Wedding Budget Saving Tip – Out of Season Weddings

Here’s a quick budget saving tip for you! You should consider the day and time of year
you plan on getting married. Choosing a Saturday in the middle of the summer, which happens
to be most venues most in-demand time, means that your rental costs and minimum food & beverage
spends are going to be higher. If you were to instead choose a Friday or Sunday, or go
for a date outside of the venue’s peak season, then you can expect to find much more reasonable
rates on their part and you might even find some room to negotiate. This applies to your vendors as well. Photographers
and DJs can book up fast during peak wedding months, but choose an off-peak date and you’re
going to have a much better chance of negotiating yourself a lower rate as they’re probably
grateful for some income at what would otherwise be a quiet time for their business. But a word to the wise if a peak summer date is something you’re not willing to compromise on, be warned that some venues
and vendors might take offense to your attempts to negotiate their rates!

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