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are you looking for video production or online marketing and advertising in Lexington Kentucky well you’ve come to the right place my name is Swen Halverson owner of Swen Halverson Productions, a video production and marketing company based out of Eastern Kentucky. We work with local businesses to create handcrafted marketing videos designed to get you results. Because we are perfectionists when it comes to video production and marketing. We pay attention to every single detail of your video, from scripting, to production, and editing. All designed to get you new clients patients or customers. We understand that making the decision to produce marketing video can seem like a daunting process. finding a video production company you can trust, to deliver a quality video within your budget can be challenging. We get it. Video production companies out there are charging tens of thousands of dollars for a single video, and then they leave you with the work of getting it seen. We don’t just hand over finished video expecting you to know what to do next. We work with you, to get your video in front of thousands of people searching for your services right now, allowing you to focus on what you do best. It’s for these reasons that we’ve worked with dozens of local businesses and have over 50 videos on page one of Google. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, utilizing the power of video, call me at 606-308-2411

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