob and Tina tripping the light fantastic with a frisky Foxtrot for their wedding romance and rumba go hand in hand slow
and sexy rhythms set the stage for this dance of love
grab your loved one and sway to this sultry Latin dance every princess dreams of dancing to a
romantic waltz a slow waltz is a dream come true for any wedding adventures and
dance can sweep you into the waltz you always dreamt of are you ready to party get the party really rocking with an up-tempo swing
this lively dance will get your guests excited to join the party put your hands
together for adventures and dance as they show us how the swing should be
done thank you for taking a dance adventure
in wedding dances with the team from adventures and dance our dancers today
are William hooker Craig Tomazin and Halle Tomazin you can find us at
adventures in dance calm dance

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