Warframe. Railjack skin reviews. (Basic, Sungem, Caballero)

hello. :p It’s a sudden update. Let’s review three different Railjack skins, including the default Railjack skin. Railjack skin adjustments are available here. So let’s get started. This is the default skin. It’s a railjack skin you’ll be familiar with. It’s a side note, I personally think this head looks like a dog. :p The basic design is not bad anyway. It’s ok. Sungem skin. It’s like a sports car. More futuristic and cool design. It’s like a fighter. Personally, I like this skin the most. Caballero skin. The word is said to have the meaning of knight or gentleman in Spanish. Compared to basic or sun gem. It’s a clunky and thick design like a military weapon. It feels like a flying tank. It looks hard. Suddenly I’m busy. Thank you for watching.


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