Vows To Widows

Okay, so I’m in between services this
first Sunday of the Vow series and there’s already some really good input and
feedback. Especially from a couple of surprised areas. One is Widows! Talked to
several widows who rocked their vows and they’re so glad that we’re talking
about these things with the church. A widow may wonder what… how
can I apply this? How can this… how can I help? And let me just say to you that
when you have a voice to younger people in your church, that you have the ability
to do what Titus chapter 2 says where older women minister to younger women
and older men to younger men. And so don’t be afraid to reach out and mentor
formally or informally someone younger than you who’s going through the
challenges of marriage and of parenting your voice is very important to
them and those of you that are younger, that are married, you’re in the mix reach
out to someone who who’s already rocked their vows. Someone that has succeeded. You want to learn from them. And so intergenerational mentoring it is a huge
next step

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