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Sisters says to her husband As you saw in our previous videos that we’ve invested a lot of efforts, we’ve done a lot of shopping and the final days we were eagerly waiting for finally arrived Sp, the first thing that happens in any Punjabi wedding is is of Jaago and Mehendi be it a boy’s wedding or a girl’s wedding these occasions are celebrated quite grandly it’s so much fun because the function is at night Too much of dance and fun Finally after so much of efforts after so much of shopping after so much of work our groom is ready for the engagement -Ready?
-Ready! He’s relaxing and having soup while waiting for the bride and our Manpreet Ma’am is ready as well Let us show you a glimpse, a glimpse! and no Punjabi or North Delhi wedding is complete without this song and this one too The DJ plays this song at the end for sure and everyone does this what you’ll see in the next shot people fall as well but that’s okay a lot of feet gets squeezed as well but its is a ritual this song will start and everyone will make a train for sure (giggle) In this whole rush and shopping we couldn’t get enough time the thing I had written at the top of the list which we wanted to have was Chole-Bhature which we couldn’t do at all and the moment I got the chance, I ran to have Chole-Bhature -Because Delhi’s Chole-Bhature is the best
-He went without me He went without me It’s okay, you’ll get them. I had brought some for you Specially in Canada, You can find Chole-Bhature in Canada but not the Delhi ones and who hasn’t have Delhi’s Chole-Bhature He doesn’t know what is the essence of Delhi’s Chole-Bhature and if you’re in Delhi and you’ve a Chole-Bhature Shop then we’ve a Business Idea for you. Come to Canada and start a Chole-Bhature franchise -contact us
-contact us So, after meeting family, the second task was to eat something like Chole-Bhature & samose you must’ve seen Farman in other Vlogs He had come to our house for my hairstyle but I’ve taken him out to eat Chole-Bhature The fun in asking for extra Chole is missing in the eating the given amount of Chole -How was it?
-Solid! Solid?
(giggle) Manpreet is going to fight a lot Because I’ve come alone to eat Chole-Bhature and she was doing some work Just to save myself, I’d pack 2 plates for her So that I don’t get hit by a rolling pin Time to eat Chole-Bhature He had packed it specially for me So, thank you for that After all the small functions, it was time for the Grand Day! The Wedding Day The D day for my brother! He is my one & only sibling So, obviously I was waiting for this day for a long time I can’t tell you how excited the whole family was Everyone was so happy and touch wood by god’s blessings, things went really well the way you’ll see it now it was really fun and let me know in the comments if my makeup was over or not because I was really conscious that My makeup is over and I don’t have a habit of this much of makeup He wasn’t able to recognize me but that’s okay -So it is okay
-For a change… She was looking good -For a change
-And… I got to know this for the first time that The amount of respect a brother-in-law gets I can’t even imagine how respectful they are towards them I’ve seen and heard people saying but when I experienced for the first time, I felt it is overwhelming I didn’t expect this much very much got a lot of love But The Drum guy, The band guy, and everyone else Everyone comes to you Brother-in-Law has come from Canada -Give us 500 rupees
-Dollars, they were asking for dollars With Babaji’s blessings everything happened nicely so obviously it was time to visit babaji in Amritsar Be it a Hindu, be it a Sikh Wedding It’s a ritual that right after your marriage you either visit Vaishno Devi and north Indians generally visit Golden Temple, Amritsar People go somewhere or the other according to their religion after marriage It was a great opportunity for us as well because We wanted to visit Amritsar whenever we visit India after Canada must visit Golden Temple So, thanks to my brother because of whom, we got this opportunity Because I don’t know if we’ll ever get this opportunity when we next visit India because the time is so less and you have to meet a lot of people in that short span and Delhi to Amritsar again, You’ll have to spend 2-3 days Hence, I would say we were really lucky that we got this opportunity It felt really good to visit there I wish we get more chances in the future to visit Golden Temple to have a visit So, let’s see what’s in our fate So, we’ve come to Amritsar Palace Everyone is waiting for their food Brother was saying something Wise What were you saying Where have you come from? I have come from Delhi Looks like you just got married Exactly -Really?
-Yes! How many years is it? It is three days only 3 days? Okay, where’s you husband? and you? I am from Canada And where have you come from? I’ve come from Canada to Delhi you’re coming from Canada? Canada via Delhi okay We’ve come to celebrate Amritsar’s Diwali Whose wedding are you attending? I’ve come for my Brother’s Marriage who is kind enough to show me Delhi around (laughs) because of him we’re eating food of Delhi & Amritsar Where have you come from? I’ve come with everyone here Here, I am father-in-law to someone husband to someone and father to someone Our whole family has come together We’re coming from Delhi after my son getting married I’ve brought my daughter Everyone is here to visit Babaji after the Marriage whole family has come Everyone is here to visit Babaji after the Marriage We’ve come to seek blessings so that we can stay happily and peacefully We’ve visited already, now we need to get back Gods Pure One, Victory to God This is our leader The one who manages everything, she’s his wife -Tour Operator
-Tour Operator How do you manage him? The one who manages everyone I manage him in my own way -Is it okay?
-Yes! I don’t know, she must know -It was nice meeting you
-We’ll see you after having food -Stick Around!
-Stick Around! Stick around! Stick Around! You go to Amritsar and don’t eat you don’t overeat, it’s not possible! there are so many shopping options available but obviously we didn’t have time but we couldn’t miss the opportunity to eat Kesar ka dhaba every time we visit Amritsar, we definitely go there Everyone knows that their Dal is very famous and many more food option available Amritsar’s food is very good and since we had the opportunity, we didn’t miss it and due to all the food due to overeating and due to all the fun, there were consequences as well which you’ll see in next videos So, subscribe to the channel for those videos all good yummy food! So, after so much enjoyment and fun We couldn’t keep a track of time passing by 3 weeks got shorter for us You don’t keep a track of time when you go back to India after so long I thing 1 week out of 3 is used to get rid of Jet lag and we were really busy there and one of the reasons why we couldn’t meet like we had a plan of meeting our Subscribers there but we were so busy that we couldn’t even meet out friends So, hopefully whenever we got to India next time we’ll plan ahead and we’ll make sure that we meet you guys because we were getting a lot of requests on Instagram as well and we got messages like you’re in India but not meeting us but we’re really really sorry we were really busy back then -next time
-you know what it takes to organize a wedding ceremony so next time whenever we plan, we’ll notify you on Instagram So those who don’t follow us yet, follow us there we post stories about many things around Canada If we’re travelling to somewhere, we post stories there for sure you can follow us there after 3 weeks, it was time to say goodbye Come with us we’re getting late (goodbye kisses) You take for Harmeet as well Give me a proper hug at least bye, bye, bye… You go bye (greetings) bye bye India! Bye Bye all the food Street food -Awesome food
-Bye Bye mom dad Bye Bye family Going back to Canada It’s raining, even god is crying because we’re leaving It was a bit extra Let’s hope flight isn’t late I think it’s on Time Bye! And we’re taking a halt in Dubai for three days so… Next Vlogs will be from Dubai See you in Dubai and Canada and we have decided that whenever we go to India from Canada and even if you’re going to India from some other country or going to any other country Try to take a layover at some other country you can take a Visa for 3-4 days and explore around We tried to take a stop at Dubai and spent next 3-4 days in Dubai Coming Vlogs are going to be from Dubai with fun Do watch them as well and subscribe the channel so you get the notification press the bell icon and let us know in the comments below if you liked this video any feedback or what you want to see in those videos next you’ll see videos from Dubai and then videos from Canada So till next time, Stick Around!


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