We Talk About Glory’s Wedding Dress, Makeup, Invitations and more! | Slice N Rice Wedding Series

– So this is part two of last week’s how we
designed our wedding. – We told you we’d do it. – Now it’s time to talk about
what we wore for the wedding. – So, I took footage. – I didn’t. – So, here’s some pictures
of dresses that I tried on, but it think it’s the fourth
dress or the fifth dress when I knew it was the one and I cried. (celebratory music) – How did you know it was the one? – Like when you put it on?
– Because I cried. – Just because you cried?
(Glory laughing) – I went in, and I was like oh, my God, and it’s so funny ’cause the woman ’cause she was like the one
in the dressing room with me when I was putting it on. She was like, “All right,
we gotta go, we gotta go!” She wanted everyone to see me cry ’cause that was a moment,
but I was trying to wait. I was like, “Hold on.” She’s like, “No, no, no.” – Yo, that sounds so crazy. – Here’s the video of me
when I said yes to the dress. – [Woman] So, are you
saying yes to the dress? – I’m saying yes to the dress! (group applauding) – [Woman] Should I open some champagne? – Yes! – You look good. I really love that choice that you did. You know what I’m saying? When I saw you, I was like (slurping). So when it came to my suit, I wanted to create
everything from scratch. I know, I’m a creator. That’s what I do. So, I was looking for a green
fabric and some black pants. So, when people would be like, “Yo, Slice, “what kinda suit you wearing?” I’d be like, “Yeah, I’m wearing
a green suit to my wedding.” People was like, “Ugh.” (Glory laughing) “A green suit? “What are you, the Green Goblin?” But when they saw your
boy with whole getup, I was looking fresh to death. Here’s a picture of my
full suit right here, and it fit really good, and I felt great. – You looked good, boy. – Mm. – So, I think a big deal about our wedding was that I wore makeup for the first time. Here’s my before and after. (drum roll music) (celebratory music) – Hey, they did a really great job. – And guess what. Matt found my makeup artist for me. Isn’t that so sweet? He found the best person
I could’ve ever found. Literally, if you go to her Instagram, all her before and afters
are crazy, crazy good. I actually took footage
at my makeup trial. So, I’m getting my makeup done, Liz Hane. (women laughing) So, I’m doing the hair
trial right now (laughing). And I just loved it when
she did it that first time. So, I was super happy about her. She’s in the DMV if you
guys are interested, but she’s pretty much the
only person I would ever trust with my face. Oh, my God, I love my makeup. (women laughing) Just so not used to seeing my
face in makeup. (screeching) – I feel like we need a future video of you just straight makeup
plastered everywhere. – I know! – Like shadows and
colors on your forehead. We’ve been really excited and waiting to talk about this one. It’s our rings.
(celebratory music) Bling blao blao blao. – [Glory] What’s up? – How are you doing? Am I being recorded right now? – [Glory] Yes. – Oh, wow. I’m a YouTube sensation right now. – Wait a minute, can I be on there, too? – Come on. Hi, how are you? – Yeah, if you guys
don’t know who Gladys is, she’s the one that helped
Matt pick out a ring for me when he proposed to me,
and it was beautiful. So, we had to go back, and she helped us with our wedding bands,
which was really fun. – [Matt] I kinda like
how you can see it gold but it’s got something diamond. Oh, this is gonna feel weird. – [Glory] Yeah, I know. Wait, can I put it on your finger? – I think I’m gonna need
something a little thinner. – [Gladys] Hey, Matt, you
don’t need anything thinner. – You want it to be as
noticeable as possible. – You want something say he’s taken. – It needs to have the
engravement I am taken. – So the moment I walk out.
– Do not remove. – Do not remove. – [Gladys] We’re going to
make you do not take off. You can’t take it off. – And it needs to have
a special beeping noise when he takes it off. – [Gladys] Thank you,
when he takes it off. – Oh, man, like what? – [Gladys] With a sensor. – With a sensor, like I’m
walking out a clothing? – And then I get a
notification on my phone. – [Gladys] Yes, that he just took it off. – And it shows my location? – [Gladys] Yeah. – And it shows my location? It beeps, and I can’t take it off. – [Gladys] GPS, let’s put GPS. – They wanted us to show
you this group picture so you see what Gladys
looks like right here. And then the whole store,
every time we show up in there, they always greet us with smiles, and they just so excited. – They’re the nicest. So, if you ever wanna go to Jared’s, make sure you go to the one in Towson ’cause they’re so nice to
everyone that walks in. So, we have yet to show you guys, but here are our invitations, and we’ll show you guys like
a PDF to better show it, but (screeching). Oh, my gosh, so, we did
magazine invitations. I don’t think I’ve ever
seen anyone do this. So, that’s what attracted us obviously. And we kinda just did our story. It mimics a magazine, and this one is just like a full picture, and then here’s the RSVP card. It’s kinda like one of those
subscription based things where you just go (clicking). We got a word search in there. We tried to make it fun, and for people to fill it out, they had to answer these questions, and then if they won, they
got an Amazon gift card. That was your idea. – I know it was. – Bunny, you’re so good at ideas. – Thank you. – So, this is from Marry Me Magazines. I found them on Etsy,
but the have a website. They’re literally so good. Oh, my heart is beating. Oh, my gah. Oh! – Ouch. (dramatic drum music) – Oh, my gah! Okay, the next thing I’m
literally so excited to talk about are the floral arrangements. We went through this girl. Her business is called Leslie’s Crafts, and she literally makes wooden flowers. She reached out to us
on Facebook Messenger. So I clicked on her profile, and I was literally so mind blown that she can make
realistic looking flowers. But the best part is these wood flowers literally last forever. So, you’re not spending
thousands of dollars, if even thousands. It was so inexpensive. So, we spent money on these flowers that weren’t gonna die in a day. They literally last forever. – And they were put together so nice. The boutonnieres by itself,
the clips that she used to put it on there made
it nice and secure. And what I really loved was the fact that we were able to incorporate one of our friend’s business, as well ’cause she’s into essential oils. – Right now we are testing
oils for the bouquets, the wooden bouquets from Leslie. – Oh, okay. – [Glory] You like it? – Yeah, it’s got like a
nice, little punch to it. – Ooh, punch. And here’s some videos of my reaction. You guys know I’m super extra. (gasping) Okay, okay, okay. Ohhhhh. Ohhhh ho holster (sobbing)! – All right, and last but not least, our DJ we found, his
name is DJ Max Powers. – You found him. He’s so good! He should be a wedding planner. If you guys have wedding
questions, hit him up. – It was really cool because
DJ Max Powers had a lot of things that was outside of the box that I wanted to make sure
that we had at our wedding. So, if you saw the video, you saw we had the dry ice smoke machine that was going on when we danced to make it look we were on clouds. – [Glory] Way better than a smoke machine. – Did you feel like Super
Mario flying in the clouds with your little tail light? – No, but I have a confession. – What? – When we were slow dancing and I saw it, and I was
like, “Oh, my gosh,” and you were like, “Just focus on me,” and I was like, “But I wanna see.” – I know, man. I was like, I was sitting here trying to dance with my woman, be in a moment, and she was trying to
take me out the moment. You was just trying to hide the fact that you dance with two left feet. (dramatic booming music) Oh, shots fired! And then he also had the
cool indoor sparklers, what I will always call fireworks. – It was cool, and they’re
actually called indoor sparklers. So, they’re not a fire hazard or anything. I don’t know, I feel like
that was such a moment. It was so worth it. Even though it lasted a few
seconds, it was worth it. – It was great. And I will say even though
we can’t add the music because of copywrited purposes, I think we had the best swag surf in 2019. – That was so fun. If you guys have a wedding, make sure you tell the DJ to do swag surf because it literally
brings everyone together, and I dunno, it was just so
unifying and so fun, so fun. Okay, one last thing. We just recently restocked
on our exclusive merch that was only from our meet and greet. So, make sure you go to classonedge.com because it’s a limited edition, and this is a one of a kind. I don’t think we’re
gonna resell these again. – We will include as
many of these as possible with all of the orders. I don’t know how many we have, but until we run out, we
will try and do our best to add ’em all into all of the orders when you purchase a shirt. – We’ll add a sticker in
each shirt that you purchase. So, this is a nice perk. – Link in the description. And this Friday, we’re
dropping the Korean ceremony. So, make sure you guys watch that. As always, ninjas ♪ I got the slice ♪ ♪ I got the rice ♪ ♪ Ha ha ha ha HA ♪ (glory swishing)


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