Watch Celebrity Party Planner Mary Giuliani Decorate Our Set For Rach’s 50th Birthday Party

Shh, guys, it’s Rachael’s birthday and we’re here to transform this whole set. I’m so excited. This is a surprise, she has no idea, and she’s very hard to surprise. We’re transforming the entire studio into a rustic, chic, warm celebration for our girl who’s turnin’ 50. The focal point of this room is a huge flower wall with a giant 50 splashed right in the middle surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and greenery, it’s so exciting. Tin Can Studios partnered with the Flower School of New York and they have done a great job to make it look beautiful. We are so excited to build this beautiful wall for Rachael. What’s really special about it is that we use all sustainable methods, no foam, which is really harmful for the environment. So in every party you need something to center the room. So we needed a chandelier, but not just any old chandelier. Ross Productions really came through for us today with this beautiful orb chandelier. This beautiful piece is gonna tie the whole party together. People are working away, we are trying to pull off the biggest surprise ever. It’s not a party without balloons, and thanks to our friends at the Balloon Saloon we were able to create this amazing cascading balloon wall. We have balloons up in the audience, the biggest balloons I’ve actually ever seen. It’s all about the personal touches, so thankfully my gang at Mary Giuliani Catering and Events helped me look around the office and find things that we could put around the set that feel authentically Rachael. It’s all about the touches. It’s gonna look really great. So not only is Rachael turning 50, but the entire audience today, they’re all turning 50. Woohoo! The Bosco had this amazing photo machine so audience members are gonna come in, take a picture we’re going to put it in a frame from Things Remembered to celebrate their 50th year, they can take it home, and they can celebrate today, and every day. It’s looking great, I’m so excited, I cannot wait to show you everything. Rachael, I love you, happy birthday. Happy birthday, Rachael.


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