[Vlog#3] Cô Hen đi ăn cưới | Ning and Jedi’s Wedding | H’Hen Niê Official

God acne!! Let me leak a fact, Hen’s acnes always appear on such important occasions. Firstly, when filming, when photos shooting, Key visuals for brands that Hen ambassadors, Hen will have some acnes problem and in process of TVCs or important viral, Hen always gets an acne here. I do not understand why? So angry! The girls from other countries coming here are so beautiful, I have an acne that I don’t know how to cover, so at the airport I will ask if there will have any way to reduce this pimple early or somehow? This is my first time as a bridesmaid, but not a bridesmaid in Vietnam but a bridesmaid in Thailand. Clothes for bridesmaids, Ning has had for four girls already. There will be 4 bridesmaids Other three bridesmaids are South Africa friens a best friend sharing a room with Ning, Indonesian friends who was familiar China friends anh Hen Miss Universe in Thailand, I used to talk to Ning even though my English is not good, but she often talked a lots. Therefore, on this occasion, Hen was invited I am so friendly Hen prepared gifts for the bride and groom, they are such a beautiful ” ao dai ” with delicate stones. Hen will give Ning this one and Ning will say, “Oh Ning likes it! Ning will wear it and take a picture This is a good way of interacting with friends. Firstly, I will give her a “real Vietnamese traditional” things And the second is that gift have to be suitable them, they like then they will take a photo and post on Facebook and people will say “What are you wearing?” then they will say “This thing comes from Vietnam!”. That’s how Hen thinks it’s great to advertise my country’s culture. Our ao dai is very beautiful, Hen made beautiful Aodai for bride and groom. This is my first time showing off my driver, my driver is very handsome and he has tattoos all over his body. OK! Bye Bye! See you at the airport! So many people! Extremely crowded. I will write caption: this time I go with 2 suitcases only! Now it’s time to get on the plane. Hello! I have dry knee joints When i will get injured in joint, if i go too long And now, sit for a long time, so tired! So painful! In Vietnam, mother-in-law will give girls these things, and now I am in Thailand I will be presented with these gifts. Hi everybody! Hen is now home After the shopping trip Not to go shopping but to hang out Now go home It is 10 o’clock, Hen will brush herteeth and wash her face. I will wake up around 5 o’clock tomorrow morning, get up my makeup because I have to go at 8 o’clock. Very happy, Ning must be very happy! Looking at these two people is extremely lovely outside. Ning and his husband took care of Hen a lot. Love it! Love it! Hope she will be always happy. I just went to the wedding but why did I get so many gifts? Hello! Hello! Hello! Hen just went back to the room, had just showered, had washed her hair. Today is a wonderful day How do you feel? How the bride, how the bride? Oh, the Miss Universe girls. Then Ning’s best friends in middle school I don’t know groomsman. Because there was no chance talking with the groom. Happy! Hen also cried a lot, everyone down there cried a lot, because Ning looked so happy. Ning looked so beautiful. Everything from the church to the space makes people shed tears. Today, it was a very wonderful wedding. Hen’s first being in the wedding in the church, although I used to sing a lot in the past. Wedding were usually on Saturday and Friday, but those days Hen had to go to school so I couldn’t attend. This is the first time I attended the wedding in the Church, a wedding of my fellow believer, so again I felt very happy. I also sang a few songs there.


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