Visaal Episode 12 – 13th June 2018 – ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

But why did you said that you would help Pari? How would you help her when you are already hiding from the police? I am not trying to help her all I am doing is to make her realize that she is all alone in this world, and in this entire world she has only one person who cares about her. And who is that person? Do you think you’re that person? I don’t think so. Then obviously I am that person, right? Oh, yeah! But master, tell me how are you going to take her out of that family? That family is like a shadow that never leaves her. Yeah, you’re right that’s my plan to make her apart from them. I have played my card; now let’s see what is going to happen. And I feel like my mother-in-law is convinced. Now sit back and see what happens. Stop being a fool, I won’t let you go until your father comes back from the hospital. You will stay here in my house and that’s it. Naheed now it is not your house either And anyways Akram brother is right, although his words are harsh but usually, the truth is a hard pill to swallow. I don’t want your family to suffer anymore because of me. First of all, I don’t care what Akram says and if we do such estimations in relationships then this world would not even let us breathe. Some relations are beyond gains and losses. I know that. And I know that your father has never treated me differently than you and being a daughter, I have to save him from any kind of trouble. Ok, so what do you want that we get scared of the enemy and leave you alone? My fate is my enemy and no one can fight with one’s fate. I have to face all the problems that are meant to be in my destiny. I wanted to tell you something for a few days but every time I couldn’t share it with you. What? You won’t get my point. Look Naheed I have told you several times not to put yourself in trouble because of me. What happened? Did you fight with your husband? No, Akram didn’t say anything. Look, first, promise me that you are not going to hate me. Please don’t ever hate me. No matter how bad my impression became or if you may start having a bad opinion about me. I can’t bear your hatred I would die. Don’t be foolish. I know that you don’t have control over your life, now your husband is the owner of your will. But why would I think bad about the decision that you made in a state of helplessness? Tell me honestly did you guys fight? I can’t make you understand and you are not going to get my point either. How could I tell you that… Look, actually the thing is… Naheed! Are you ready? We too should leave now. Doctor, How’s the condition of Shabbir? His prolonged unconsciousness is very dangerous as he is not responding at all. You guys just pray that he may wake up from unconsciousness for a while. Doctor, he is a strong man and I am sure he must be fighting with death. He has only one daughter who doesn’t have anyone in this world except her father. If anything happens to him she would die. She prays for him a lot. Just a while ago I convinced her to go back to the house to take some rest. If anything happens to him she would die. Please do something doctor. We are continuously trying you guys just don’t worry. We are trying our best just be patient. Ok if you’re adamant about your decision then there’s only one way. You have to come and stay at my house. I won’t leave you alone and that’s it. I am not alone; aunt is going to stay with me. And anyways I spend most of the time with dad in the hospital and come back home just for a few hours. I am talking about this time. Aunt is too old and for how long she would able to help you. You’re coming with me to my house. Naheed I would talk to the hospital management to let me stay in the hospital with dad then I would not have to come back home First of all the hospital management won’t let you stay there, they have some rules and they strictly follow their rules. And secondly, I won’t leave you alone now you only have one way that you’re going to stay at my house. Naheed is right, that’s your house too. You can comeover there whenever you want. But…No ifs and but’s and that’s it. I won’t listen to anything. I got this from the reception I think it’s the bill of the hospital. Yeah, it’s the bill of the previous week but they have mentioned too much amount. It’s a private hospital and they have given a separate room for Shabbir brother too. They must be charging a lot of fees just for the private room. So what could we do? Government hospital management already refused to admit him as they were not having a room except for general ward and you know about the condition of these government hospitals. We couldn’t put his life at risk, right? But we have to do something about these bills as their charges are increasing day by day. What should we do now? Yeah, you’re right. Akram paid the previous bill too and I had only a few thousand rupees that were left after Naheed’s wedding and I already submitted the amount before. I have some cash too but it’s going to end within a few days. What would we do after that? How would we arrange the money? Yeah, and we can’t ask someone for a loan too. Why don’t we discuss it with the doctors to shift him in any government hospital? There would be the caretaker staff too, right? And we are with him we all will take care of him 24 hours. I don’t think that doctors wouldn’t permit that. But if Shabbir’s condition was better maybe they would have permitted us to admit him in a government hospital. Anyways why don’t you discuss it with Akram? You should take his suggestions too after all he’s the part of your family. Yeah, you’re right we should discuss it with Akram, he would suggest something good for sure. If God wills. Please come in. See this, it’s the best quality scarf, you won’t find such a best shade in the whole market. Here you go. Yes, it’s good but whatever I buy from your shop it gets destroyed within a few days. I bought a lipstick from your shop, it just got melted. What’s the matter? Are you guys buying low-quality stuff from the market? What are you saying?! Our master would kill us if he got to know that we are selling low-quality stuff. Look at its original tag Mom is right my mascara went dry just in two days. If we never trusted you we would have never visited your shop again. We are worried too. We are getting the same complaints, maybe we have got an evil eye. Go get these scarves stitched. Look at these beautiful bangles it would look nice on you. Don’t take him seriously Now I’ll show you great stuff and just half price, you’ll be happy as soon as you see it. After all, we have to compensate for the loss, right? Really? Is there any sale going on? It’s just for you. As you’re our regular customer, right? Next time if the quality of the stuff is not good, you’ll have to return the whole amount. Yeah, sure, why not. By the way, tell me something. Do you put these makeup stuff in any cool place or not? These days girls even keep their lipstick in the fridge. How can we keep these things in the fridge as there’s a lot of load-shedding in this area? It’s not our fault then, you should blame the electricity supply company, right? Now, these international brands don’t make their products keeping in their mind that you would keep them in a hot place or drawers. But you’ll have to pay for the loss. Yeah, why not. Here you go take this lipstick and try this if you like it, you can pay the amount later. Are you happy now? That’s great. You don’t have to worry. Akram goes in the morning and comes back from work in the evening. I’ll be satisfied when you stay here in my house. You now have a married life. Akram brother has courteously said to stay here but for how long I am going to stay here? Until Shabbir uncle returns from the hospital. You just don’t worry it’s your house too and please stop crying. I am going to the hospital; do you want me to get anything for you? Can I go with you please; I too have to go to the hospital. But how would we go there? By an auto. Naheed please come with me too. Yeah, I would come with you. Ok then, we all should go. You can sit in the front seat. Let’s go. It’s good that you come here I have just sent Safdar to take you here. Uncle, how’s my dad now? is he ok? Suddenly his pulse went low. Doctors are trying their best. They are saying that he is in a coma. Dad! No my child. No! Doctors have forbidden anyone to get into the room. I came out of the room on their request too. But what happened to him all of a sudden? Doctors were hopeful till yesterday that dad’s condition is now stable. Doctors’ can’t do anything when the human body resist to improve. Doctor! Is he going to get well, right? What has happened to him? His pulse went down and these all are the signs of coma. We have called senior doctors here. I am afraid that he is going to a coma. You guys just pray for him. We can’t tell you anything right now. We are trying our best. I got a little late otherwise I would have gone with them to hospital. We went to Akram’s house and their neighbors told that they just left a while ago. But tell me why Pari is staying at Naheed’s place she should have stayed here. What do I tell you? Pari was ready to go to her place, she was saying that she would call you to stay with her for a few days. But you know Naheed is a fool, she took Pari to her house forcefully. It’s been just a few days to their wedding now tell me how a young girl would stay at their house. You’re right, it’s not appropriate they just got married. You just tell me why your husband didn’t stop Pari to go with Naheed? You just leave him, his head has stopped working at this age. Don’t know why he permitted Naheed. I think you should take her back to her place. She should stay at her own house. She has already been through such a horrible incident now where would she go? Yes, you’re right, I would convince Naheed. You know about Pari’s condition she is helpless she would stay wherever we tell her to stay. You just tell me something. Did you personally went to meet with Naheed’s husband’s family or did you got this marriage proposal from any matchmaker? We didn’t personally go to meet with his family in Multan. Actually, my husband fixed this marriage as he used to meet with this guy. So would you guys never go to meet with his family? Yeah, why not. We would definitely go there. But Naheed hasn’t even gone to her inlaws yet. Actually, Pari’s father’s incident happened right after her wedding so everyone is busy with him right now. Leave it. Why are you discussing all this? It’s good to meet with all the family members before fixing the wedding after all the girl has to live with her inlaws for the rest of her life. Forget it. You’re getting into an unnecessary discussion for no reason. He’d go to Multan when he would have time. Why? What’s the matter? Is there anything special? No, nothing special it’s her hobby to tell everyone her nonsense stories. It’s nothing special. But tell me what happened? She just got angry when I told her that I feel like I have seen Naheed’s husband somewhere before. Actually, we met him in the hospital. We used to a have a maid Shakira in Hyderabad, her son exactly looks like Akram. We haven’t seen that boy in Hyderabad for years but when Shakira used to work in our house, he used to come to our place to ask his mom some money. He was addicted to gambling but Jumman was telling me that he has a good business here. You couldn’t resist telling your story, right? Now let’s go I am so tired. You are so miser. Come on let’s go and buy me an ice lolly from the shop. It’s too hot today and I am tired too. Wow, master, whose bike is this? It’s my bike. Nice! Isn’t it? Yeah. I think these tires are new too. Master now I would go to Saddar on this bike to get the stuff of the shop. Yeah, sure, why not sir. Can you drive yourself or may I hire a driver for you? Go get back to your work and you can drive it when you need it. Whose bike is this master? I get this to pick and drop Pari from the hospital. By God, my wife just ruins all my excitement as she sits with her in an auto. It means she would sit with you on this bike. Yeah, why not, she would definitely sit with me on this bike. By the way, master, whatever you said, you made it happen. And now you brought Pari to your house too. Yeah, but that Naheed never leaves her for a second I am not getting a chance to talk to her properly. And don’t know when this hospital drama is going to end, now it feels like I have to ask somebody for a loan. Who told you to get involved in this matter? I told you before that the fees of private hospitals are way too much. If he was not Pari’s dad I would have never cared about it. Ok, listen, how much money do you have? I have the earning of two days. Ok give it to me, I’ll manage. You should at least count it. Are you going to give the whole amount? No, there’s no counting in love. It’s the trader who counts the money and the one who counts never love anyone. Master, I think I should fall in love with somebody too as I have been tired of doing the counting. Great. You too got influenced by my company. Ok, listen take care of the shop. Tension not. My name is Inspector Javaid Khan, sub-inspector Javaid Khan. I have come here from a special branch and I just got the charge of this area. I am undercover. Oh, sir. No, you don’t need to salute me I told you I am undercover. Tell me since how long are you here as a watchman? It’s been three years sir. Three years? So why don’t you work for any police station or on a district level? Look at yourself you have been spoiling yourself standing here. What can I do sir? I have sent several applications to SP to transfer me to my area in some police station or some district level. But you know no one listens to people like us. Ok, do one thing, next time when you apply, you should give your application to the special branch and meet me there. I have some references in the SP office; I’ll talk to them about you. But you should come after two weeks as maybe I have to go to Sukkur. Sir, would you refer me for a job? Look, the DSP officer is a strict man; I will try to convince him I won’t promise you. Sir, I am sure that you’ll do it. Please come and have some snacks. No, you’ll get me in trouble. Our Dsp might be on patrol nearby. You just tell me that has the new officer taken the charge? Your previous officer got a transfer, right? Oh, so you knew about everything. No, a new officer hasn’t joined the duty yet, management is still doing an inquiry about the previous one. By the way, he was a nice man how he got stuck in this matter?
No, a new officer hasn’t joined the duty yet, management is still doing an inquiry about the previous one. By the way, he was a nice man how he got stuck in this matter? Yeah, Taimoor sir was really a nice man but a girl stuck him in this case. Girl? Who? I was on duty that day. A girl came here on an auto, she was in a college uniform and was hiding and her face. She gave me a letter and told me to give that letter to Taimoor sir. I gave that letter to him and as soon as he read that letter he went to that girl’s house. Then all the neighbors gathered and created a great scene over there. That scene went quite serious. A girl came here in a college uniform? Alone? It means that it was all pre-planned. So didn’t you guys tried to find that girl? And this letter thing is now old fashioned these days. Taimoor sir tried a lot to find that girl. We tried to find the driver as well but the girl was too clever that she didn’t even leave any clue behind. And we wondered that maybe she didn’t have a phone that’s why she wrote a letter. Yeah, maybe. But anyway if I was in charge here I would have saved your boss from disgrace. Yeah, worst had happened with him. ok, tell me did you notice anything special in that girl? Anything about her clothes or her personality? She was wearing a shawl from head to toe. I told Taimoor sir that she was wearing black mojari instead of college shoes, she might be in a rush that’s why she forgot to wear her shoes. Or maybe she didn’t have to go to her college that day. But with college uniform, those mojari’s looked too odd. Really police notice everything very carefully. Although it’s a minor thing at least you noticed something. But there would be several girls with black mojari. Anyways I would definitely try for your job, ok? You just get in touch with me. Bye. Jumman you should come with me to Hyderabad, I have my own house there and you too have your daughter there. You can stay at anyone’s place why are you staying at someone’s else place? No, it’s not appropriate to burden daughters and their husbands at this age. And I would definitely come to visit you and would return after staying for a few days but now I can’t leave Pari alone. How can I leave her alone, she needs me. But Pari is staying at Naheed’s place she is not alone, right? Naheed is immature she just took her there to share her sadness but Pari is not going to live there forever, right? From Naheed, I remember something. I admit that I am old and over time my memory is not as good as before. Please don’t mind but I still doubt Naheed’s husband. May this doubt remain my misunderstanding. But the day this misunderstanding comes correct I would distribute food among the poor. I hope he may belong to the Syed family of Multan. But I would suggest that you should tell Moulvi Sahib that he should go and visit Multan and meet with his family once he got free from this problem. No matter for once but he should definitely there. Ok, I’ll tell him but let this tension get resolved first. I think it’s time for your train to leave. Do you want me to call any auto for you? Yeah please, I am getting late. Everything would be alright. Naheed, listen to me. Ok listen I am going to the hospital, today seniors doctor visit is expected so if you need to get me anything just tell me quickly. I want to go to the hospital too. It’s too early now. We have a lot of house chores to do. You just come after a while to take us to the hospital. No, I can’t come again today. I would have to go to the shop after hospital so tell me quickly what do you want? I’ll go with you; you just call an auto for me. You just get done with your work, Look the house is too messy. Please call an auto for me. Why an auto? I have a bike you can come with me on a bike. Now would I look good coming after you like a bodyguard? But Akram brother how can I go on a bike? So what? Everyone goes on a bike that’s not a big deal. No, she used to sit on a bike with her dad only. She hesitates to sit on a bike with someone else. Ok as you wish I am leaving I have a lot of work. Anyways Shabbir uncle would be all alone there. No, wait, Akram brother I would go with you. But Pari… Naheed you just finish your house chores, I will go with Akram brother and I would come back by evening. I am just coming. Bye. What nonsense are you talking about? Her sister-in-law told you and you believed it? You women just need a topic for discussion. She just said that she has a doubt. And I think it’s nothing wrong to go there for once. Look we have to go there to meet with Naheed’s inlaws one day, right? So, why not now? You know about the situation here. I would be able to do something once I got out of this problem. Please don’t mind but I always say what’s right. Look, it’s not fair to forget about own daughter’s responsibility while taking care of someone else’s daughter, right? We should have to first think about ourselves we can think about others later. I didn’t expect this from you. Pari is like a daughter to us. I wrote a letter to Akram’s brother about the condolence of his father-in-laws’ death and I called him too on the number that he gave me. He too wrote a letter to say thanks. I didn’t get married my daughter to some unknown person. I know everything about him; I have done all the necessary investigations. Ok now if you’re insisting then I would go myself with Akram and Naheed to Multan. Are you happy now? Yes. I’ll be satisfied then, you know if we get a doubt once it’s really difficult to get rid of that doubt. It’s a devil who puts doubts in a man’s heart. And it’s our daughter’s matter; you should not believe everyone’s word. And don’t discuss it with anyone else. Where are you going? Sit with us for some time. I am going to the hospital, girls would be alone over there I must go to check them. But the lunch is ready you should have it first. Ok, let me take them here then we all will have it together. As I want to discuss something important to Akram too. I wanted to take your suggestion. I have told you the whole thing now tell me what should we do? Look Moilvi Sahib, Shabbir’s uncle is not in such condition that we can shift him anywhere. And you have already heard about the doctor suggestion. Yeah, I know. I know that Shabbir is too generous and he might not have safe any money for any case of emergency. He used to get a limited salary and don’t know if he is going to get the salary of this month or not. Ok, then you just don’t worry I’ll arrange the money. No, son, it’s so thoughtful of you but it’s not your responsibility. I am already guilty that I am bothering you a lot. Oh, don’t feel guilty. Look, don’t mind but I hid one thing from you. Actually, Pari gave me some money I kept it that time just to protect her self-respect. The amount was not too much we could pay for only one day’s fees here. I thought that I would return that money to her at some suitable time. Yeah, she must have saved her pocket money. Don’t know since how long she must be saving that money. For now, you just keep that money. I’ll see maybe I’ll be able to get some money from my mosque earning. Moulvi sahib you just don’t worry about that. I told you that somehow by you and Naheed, I too have a relation with Pari. I already submitted fees on the counter and we’ll do something to arrange money as well. But right now the most important thing is to save Shabbir’s uncle life at any cost. God bless you. A man’s character is shown by his word and Naheed’s mother is just… What happened to her? Is she ok? Yes, I just got a thought about something. Ok, I think I and Pari should go back to the house now. My wife was asking about Naheed so I thought she must be here in the hospital. You too should take some rest, ok? Yeah. Ok. Akram brother I want to say something important to you. Yes. Dad bought me these. Please go and sell these in the marker but please for God sake don’t shift my dad to any cheap hospital. What are you doing? Keep it and don’t worry we are not going to shift your dad in any cheap hospital. I know you all are doing a lot for us and I would never forget your favor. Please keep it I don’t want to burden anyone with my problems. I told you I’ll manage everything. Don’t you trust me? No, it’s not like that. You’re the only one who’s supporting me in this difficult time. You have done a lot for me.


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