Wedding Budgeting Tips : Your Guide To A Wedding On A Budget (Philippines)

[Music] [Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is Yolvee today’s video I will be sharing to you another financial budgeting tips and this time it’s all about my wedding budget so without further ado let’s get into the video so last 2017 July of 2017 we got married and I have a lot of budgeting things that I learned during my wedding and still learning after the wedding so today I will share my five tips on how you can save for your wedding so number one tips for your wedding budget is to make a checklist or to make a wedding checklist rather so there’s a lot of template online where you can get a sample of wedding checklist, you can check it out and I started with this kind of wedding checklist where I found online and paste over in my notebook so this wedding checklist has timeline too you can follow the timeline if you have one year span of preparation for your wedding but in my case we only have six-month-long of preparation for our wedding after our engagement we got engage December of 2016 and July 2017 is our wedding so I have or we have six months of preparation for our wedding so I need to revise something about this wedding checklist that that’s why I made my own wedding timeline for six months before the wedding so you can do the same also or what’s applicable to you on your preparation for your wedding but It is much better to have one year preparation before your wedding so you have a lot of time in preparing for your wedding in our case we both have a full time job so we have to divide our time in preparing for our wedding so whatever your wedding timeline is you can do your own wedding wedding checklist with timeline number two is make a forecasted wedding budget so now that you know your wedding checklist you know now what to do you know what you need to buy based on your wedding checklist now it’s time for you to do your wedding budget but before you go on with budgeting the items in your checklist make sure that you talk with your partner how much you can afford for your wedding okay so much better that you start with your wedding fund you can agree on your fund you can have a your combination of your fund It is already acceptable nowadays that both couple share on their wedding fund whatever you both agreed on to starts with your wedding fund example you agreed that you gonna spend 100,000 only for your wedding then start doing your budget on the one hundred thousand fund how will you do your budget so base on your checklist your checklist might be might include your wedding dress your venue so you can put on your budget for your wedding dress if how much is your budget in my case I only have ten thousand budget for my wedding dress so beyond that amount I can no longer afford if beyond ten thousand wedding dress so yon so my budget for my wedding dress is only 10,000 and below and I am so happy that I found a second hand wedding dress worth of I think eight thousand pesos only so I have save two thousand It is not important that you need to have a brand new dress There are also ready-to-wear dress that is cheap and beautiful that you can get to and save more or else you could try renting dress for your bridesmaids and groomsmen or they can contribute on the cost of their bridesmaids dress so there is no issue about it it just depend on your agreement with the people on your entourage okay so whatever works for you you can do that just put on your fund for a specific items okay so you can find idea or else make a research from newly-wed couple about how much cost they spend for a specific items on your checklist like the cost of the wedding ring favors or souvenirs or invitation so you can get ideas for from those couples that just got married and so you can start now your wedding budget through that so number 3 tip is to start canvassing for your suppliers so it is important to canvas in advance after you make your checklist and make your budget so you can now canvass for a supplier that have the price base on your budget as well as can provide the services you and your partner like my tips : guys is don’t forget to get a good photographer so in photography or capturing the moment during your wedding is the important thing this is the only memories you can have during the day of your wedding so it is good to get a quality low cost but quality of photographer that can give a good services during your wedding so guys it is important that you canvass suppliers personally because you can get idea about the prices and services We can provide information and get information from them if we do it personally there is no problem if you have wedding planner that will look for a supplier for you there’s no problem if you also want to get your own supplier and then introduced them to your wedding planner so it’s your wedding so there’s no problem with that at all at least you have the really first-hand idea about the prices that’s the important thing why you should canvass suppliers so number four tips in wedding budgeting is do DIYs okay so it there’s a lot of tutorials and videos about DIY decoration DIY things so you can check it out guys like for me I decided to do a DIY on some of the items on our Wedding like my wedding bouquet and our bridesmaids bouquet and coursage for men So I made my own wedding bouquet and my mother help me in doing also for my bridemaid I just bought a fake flowers and then I watch videos online so you can do that guys whatever you want in order to save or you can do your own invitation if you have skills on your computer If you can do DIY much better DIY decorations and everything on your wedding and also I think we did some of DIY on our wedding favors so that’s it guys so that’s the number 4 tip on wedding budgeting and number five and the last one is make a tracker for your expenses so I just to share to you my wedding expense tracker so wedding expense tracker is optional,you may do it or not but on my part I easily forget prices that’s why I needed to have something where I can write our expenses And during the the process of planning your wedding and during the span of time in your preparation you will encounter expenses already so better to have a tracker so you can monitor your spending and if your expenses is still within your budget thats the important of wedding expense tracker so I have this wedding expense tracker I just made it using a folder and printed this and put on wedding expense tracker and that’s it so inside this is a payment voucher that I made and everytime I make payment to a supplier I write it down and I have them signed but if signatures are not needed and supplier’s have receipts sometimes other supplier has no official receipt so I just have them signed the voucher as proof for the receipt of payment for services for your wedding what I did is I put at the back the receipt so after the payment voucher I paste the receipt at the back so that’s the example of what I did on our expense tracker It is really helpful guys because everytime I open the tracker I can see all my expenses on my wedding so I suggest that you do the same you can do it directly on your notebook or your cell phone whatever works for you then do it so these are my five tips for wedding budgeting and thank you so much for watching this video if you have other questions and suggestion please do comment on the comment section and I’m hope that you’ll subscribe to my channel and see you on my next one bye [Music] [Applause]


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