Wedding Budget Saving Tip – Cut the Guest List

Hey there! Welcome back to another Wedding Tip Wednesday. Today I’ve got a quick budget saving tip for you! Start with your guestlist – minimising the
number of guests you invite to your wedding is one of the first things to consider if you’re
looking for some ways to save some money. Consider the cost that every person you invite
is going to incur; you need to feed them, buy them drinks, potentially even rent them a chair,
plates and glassware, purchase a take home gift, invitation, thank you card… All of
these items can add up very quickly. So the easiest way to save yourselves some money
from the beginning is by being cautious when it comes to your invites. And yes, it can be a tough one! So if you’re on the fence about whether you should invite someone or not, ask yourself: Would you take that person out next week and buy them dinner?
If the answer is no, then they can probably be cut from your guestlist. If you’re having trouble with this decision
another option is to consider inviting a second wave of guests after the expensive dinner
service to enjoy just the dessert and dancing portion of the evening to help keep costs
down. Make sure you find a nice way to phrase this on your invitations. The same rule applies when choosing your attendants.
Multiple bridesmaids means more money spent on bouquets, gifts, and hair & make-up…
so consider keeping the bridal party to an intimate few in order to keep costs under

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