Vardi ka dum (Adanga Maru) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Jayam Ravi, Raashi Khanna | Karthik Thangavel

[TITLES MUSIC] [ALL]: Greetings, brother. [RUCKUS] Move away… What are you doing?
[RUCKUS] [PROTESTING]: Shutdown… Shut the wine shop. What are you doing? Shutdown…
Shut the wine shop. Hey, move. What’s going on? They will leave in a while.
You wait. [PROTESTING] Shutdown…Shut the wine shop…. Stop the car. You leave. What’s all this? Will you shut the wine shop or
will you do it if we start fire? Take this lighter. Start the fire and die. This wine shop will not be
closed even if some of you die. Go and concentrate on your studies. Bhai! They’re college students. They will not listen unless you force them. Shall I call our clan? Hey, our guys work for us only for money. Police also works for us for money. It is better involve cops in
this matter instead of our men. That’s how it gets done. Tell me, Bhai. Students are creating
commotion near my wine shop. Don’t worry. I will take care of it. Today is Sunday. The inauspicious time starts after 4. Whose call could it be? K4 police station! Listen, Munshi! Sir. Varma college students are creating
ruckus at Kali Bhai’s wine shop. Check the status. [PROTEST CONTINUES] Greetings, Kali sir. Handle them. Wait, I will talk to them. [PROTEST CONTINUES] Listen. Listen to me first. My dear students! Listen to me. What’s the matter? Sir! Ask the Inspector to come. We both are in the same attire. Ask the person to come who
has stars in his attire. What happened? Sir, the situation is getting worse here. The bar council members
of the bar are enraged. Who are you talking about? Sir, I’m talking about the Kali Bhai. Forget about Kali Bhai.
Students are enraged too. I came here to buy a car for my daughter. Isn’t there another officer
who can handle them? Sir! There is one officer. Who is that? Youth for the youth. What? Savior of the youth. Munshi! Be clear about
whom you are talking. The newly joined Crime
branch Sub-Inspector, Subash. Hey, it’s only been four
day since he joined. Will he solve the problem? Definitely sir. He will handle.
– Okay, ask him to come. Hey! Give that to me. [GLASS BREAK] Hey, give the torch. [PROTESTING]: Shutdown…Shut the wine shop…. Calm down everyone.
We can discuss and solve the issue. We talked to them respectfully
but nothing happened. That is why we are protesting. We have to protest if only
protesting solves some problems. I am not against it. But, you should protest without
any hindrance to the public. That’s why we are protesting to
avoid issues faced by the public. What is your problem? Sir, this wine shop is next to our college. Shift it to somewhere else. We had issues with
drunkards when we pass by. We’ve complained many times. Nothing has happened. We won’t leave unless we get a solution. We are willing to self-immolate
if that brings a solution. Who said that? Who said that you were ready
to self-immolate? – It’s me. Did you?
Did you say that? You must not immolate yourself. You have to set this bar and
shop on fire if you have to. Very nice! Sir has told you.
Disperse and do your work. I am done talking. You may leave.
– Stop watching and leave. [RUCKUS] Hello…
– Stop it. What have you done? Were you trained as a cop or
did you work for a company? Why did you do that? You’ve ruined the entire shop. Have you gone there to support students? The crowd would’ve gone if you
use your strength to thrash them. No one would’ve stayed. We can’t chase them away with a stick. They haven’t come for a quarter of booze like
politicians’ clan to get scared of me and leave. They were students! They won’t run, sir. They protested on Sunday to
avoid hindrance to the public. They could be future IAS, IPS. There could be a future prime
minister or chief minister among them. They must have been left to
immolate for what they did. Self-immolation is wrong
and against the law. That’s why I stopped them. Police flair is new to him. So, he is not aware of our preferences. He will slowly understand everything. [NEWS] He comes now you see. Be quiet. He won’t let people talk
and you will not let people listen. Wait. Let me listen. [NEWS] Hey! Tell me who’s right among them. There are four great people over there. Here is another two. So, you can take a decision
about what’s good and bad. I am leaving. Hi. My lovely dolls! What are you doing? I am drawing. Superb! Hey! Pinky! What happened to you? What’s the matter? Music teacher denied letting me in. What? Why because I did not go
to school for three days. Why? I didn’t want to go. You are my angel. You say that but my class
teacher drove me away. Don’t worry.
I am there for you. We shall go to the music class tomorrow,
talk to your teacher and sing a song. Come. I am hungry for Dosa. Dad. I can smell Ghee. Same home and family! Where can you smell ghee? Are you same as kids? Did you call this 6 feet guy a kid? Yes! He will remain my kid
until he gets married. Get it? Will you treat him as a kid until marriage? Yes, bro. We’ve grown up good, started
earning, bought a car and a house. Our status is good. Getting a doctor degree after
completing education is also good. This is for our happiness. We do this to be happy. We become her life partner
when we tie a knot. How will I remain a child to mom? I must say.
Anitha is very much blessed. Why? Aren’t you blessed? Who? Me? I gave you all my jewels. I did. And you… You saved it. I gave it to you and you saved. [GIGGLES] Today, you’re Anusha and you are Vinusha. Okay. [MUSIC CLASS] Yes. Good morning, teacher. This girl, actually… Listen to me first. You better forget the thought
of rejoining her in class. She is very naughty. She says that she wouldn’t come to
the class whenever she has no mood. Will anyone talk like that? Teacher! You are totally mistaken. She isn’t the one who
gave you the rude answer. She’s her sister Anusha. She is over there. Hi… Oh, twins? Yes, madam. Are you naughty like your sister? No, teacher. I am a good girl. Very good girl! Come. You are a bad boy, uncle. Don’t tell grandpa, okay? Okay. Thank you.
[PHONE RINGING] Check who this is. Sir, it’s a call from alcohol. You disconnect the call.
I’ll speak later. You’ve saved that as alcohol. Do you have any enmity with alcohol? Everyone gets addicted to alcohol, right? I am addicted to someone already.
So, I saved her number as Alcohol. That’s Anitha. My fiancée. Is it, sir? Then stop aside and talk. She might get angry if
she had to call again. There’s nothing like that, brother. She won’t disturb me when
I do not attend her call. I will call back. It’s an understanding. You are so lucky, sir. My wife tortures me whenever
I do not answer her call. It feels like standing before a lion. Sir. Subash! That wine shop
was ruined at your sight. They would’ve killed the owner
if I hadn’t supported them. Come, sir. What’s the matter? Sir, our brownie is missing. – Brownie? This is its picture and
is missing since 2 days. Okay, what should we do? Our madam suspects that
someone might’ve kidnapped it. Our lawyer has also given
a written complaint, sir. Okay, we’ll rove around and find your pet. You can go. Sir! I am worried that
nothing happens to that pet. Is it? Sir! You want to save the dog
to protect it from the evil. Great! You are the true Indian. You don’t even need an Aadhar card.
– Thank you, sir. Some people are crazy. You leave. I will take care of it. Hey. Hi, sister. Hi, Subash. Anitha is getting ready. She told that you both
are going out for dinner. Yes, sister. Please sit. Thank you. Hi Guddu! Hi. That’s painting scene, right? No problem. I have seen that four times. Usually, it won’t take this
long for her to get ready. Go and check, Subash! You always play games. Uncle. Why are you gazing at me? Am I looking so pretty? What is this? You’re wearing a dress like school uniform. How would I know that you wouldn’t like it? Please change. Go. Wait, I’ll come. Hey Subash… Someone might see. – No one will see us. We’ve been in this relationship
for this many years. You behave naughty
whenever you get a chance. Aren’t you bored of that? Shall I say something? We would’ve had 2 kids if we
were married 15 years ago. You would’ve become a chubby woman. If I don’t get naughty when I get a chance, Either I’m not in love with you… …or I must be having
an affair with some one. True lovers always take chances. ♪Come to me, my love♪ ♪Think about the true happiness in it♪ ♪Come to me, my love♪ ♪Think about the true happiness in it♪ ♪Listen to it slowly♪ ♪It is totally wise♪ ♪Oh! You are mine♪ ♪Listen! I am yours♪ ♪In my world…♪ ♪…You are the true joy♪ ♪I come closer and get lost in you♪ ♪I can live my whole life with you♪ ♪I will steal you from all♪ ♪And make you my world♪ ♪O’ beloved…♪ ♪You’ve caused disturbance in my heart♪ ♪O’ beloved…♪ ♪My heartbeat is all about you♪ ♪Come to me, my love♪ ♪Think about the true happiness in it♪ ♪Come to me, my love♪ ♪Think about the true happiness in it♪ ♪Let there is happiness swirled around us♪ ♪Let us enjoy anything given out of love♪ ♪Wiggle up in the swinging clouds♪ ♪Treasure all the moments of joy♪ ♪We bring it all together♪ ♪The weather around filled with love♪ ♪This is more like our shrine♪ ♪The shrine may not need us♪ ♪There is nothing missing♪ ♪There is happiness everywhere♪ ♪There is bliss of wonderful smiles…♪ ♪…Wherever you are, my love♪ ♪O’ my man…I can’t live without you♪ ♪O’ my man…I can’t live without you♪ Will you marry me? Is this the way to propose? I don’t know to propose formally. It’s beautiful ring. I’ll decide later about our marriage. But this ring is nice. I’ll take it. ♪The place where it’s found♪ ♪The gap between the hearts is vanished♪ ♪The trace of heartbeat♪ ♪Remains forever like this♪ ♪You came into my life
and my troubles are gone♪ ♪O’ my love! Never go out of my sight♪ ♪I cannot live without you♪ ♪I would just die when you’re away♪ ♪Never talk about getting offended♪ ♪That would take my breath away♪ ♪You are my beloved, you are my God♪ ♪Yes, my love!
I am yours and that’s destiny♪ ♪O’ my man…I can’t live without you♪ ♪O’ my man…I can’t live without you♪ ♪Come to me, my love♪ ♪Think about the true happiness in it♪ ♪Come to me, my love♪ ♪Think about the true happiness in it♪ ♪You are my all in all♪ Put it that side. Stop… Stop that vehicle. Pull over to that side…
Pull over… Give your license. Sir! My house is nearby.
I do have license and everything else. I didn’t get it by mistake. – Call up
your home and ask someone to get it. Otherwise, you should leave your
vehicle here and get the license. Someone comes like a hero
while singing a song. Stop… Pull over. You look like Bruce Lee. You are too skinny to blew off. I look like that whenever I am drunk. Do you know how much the
fine is for drink-and-drive? It is 3000 rupees as per the government.
– Correct. It would be 500 rupees for the department.
– He is good in logic. Where is your helmet? No helmet. RC book? License? Insurance? That means? Then, what do you have? Hey…what are you searching in your pants? Take it out fast. Here it is, sir. This is my life. Hey, how dare you drink before a cop? Sir, the quantity doesn’t matter to you.
You need money. Give me 500 rupees and leave. Sir, is it the emergency
help number 100 yours? Give me the stick. Okay…I am leaving. Stop the vehicle. Hey… Subash. Be careful. Subash, listen to me.
He is the son of a big shot. He is the minister’s relative. Listen to me or else it would be an issue. Let’s go. Sir… It was a mistake. Who is he? – Calm down, sir. Do you know the price of this car?
– I will make him understand. Your lifetime salary cannot get you this
car. – Calm down, sir. It was a mistake. Hey! Why are you silent? I will make him understand…
Sir, please. You leave. What is his name?
– I will talk to him. You go. Call tomorrow and meet me. – You leave.
I will talk to him. Sir… I will show you my strength. I will screw you. – Sir. You please leave. I will talk to him.
Subash! You leave. You are not fit to even open my car door. How dare you stop my car? Sir, forgive us. It was a mistake.
You go, sir… I did nothing for your sake.
– Thank you, sir. Move the barricade away. I’ll clear it, sir. Come, sir. Go. Why should we retain these people? Send them away. Go…everyone can leave. Move…Vacate this zone. Constable, tell everyone to go. – Okay sir. Subash! We couldn’t talk to them
because they are rich people. They have power! That is why they behave that way. Do you know what they’d do if
someone defeats them in the election? There won’t be any
guarantee for others’ lives. Anyone might die. Even then, we have to
stand for their protection. We obey the orders. We do what they ask us to. We live a life with disrespect and insults. Okay, I’ll do one thing.
I’ll give his phone number. You give him missed call
tomorrow between 9 and 10 am. Call him. I am sure that he won’t answer
the calls as he boozes all night. He’ll sleep till 2pm. We can tell him that he didn’t
answer the calls if he calls back. Go if he asks you to come. But, don’t go alone. Thank you, sir.
– Okay, Subash! You go home. [GPS NAVIGATION VOICE OVER] [PUB MUSIC] Who is that? Who is that? Leave me… Leave me. Leave me. You don’t know who my father is. You don’t know? Leave me. Otherwise, I will not spare you. Leave me… [THUDS] – [SCREAMS] Hey! Let’s go. Hey! Who’s that? [PHONE RINGING] Uncle! Phone. Yes, Sir. Subash, I’m standing down at your house. Down? Okay. I will come in a minute. Mom! Make dosa. Sir.
Good morning, sir. Is it your own house, Subash? No, sir. We are residing for rent. My parents are not interested
in the apartment culture. So, we’ve built a new house in OMR. Next month is their 60th
wedding anniversary. So, we planned to surprise them on
that day with house warming ceremony. Good! It is a big commitment. Not commitment, sir. It is sentiment! What’s the matter, sir? You have come this morning?
– That’s nothing, Subash. Someone has thrashed minister’s son
who had a brawl with you yesterday. They thrashed him very badly. You should be suspected for that act. That is why I came to alert you. Oh! Yes, sir. His back has
been tinkered very well. We are lucky because that hotel
is not under our station limits. If that place or pub is
under station limits… …our life would be troublesome. What is in our control anyway? – True. Even our wife is not
under our control. – What? I said about my wife, sir. Shall we follow up this case, sir? What for? It’s an unnecessary job for us. Correct, sir. Someone has done our job. At least we should thank him. Sir, now it’s the time that you mentioned.
Shall I give him a missed call? I can understand. You are happy inside. Have you reached the red building? We almost reached, sir. [POLICE SIREN] Do one thing. You stand at the gate. Okay sir. Who are you? Are you the security guard? Yes, sir. Do you know anything? Sir! She was already dead when I noticed. Sir! I tested if she was alive
but she wasn’t breathing. Answer to what you were questioned. What are we here for? Will you do the post mortem too? Sir. What happened? This phone was lying there. Go around. Sir. – Yes, Subash. We found that girl’s phone. But, it has a pattern lock. Sir, I’ll unlock that. The fingerprints would be visible
in the light’s reflection. Subash! Just check out if there
are any details about this girl. Sure, sir. Sir! The location is Mulum. Mulum? What do you think? Sir, I don’t think she committed suicide. Subash! We don’t have to worry
whether it is a murder or a suicide. We don’t have those rights. But, sir! There is forensic, postmortem… Perumal! – Yes, sir. Did you find any information? We found that girl’s phone. She lives at Mulum. We’ve attended four suicide cases
in this building already, right? Yes. People find only this
place to commit suicide. Close this case mentioning it’s a suicide. Okay, sir. Inform to girl’s parents. Let’s go. Sir. [POLICE SIREN] Sir…What is this?
You called a murder as suicide. Obey the orders. Munshi! You take the dead
body to the hospital. Go and inform them, Subash. Sir… Go, Subash. How can I, sir? Subash, we have to face
hundreds of such cases. You’ll get used to it once you handle. Go… Hello! Yeah. I said that. Tell me, sir. I’m Subash. Parvati… She is my daughter, sir. Is it for passport verification? Come in. No. Sir. Sir, he’s thinking that I have
come for the passport verification. How can I tell him? You must learn, Subash. You would’ve to explain situations more
brutal than this. What would you do then? Sorry, sir.
– What’s this childishness? There was an accident. Come and identify whether
she is your daughter. What are you saying, sir? Which hospital? Not hospital. Rayapeta mortuary! Oh, no! Sir! Tell me, what happened? Sir. Tell me, sir. Sir. What happened? Sir. – What happened, hubby?
Why are you crying? What is it? Tell me something. Our daughter has met with an
accident and is at the mortuary. What? How did it happen? How did it happen? My daughter! What happened? Tell me. How can it happen? How can it happen? What are the cops doing? [RUCKUS] What’s going on here? People here and students are very angry. They don’t accept it as a suicide. They deny taking the body. I tried to convince them
but they do not listen. You try talking to them, sir. Be calm. Sir! What’s going on?
You will have to explain. [RUCKUS] They’ll investigate this
case if you listen to me. Sir, I already told you
that it was a suicide. Why did you come to protest? Sorry, sir. You may say anything but we need
to know the cause of her death. We shall stay here until
you take some action. I know Parvati very well. She would never commit suicide. Sorry if this case becomes an issue. But, the cops should investigate
this case and close it. That’s why we informed the media, sir. [RUCKUS]
Answer us, sir. Do as I say. Sir. Okay. You should convince him, sir. You should’ve end
it there itself. They didn’t create any ruckus or
give interviews to any channels. They’re protesting in front
of the police station. They’ve called all the media channels. It’s time for the DC’s station visit. What could be worse to create ruckus? We have filed an FIR
relating to Parvati’s case. We have to investigate after
receiving the post mortem report. We will come to know if it is
a murder or suicide after that. Subash. – Yes, sir. Get that complaint paper from them. Deal this case seriously. – Okay, sir. We shall find out the truth.
You may leave now. Make arrangements for Parvati’s funeral. [INNER VOICE]: This case
is my responsibility. Sir, this is such a huge building. Eight gates are there. Only two security guards! How to keep a track on the visitors? I had a doubt on that place
when I saw it that day. I went to that place
again on the same night. Where did you find this box, Subash? Sir! It is called hotbox. People who take Marijuana
keep it with them. The effect is more intense with
hotbox when compared to plain weed. This is also one of the habits
that ruin this generation. That place still seems to be active, sir. Gopi said that there are already
four suicides cases there. Yes. We’ll get some information if we meet
the officers who handled the case. I want to talk to you regarding
the suicide case near red building. Looks like you are newly joined. That is why you are inquiring me. Do what the senior officers say. I was inquiring this case sincerely. Suddenly, orders came to close
the case mentioning it as suicide. I was transferred before I
could understand the case. One minute, sir. Hello. We are in the new house and colors
have to be chosen. Come soon. I’m coming there. Hi. Hey, Subash. Select from this. Give me a minute. Come. Your room…Sorry. Which color should we choose for our room? You know all this better than me. You select on your own. Strictly, your choice! You choose it. Okay. This one. Grey color won’t suit the bedroom. Then, why are you asking me? I asked you to select. Okay… I will select aquamarine color. Bharat! – Yes, madam. Get me that shade card. This color should go on that wall. – Okay. And… Sorry. This shade on that wall over there.
– Okay, madam Six incidents have occurred
in past five years. I have marked every incident. Can you tell me the active
mobile numbers during that time? Sir! I cannot track last five years. It’s possible only for two years. I’ll track and let you know, sir. Thank you. Okay, sir. Tell me one thing, Subash. Who could’ve done such brutal murders? Let’s take Parvati case… Her friends and family are sure
that she wouldn’t commit suicide. But, the post mortem report
shows that it is a suicide. This can’t be true. Only the deceased and the doctor
who did post mortem know the truth. You don’t get emotional, Subash. Sir, I have some work. I will finish that and come to the station. Okay. Yes. Doctor! I came for a formal inquiry. You did the post mortem
report of Parvati, right? Sir, I’m a government officer. Everything has a procedure. Talk to me at the hospital. Please, leave now. Sorry. Hello. Yes, I told him, Munshi! We can talk. Sir. What’s the matter, sir? It’s something important. Joint Commissioner has come. It might be about the murder case. Sir, Subash. – Oh! Sub-Inspector, Crime branch!
– Good luck. See you. – Sir. The matter is… Subash. – Sir. What’s going on with red building case? Investigation is going on, sir. Get those files and come in. Okay. Sir. Hand over this case to other team. I’ll refer you another case. Investigate that, hereafter. Sir! Give me just two more days.
I’ll solve the case by then. The report has come
stating it as a suicide. It is clear. CBI officer has a life threat. You should go to his house for protection. Do what I say. What happened? I will pass on the investigation details
to the person who is taking over this case. Subash! I know that
you’re studying for IPS. After you pass the examination
and get a higher post than me… You can question me and I will answer. Now, just do what I say. You are just SI now. Don’t forget that. Go now. Sir, this is CBI officer’s house. It looks huge. It must’ve been built with significance. People over there are all the accomplices. They’ll act as if they’re smart. Kettle is hotter than tea. Boss, how are you? You are not seen around these days. Sir, for the past ten days, eggs are
being thrown on the minister’s house. The entire house is dirty.
[PHONE RINGING] We don’t know who they are. You were called to find out who did this. You should find them. Tell me. What is it? The girl who was murdered at red
building got 5 calls from a number. I have messaged you the
details of that number. Oh…Thank you. Are you newly recruited? Abhijith here. Hello, I’m calling from
Anna Nagar Crime branch. Yeah. Tell me. I want to talk to you regarding
the red building murder case. Come to the BJ golf court.
Be here in thirty minutes. Sir. Who are you?
Whom do you want to see? Abhijith asked me to come. [HONK] [KNOCKING] I’m Crime branch SI, Subash. What’s the matter? I need to talk to you regarding
the red building murder case. Are you investigating that case? We told the department to close that case. Then, why have you come? Okay. I got it. Do you want money? A three-course meal, an own house… …marriage, fun and children… …That’s the happiness
of an ordinary person. But, we are above all that. Will you see our lifestyle? Take it. Enjoy. Look how that girl is crying. Look at us and enjoy. We wouldn’t have done that
if she agreed and said okay. [VIDEO PLAYING]: Let me go.
– Stupid girl. See the next one. It’ll be more interesting. You seem to enjoy watching it.
[VIDEO PLAYING]: Leave me. No! Are you aroused? [LAUGHING] Do you know whom you are hitting? Do you know who our fathers are? Hey, none of the rich guys
know who their fathers are? You people always ask others
who your fathers are… Do one thing. Give a complaint
if you come out of this case. I’ll find your father. Now, shut your trap and
come with me to the station. What did you say? Hey! Get in. Hey! Wait until we come out. What did you say? Will you come out? Section 376 D and 302! Non-bailable… That means you’ll be
imprisoned for 20 years. What? 20 years in prison? Lock us up in the cell just for
20 minutes if you have power. Sir. You… Hey, what have you done? Why did you lock them in? It is regarding red building Parvati case.
– I told you not to take up that case. Sir, not only this case. They murdered all those
girls of suicide cases. I have the video evidence. Don’t talk rubbish. Sir. – Sir. Are you the Inspector of
this station or is it he? No, sir. Let it be. I spoke with him. On what basis did you arrest them? Do you know the status of
their fathers in the society? Show me that video proof.
– Yes, sir. Sir, passcode… 4455, bro! Sir… Sir… Sir, it’s auto deleting. Evidence? Sir, I saw it. I said, evidence. Will the murderer have the
evidence of crime on his phone? Idiot. My son is locked up in your presence. A small mistake has happened. Did you forget that I am the Collector? He even thrashed my son. You remained as a spectator. Shall I inform the Home Minister? Do you want me to speak to the CM? Send those guys out soon. Release them. Sir? I can prove it, sir. It’s an order. Suspend him. You are suspended. You should actually be dismissed. Fool. We said 20 minutes. But, just 15 minutes bro. Did you get it? You thought you were too smart, right? You are done. You made this day an
unforgettable one in my life. Hereafter, I will make sure that you won’t
forget each and everyday in your life. Abhijith! Come. Yes, dad. Sir. You don’t say anything. First, you go home. Tomorrow is the house warming ceremony. Look into those chores. Sir! Forget about everything. Get yourself busy with some other work. Relax for a bit, sir. Mom! What happened, sir? Subash sir! Uncle. Uncle. Subash… – Madam. He fainted due to shock. What’s all this? Please. Please stay outside.
Please. Calm down. Please let me go inside. Please go out. Please.
Calm down and let us do our job. Come. – Go. Take care. Come in. Now, tell me. Where are you taking us? 1…2…3… Wow! Beautiful! Go… What is this? Who are you? Mom! Who are you guys? Mummy! Mummy… [VIDEO PLAYING]: They bought new house. They must have performed rituals.
Fire accident. That bungalow was far away
in Ganapathi the society. That is why neighbors
didn’t notice and they died. Sir. Sir! My family didn’t die in a fire
accident like you conveyed to the media. They were murdered. I very well know who those criminals are. Okay. Evidence? Hmm? Evidence? Sir…I can prove it. Won’t the murderer know
to destroy the evidence? This case is breaking news in newspapers. Live your life till your last breathe. Otherwise, you’ll also become
breaking news just like them. You will become famous. Register the number ‘5555’.
– Yes, sir. Isn’t the car nice? There is a proverb. When the whole country
runs, we must follow. You might vanish if you try to run alone. Come. Thanks for the car.
– My pleasure. Welcome. Hey! Wait. You must kill a person only once. Go. Chill, dude. Go. You wouldn’t have to see this if
you done what we asked you to. Oh! Am I late? Come and sit. Like always! Yes. Come and meet me with a
proper apology letter. I’ll give you the posting
in the same station. But, you must work without
disturbing anyone. Get it? Go. The car is really good. I love it. Hey, Shiva! Tell him why you spared
one little child in that house. You and that child were left alive. That is because you wouldn’t have a
reason to live after losing everyone. So, I left her alive to
give you a reason to live. You must understand one thing. The girl who grows up in
your house is Parvati. Get lost. Yeah. Okay. Actress Pushpa is coming to file
a complaint on sexual harassment. The entire media has assembled here.
Come… Sit here. I will be back. Sir. You wouldn’t stand like this before
me if you had obeyed my orders. You can never become IPS if you
keep on getting black marks. The agony you had must not
happen even for your enemy. My enemy must feel my agony. I asked you for an apology letter. But, you’re giving me a resignation letter. Have you gone mad? I was mad earlier. I became mad listening to same thing.
‘Obey the orders!’ I’ll get better now. What will you do without the power
of the police after resigning? I can do a lot. I will do the job that I
couldn’t do with uniform. I don’t need the power
of the police for that. I have the intelligence of a cop. Perumal! What is he talking about? Subash! Listen to me. Please. I am not a cop to listen to you. I am public! You are a public servant. You work for salary from the tax we pay. You will do whatever I ask you to. Do you understand? It’s time for you to obey the orders. What? Obey the orders and sit. Hey, Subash. Hey! Shut up and sit. I considered police
station as a sacred place. People like you made it impure. But, people still keep faith in cops. They think it might take
long but not left out. I must kill. Those criminals must be killed. I will not kill them. They will die because of
the way they were nurtured. Are you dubious about how I would do this? Shall I show you a sample? That Collector will come in
search of you in just 5 seconds. He’ll say that his son went missing. Start counting. One… Two… Three… JC! – Sir. Good luck. Subash. Where is my son? Your son hasn’t come here.
– What nonsense! I got a message. I got a message again. My son! This is police station parking. Save my son. Oh, god! Son.
– Bhuvan! My son! – Bhuvan! My son! – Bhuvan! Open the door. Drench the fire. Drench the fire!
Go fast. Save my son.
– Sir…Please. Save my son. Drench the fire. Drench the fire fast. My son! [BLAZING FIRE] Save my son. Sir! Please stay away. My son! Save me. Save my son! Five of you are the best
officers of our department. Do you know why I’ve assigned
this case to you people? The one we’re searching
for was in our department. He knows our department very well. He is not an ordinary person. After all, a Sub-Inspector killed my son. He arrested him and
locked him up in the cell. Now, he burnt him alive. My son! Why haven’t you arrested him yet? We are yet to know about his whereabouts. But he knows very well that
the cops will search for him. We’ve killed, murdered and did many
things for the sake of business. That’s business matter. It was just for money. Someone has threatened
the lives of our sons. I don’t know how to console you. Don’t worry. I will find him. He would not have thought that you’d burn
his entire family for such a tiny thing. We shouldn’t have underestimated him. I will not spare him. I did the same mistake. I let him outburst as his whole
family has been wiped off. He made untraceable call. He jammed the signals. He put ethylene gas in the car. ‘Someone would try to
use fire extinguisher.’ ‘So, he filled up the
extinguisher as well.’ ‘He is not an normal like you think.’ He’s done many crash courses like
forensic and security systems. He knows everything perfectly. And most important thing!
He did this with a perfect plan. Not just that. He challenged me that he’d make
fathers kill their own sons. So, you want us to hide? I’m telling you to be careful. We are in search of him. You are saying that he’d come here. What is this security for? Let him express his views. Don’t create any issue by
doing something on your own. There is procedure for
everything in the department. Subash did that without leaving evidence.
We cannot do anything. If we take action beyond that, The media would hype the news of the
family accident as a planned murder. I think you’re right. We should not do anything in haste. Do one thing. Send a letter to commissioner office
that their lives are in danger. I’ll take care of the rest. Sir, I checked his old
flat and the new house. I couldn’t find him. Sir, we’re tracing down his ID,
credit card and bank details. Security has been tightened so
that he won’t leave the city. No… There is no chance of him
going out of the city. His target is to kill
people within the city. More than protecting these
guys, we must track Subash. Mr. Subash? – Yes. Welcome, sir. MD is waiting for you. Please come. Hi, Subash. Hello, dear. Please come. She’s my wife. Hi. – Hi. Take them inside.
– Please come. I’m sorry for your loss. Did you arrange what all I asked for? Subash! You are killing one by one. Murder for murder! It is like you
are drinking poison by doing that. All the details about my
game plan are in this. Be ready. We shall try to follow legal procedure. Change your decision for the
sake of your wife and that child. I took this decision only
for the sake of that child. Whenever I see her,
I think of the other child. Those criminals are still alive. I must be in Chennai by tomorrow. They’ll stay here for a few days. Take care. Sure. Everyone in this world have an
issue with something, Subash. The world becomes graveyard if
everyone takes revenge like you. Are you thinking that I
am taking revenge on them? I would’ve killed them the very next day
during my visit if that was the case. You know. I joined the department
to punish these offenders. But, the department supports the offenders. What will happen to the
system if this continues? If there exist a strict
punishment to all offenders, They will think again
before committing a crime. That fear must be created! The day a woman can walk
freely on the roads at night. That’s the real independence
and that is what I studied. Today, women are afraid of walking
on roads even during the day. Whatever happened to Parvati
might happen to you as well. You know what they said about the child. You must have the fear that another
Parvati is growing up in your house. Now, tell me. What should I do to them? Tell me, what should I do to them? Kill them, Subash. Kill them all. With pleasure! ♪Waking up in the tunnel at gloomy night♪ ♪Running in the way♪ ♪In search of an answer♪ ♪For the sin of those sinners♪ ♪I will not spare those offenders♪ ♪Until I teach them a lesson♪ ♪I am ready to shut up this pane♪ ♪There is no way for them to escape♪ ♪I will end them for sure♪ ♪I swear♪ ♪Go and handle wherever they are♪ ♪Wherever they are♪ ♪Listen, I am your death♪ ♪Listen, I will take away your lives♪ ♪Wrath in my eyes and outrage in my heart♪ ♪I will become your
trouble and end your world♪ ♪Your remains will be
vanished from this world♪ ♪I will become your
trouble and end your world♪ ♪Your remains will be
vanished from this world♪ We miss you, Bhuvan. It would’ve been nice if Bhuvan was here. Cheers. – Cheers. Can we trust Sampath? Should we send some of
our men to find Subash? Definitely. We have to do something. Let’s hire some professionals. We shall be sincere too if Sampath
and his departments work sincerely. Let it be. We might get into trouble
by hiring professionals. Let Sampath handle it. [PHONE RINGING] Tell me, Mr. Alex. She didn’t prepare well for NEET exam. I have published the news. – Okay. But, unfortunately that
girl is still alive. It’ll be a black mark for our
magazine if this news spreads out. Reputation is important to us.
Make it real. Kill that girl. Sir? Do what I say. Sir. [PUB MUSIC] This is Kiran speaking from Cyber crime. The credit card we were in search
of was swiped in Bangalore. He’s definitely in Bangalore, sir. Okay. Subash is in Bangalore. Are you sure? – Yes. Contact Kiran and do accordingly. – Okay. Hey, Deepak. Hey… What are you doing? Leave me…Leave me. Hey…What are you doing?
Please… Please leave me.
Please… I please you. Forgive me. Leave me… No…No! Hey…please leave me. Leave me. Forgive me. Forgive me. No…No!
I will die… Leave me… You have one hour. Your friend Christy should be here. You will have to think about how he
comes and what you’d say to bring him. No chance! I will not call him no matter what you do. Then, you are good for nothing. Your body will turn into
pieces if I reverse this car. He will come to watch that. No. No… No…don’t do that. I will try. I will try. I will try. Let me try. Please. Hey Deepak, where are you? Are you okay? I am fine. I found a place. You come there and do not bring the cops. Subash is tracing the cops. We’d be safe there. Just come. Come fast. Do not discuss with anyone. Just follow the location. Okay, buddy. Oh…shit. Capture him. Let’s go.
– Go. You cannot find my son even if you kill me. Will my son come if I talk? Don’t be stupid I say. Tell me, how much money you want? Let’s finish it. Don’t think too much. Tell me. How much will you give? Two crores. That’s all? Five crores. So, the cost of a life is five crores. Hey… My phone… We just followed their commands. We are not aware of anything. Forgive us, sir. Do you have five crores? You don’t have it, right? Hush. Yes, daddy. Christy! Start immediately
and bring five crores. I’ll share the location with you. Why at this hour, daddy? What happened? Do what I say. Come soon and bring five crores. And don’t inform anybody. Come. Okay, daddy. Will my son come if you call him? When did I ask him to come? You asked him to come. Yes, daddy. Christy! Start immediately
and bring five crores. I’ll share the location with you. Hey…Hey! Hey… You could’ve asked for
more money that you need. I would throw some money for you. Why did you do this drama? I know. Everything has
a price in this world. Daddy, where are you? Daddy? Christy… – Daddy. Don’t come here. Run away! Christy. Daddy! What happened?
– Christy! Listen to me. What is this? Who tied you up? Listen to me. Don’t do this. Wait.
– Who did this to you? Christy… – Daddy. Hush! What you said is right. Everything has a price. Your son’s life is five crores, right? You take the money. Give me your son’s life. Hey…Hey… Listen to me… Hey…Wait… Hey…What are you doing? Wait. You cannot do that. Christy… Deepak… Deepak! What happened, Deepak? Deepak! Christy! Christy… I gave you the money.
Why are you shouting? Hey, I’ll kill you. Listen to me. Leave him alone… [NOTIFICATION] Christy… Gopi! I’ve shared the location. Go and check what is happening there. Something’s wrong. Hey… Gopi! Subash has taken away my son and Deepak. Save them. Hey… What’s that? Where are you going?
You cannot leave me like that. Abhijith is safe. We all might lose our heirs
if Subash isn’t caught soon. Madam! Have you seen this person? Sir! He checked out 2 days ago and left.
– Thank you, madam. Sir, we found the place
where Subash stayed. For the past two days, he has stayed here. It’s confirmed. He must’ve travelled by road. Subash should catch the flight
from Bangalore to Chennai, sir. Within an hour, he will be in Chennai, sir. Okay. Tell me, sir. Subash will be at the
airport in an airport. Arrest him unofficially. Got it, sir. Don’t lose. – Yes, sir. [FLIGHT LANDING] Come with me without creating any fuss. Hey! Drop the gun. Hey! Don’t shoot. – Drop the gun. I am a cop… Collector’s son died in
a fire accident in car. The police arrested a
suspected person today. The arrest at the airport
created chaos among the public. There was disturbance at the
airport regarding this issue. Can’t you do a simple job properly? I did plan it well but
he suddenly did that. Come on. Let’s start recording. He burnt my son alive. Why are you talking to him lethargically? You know about the police treatment, right? I don’t understand. Why did you use Page maker? Are you asking me? I haven’t done that. Look how he is lying. He is acting. You kidnapped two people
and burnt 5 people alive. You have shared the
location using our system. You killed those five people
with a purpose, right? Oh! So, this is the matter. Do one more thing. Put blame on me that I am
running a party for the election. I accept money from businessmen
for that and took help from goons. Why are you laughing? We know very well that you have done this. Accept your mistake. Is there any evidence? What’s the proof? Have you come here qualified
or simply became a cop? Subash! Sir! I couldn’t do anything without
evidence when I arrested those guys. But, my family died in a fire accident. I resigned my job as a cop and came
to Chennai from Mumbai to find a job. He created drama at the
airport and arrested me. That’s it. I don’t know anything else. Hey, I’ll bang you to death. Calm down. Damn this guy! He is lying. He’s playing a game with you. What are you doing? Bang him to death. There is no use in killing him. My priority is to find
about Christy and Deepak. I think about this guy later. Sir. Yes? Subash went to Bangalore and there is an evidence
that he stayed in a software company for 2 days. We found CCTV footage. Do I look like crazy fellow? He took away both of them in my presence. Where have you kept them both? Two people close to you are missing, So, you’re trying to
frame me as the abductor. Are they alive or dead? I promised to you. I won’t kill anyone. That means they’re still alive. I don’t know, sir. Listen, you are in my custody You can’t do anything. I’m alone here. But, I’m one among the public. You have the entire police force. Do whatever you can. – Damn you! Sir! Their fathers want to speak to him. Where is my son? Where did you hide him? Is he alive? If anything happens to my son… Did you open a ticket counter outside? Everyone who comes in
asks the same question. I feel like torture. Ask them to turn off camera. Sir! Turn off the cameras. I need to speak to him. Listen to him. Good. I’ll kill you right here. A person can be killed only
once and I am already dead. But, if I were slightly touched,
the two boys would be gone. Your sons will remain
alive if you listen to me. You gave a statement to the
media when you killed my family. That was an accident. Now, you will give a statement
that Shiva’s death was an accident. You idiot! Will you order
me what to tell the media? Nonsense! I don’t think he is concerned
about your sons’ lives. No. Not at all! Why are you talking to them? Talk to me. DCP sir, I have two ants in my hand. What will you answer if I ask
you whether they are dead or not? I will open my hand and show
if you say that they’re dead. You will see them alive. But, if you say that they’re alive… …I will let them be in my hands. So, you should stop questioning
me and do not expect me to answer. He is crossing his limits. Subash! You are crossing your limits. He doesn’t understand. I hope you love your sons. He is right. It is about my son’s life. So, let me handle this. Tell me what you want. Gopi bro! Who? Me? Your name is Gopi, right? Go fast and get me two Chicken biryanis. I haven’t eaten well for two days. Go fast and come back soon. I don’t think they are
concerned about your sons. You tell him. Please. Please. Gopi. – Sir. Listen! Don’t poison the food. The ants would die. I want a television. I must watch DCP’s interview. Sir! Please, sir.
Tell us something about the incident. You were called to tell the truth
about Collector’s son death. It is confirmed that
it was a fire accident. Forensic report says so. Exhaust pipe was unwired
which caused his death. That is why we couldn’t
control the fire in the car. Excuse me, sir. Hey! That is Subash’s lawyer. Why is Subash under your custody? Who are yu?
– I am Subash’s lawyer. You have arrested him at
the airport at gunpoint. What was the reason for his arrest? Which section? Any details? I should talk to media
if you cannot answer me. We suspect him of kidnapping two people.
That is why we arrested him. Interrogation is going on. Will you have Biryani? Is he alive or not? I want to see him. He’ll be produced at court tomorrow. You can meet him there. Sir…One more question. You cannot do anything about that lawyer. Listen, Gopi. Yes, sir. Media is asking too many questions. We have to handle this case
carefully, hereafter. Produce him at court tomorrow. Get permission for 8 days remand for
kidnapping two people. – Okay, sir. Let me see how he escapes. Tell me now. Where is my son? Where did you hide him? You decide and tell me.
Whose son should I talk about? You or he? First me. Please, sir. – Tell me
about my son. – Okay. Don’t fight. I will give you one number. Whoever gets the line first… I will talk about their son. 99520… 1298. You’ve given only 9 digits. You should find out the tenth digit. Hello, Deepak! This is your dad speaking. Are you my father? I’ve been searching for
you since childhood. Tell me your address and I will come there. I will come. Shit. Wrong number. Christy. Hello. Christy? Come to me directly.
Why do you keep saying Christy? Hello.
– Christy. My son! Where are you? Save me. – Where?
Christy! It’s me. He is the winner. Christy first! Christy! Give me the phone. Give me the phone first. Hello, Christy! Where are you? Uncle!
– Christy, don’t panic… Uncle! Subash kidnapped me.
– Where are you speaking from? Tell me the location first. Christy! Give the phone to him. Christy. – Dad. Dad, I’m afraid. Don’t be afraid. Tell me where you are. Tell me to do what I say. Do what I say. It is very gloomy here, dad. Ask him to clap twice. Clap, dear. Clap! Dad, the lights are on now. Ask him where Deepak is? Hey! Hush. A red color bag would be there. Ask him to take that and do what I say. He’ll be gone if he tries to act smart. Is there a red color bag there? Yes, dad. Pick that. The door has a number lock, dad. Number lock? His code! That is ‘4455’. 4455. The door opened, dad. Son! Did you come out? Yes, dad. I came out. Ask him to go to the airport immediately. My friend Anitha will meet him there. Tell him not to hang up until I say. You go to the airport. Okay. Gopi, you be here. Check all the departing flights. Find out ticket booked
in the name of Anitha. Have you reached the airport? Where are you now? I’m near gate 3, dad. Go to gate 1. I have come near gate 1. There is passport, ID card,
flight ticket and all in that bag. Ask him to show that to
security and go inside. There is passport, ID card, flight ticket and all
in that bag. Show to the security and go inside. I have come inside, dad. He went inside. Ask him to wait near
check-in counter for Anitha. Ask him to hand over the
bag to her and leave. Ask him to do whatever is said. Have you come inside? Yes, daddy. Is anyone following you? No, dad. Are there police and public around? No one. So, you’re safe! Our guys will be there in a while. Okay, dad. Listen to me. You blackmail me to torture my son. I’m not going to leave you. Do what I say.
– Hey, shut up. Why should I listen to you? My son is safe at the airport. Dad! Do not spare him
no matter what happens. End him. Christy… What’s that sound? What’s that beep sound? Christy. Christy! What are you doing? What’s that sound, Christy? Christy. Christy! What’s that sound? Christy. Hey, Christy. Hands up! Drop the gun.
Drop the gun I say. Christy. Hey! Drop the gun. Drop the gun!
Drop it. [FIRING] Christy… What happened…? What happened?
– Hey, Christy! Hello! Talk to me, Christy. Christy… [NEWS]: ‘Flash news!
There was a shootout at Chennai airport.’ No!
Relax… I already told you to listen to me.
You’ve killed your own son now. See what happened now.
Everyone make him understand. Hey! What happened…? Relax…
– What happened, sir? Get some water. Hey! [NEWS]: ‘The soldiers weren’t
planning to kill him.’ ‘But, he took out the
gun and started firing.’ ‘Our commandos shot him
dead as a defensive step.’ Daddy! Did you hear that? Subash did it all. I can’t keep quiet now. He is under police custody. How can he do that? Why did Christy fire at the airport? You don’t understand, dad. Christy is not a fool to
carry gun to the airport. My lord! Suspect Subash has arrested four
guys and locked them up when he was SI. In fact, he even threatened to kill them. We suspect that he kidnapped
two of them and killed one. We still aren’t aware of
the other guy’s whereabouts. I guess this kind of situation
would happen with that guy as well. I request permission from the
court until Deepak is found. Subash should be kept in remand for a week. This is my sincere request. Do you have something to say? My lord! Everything is dubious
for the public prosecutor. They think that the person went
missing was killed by Subash. They arrested Subash at the
airport like a terrorist. After an hour, DCP and Joint Commissioner gave a
statement that this guy died in fire accident. They blamed him for
kidnapping two other guys. One of them was caught roaming around
public at the airport with a gun. This is breaking news for tomorrow. You must have seen. Police needs Subash in custody. It is clear that supreme officers
have pressure in the department. I request not to put
Subash in police custody. Mr. Subash came here by flight
from Bangalore to Chennai. His flight ticket and
video footage are in this. I want the right evidence for everything. There is no proof on your favor. First try to find the guy who went missing. That is your duty. I give you one week to interrogate him. No one should hit him until then. Understood? Okay, madam. I will not hit you because
we were restricted to do so. I know how to handle that
case after killing you. I’ll give you an hour. Save him if you can. Hey!
Deepak. Deepak! Sir…lt is Deepak. Deepak… See this, sir. We’re unable to track this, sir. You all are Cyber Crime experts. Who will trace him if you cannot do it? This programme seems to
be very complicated, sir. We can hire some illegal hackers. Legal or illegal! Just trace him.
I just want to trace him. Everyone start working on it. Sir! Hackers! Okay, please take your bench. In our country, rape has become daily news. Everyone updates his or her
status on social media about law. They say that rapist
should be killed if found. Those who said that are
being given a chance now. One of the criminals, who raped and murdered
many girls, is in front of you now. Listen to his confession. My three friends and me killed this girl. We raped and murdered Parvati. IP address keeps changing every second. Press this button if you
want to punish this guy. Don’t be scared. No one can harm you. Uncle! I have sent the link of a game. Download it and share it. – Okay. I have sent you the link of a game. Download it and share it. He’ll be punished for what
he did to our daughter. I got a chance to punish a rapist. I am sending you a game. Download and check it. Share this video on social media. Oh, no. What happened? The links keep disconnecting. I don’t think that these
people can tackle this problem. I don’t care about the money. I can get somebody from abroad to do this. Don’t you have common sense, sir? Excuse me? – What? Do you know what gas
is set beside your son? Hydrofluoric acid with potassium light! Your son’s body will be gone due to gas
before you get any international hackers. The gas keeps leaking
when we play this game. That rapist will die soon. We got a chance to kill this
rapist who is a murderer online. Let’s finish him. Oh, God! People started playing the game. The gas started leaking. Block the website at least if
you cannot find his location. Sir, the IP address is
changing every second. We can track the IP address of
people who log in to that website. Are you giving technical excuse
or you cannot find it at all? Sir, he created that game
with the same technology. Neither can we get him or do anything. It’s not possible for him to do this alone. Someone is helping him with this game. I know how to make him speak. You are in trouble
because of his stupidity. I don’t know anything. Oh! Gopi. – Okay, sir. No. Sir…Please do not hit him. Please do not hit him. Sir, please. No, Anitha. Your safety is important to me
more than anything else, Subash. I am sorry. No. Anitha! Listen to me. Anitha, wait. Find out Deepak’s whereabouts
and inform me. – Okay. I know what to do with him. No one can play the game if we
hack the entire city, right? The setting was programmed in such a way that gas
chamber blasts when people log out after logging in. At least find out who is helping him. I am also trying. I will find him. Gosh! This place looks scary. Is it the building? Come. No idea where we are led.
– Come fast. Which way? Is it this way or that way? Tell me.
Which way? Madam! Sir is having trouble breathing. You’ve brought him to the 6th floor. We could’ve discussed
it on the ground floor. Stop nagging and leave. – Okay, sir. You tell me where he is. Hey, Deepak. Hey… Open the door. Hey. Hey…open the door. Open the door. Hey! This is wrong. I cannot play this game. Will you say this if it
happened to your sister? What’s the use of this? Go and mind your own business. ‘Rapists like him should be
punished in that manner.’ ‘That’s when they will change.’ ‘You’re right.
We should not keep them alive.’ Sir! If we can block the IP
addresses that are being logged in, We can find out where
it is getting operated. Then, we can track the
IP address and reach him. This is our only way, sir. Munshi! What are you doing? Do something and open the door. Be patient. I will do
something and open the door. Pick up a heavy thing and open the door. Did you find something? I got it, sir. I got it. Make it fast and open the door. Don’t be scared, sir. I will open the door. I will kill you after coming out. Don’t get tensed, sir. What are you doing? Sir! I am not escaping the work. I am finding a way to save you.
Do not worry, sir. Sir! Do something. Don’t worry…everything will be all right. Sir, shall I talk to Subash? Okay, sir. What you’re doing is not right, Subash. Aren’t you anguished of
doing such a brutal murders? I promised that their fathers
would kill those four offenders. I am unhappy because I couldn’t kill
those rapists and murders on my own. I am worried about that. Say whatever you want but at the end
of the day, you are in my custody. Remember that. I know that I am under your custody. I also know that I am
safe under your custody. Anitha is also safe. You cannot do anything to us.
I know that too. Hey! What nonsense! Your daughter is a teenage girl. What if her video comes out in the public? Hey! Subash! You raise your hand when
it is about your daughter. Aren’t you concerned
about other’s daughters? Hey! Tell me what you’ve done to my daughter. What can I do? I am under your custody. You can forget about your daughter if
you do not go home within 10 minutes. [PHONE]: ‘We are getting a busy tone.’ Hey! What did you do? What have you done with my daughter? Just 10 minutes! Subash! What happened, sir? What happened? Yes! I got the address, sir. I got the address. – Give me the address. Building no.11, near city mall, OMR! Appu…
– Wait…I am coming. Where is Appu?
– What happened? Appu. Why do you look tensed?
What happened? – Appu… Tell me. – Appu!
Why are you tensed? Appu! Where is your phone?
– Why are you shouting? Dad! Why didn’t you attend my call? You phone is not reachable. What are you saying? I don’t understand. Dad. This game is crime. Do you want the part of this killing? Stop playing.
– I know what I am doing. – Appu! Dad! Will you leave it of it was I
instead of that girl in that video? Just one honest answer, daddy! Appu… Wait, dear. Listen to me. We have decoded your encryption. Do you think we cannot block the game for
10 minutes by reaching the security wall? You have made out a brilliant plan. You shouldn’t have given a
chance of 10-minute loophole. Operation is a success. But, patient is dead. Shit! This system is hacked as well. Don’t let anybody
leave the premises. Beware and not go near that box. Deepak! Deepak! Deepak. Deepak… Deepak! Sir! I am here too. Sir. Deepak. Sir! I am here.
Sir… My son! Sir! Stop.
Don’t do that. Deepak! He killed. He killed. He has killed as he said. I’m the only one left. He’ll kill me too. My son. – Shit! Don’t touch me. Just do something. Hello. How is he killing everyone
while he’s under police custody. You couldn’t do anything to him. I know what to do with him. Clear his case and let him out. I will take care of it. I am not your servant to obey
your orders and do what you say. You don’t order me. Hello, Commissioner sir. You’ll never change. You have arrested him without evidence. You search for evidence
after locking him up. Leave. Do not waste court’s time. Greetings, sir. [PHONE RINGING] JC sir. Perumal. – Sir. Hand over the phone to Subash. Speak. Tell me. Don’t think that you escaped,
as we do not have evidence. You were brought to the court because
they want to finish you at the court. I suggest, just be careful. I appreciate your help.
I will take care of the rest. You go, sir. Subash. You go. You’re over! Even God cannot save you. I don’t know about God
but Abhijith saved me. Don’t you understand? I automatically scheduled and saved
those gang rape videos on my cloud. The videos will leak if I
do not stop within one hour. You only have one hour. You know what media can do. The image you built in the
society will tarnish in a jiffy. Dad, he is lying. There is no chance of
him having those videos. Can’t I do this when I
could do other things? Your friend Deepak who is dead, I saved them all with his number. I can show you if you want. Give me your phone. There’s no time. I must stop it manually. You were under police
custody all these days. I asked them to take you out. You’re saying that the video
will spread in an hour. Nothing will happen even
if you leak those videos. Correct. I was under custody till now. But, you got me out. You gave me a chance to activate
it by giving your phone. Dad! Let’s end him here. Hey! Why do speak in front of elders? That is not good manners. Those videos are of no use. We are ready to face any problem. But, you won’t stay alive. Hey! What’s this?
What are you doing? Great friendship! Abhijith! Take the car. What is this? Have you gone crazy? I will not let 5-minute video spoil
my Business Empire and reputation. We shall kill him after ceasing the video. Don’t do anything until then. Understood? Fast… [NEWS]: ‘Flash news!’ ‘Shocking videos associated with
Parvati’s case are to be released.’ ‘The ones who made this video is unknown
and he’d send them from his number.’ Hey! Make it fast… Hey! Tell me. Open it. Why are you shouting? [NEWS]: ‘Lakhs of people
have downloaded this video.’ ‘Cops are in search of that
person who made these videos.’ Abhijith. Abhijith! Where are you? Abhijith. Hey! Hey, where are you going? Hey! Where is Abijith? Abhijith! Dad! Save me… Dad…Save me. Dad…Dad…Save me. Dad! Save me. Dad…Save me. – Abhijith. Dad… Save me, dad. Dad.
Hey! – Save me. Dad… Save me. You said that it took 30 – 35 years
to build this reputation, right? But, you got only 2 minutes
to save that reputation. Do you love your son or your
reputation in the society? You have to make a decision. Stop it. Have you understood? I told you to stop it. I cannot do that. But, you can stop it if you want to. It will stop if you press this button. Come. Dad… Dad! Save me. Dad…Save me, dad. Dad. Dad! Save me. Hey! Save me, dad. Save me, dad. Dad… Dad! Save me. Dad! Abhijith. Abhijith… Get up, son. Get up, son. Get up. I gave you a chance to be a
good father for one last time. You missed it. But, there’s something I like about you. You fostered your son with good thought. You also killed him with a good thought. [MEDIA]: ‘The prime suspects in the Chennai
rape case have been murdered mysteriously.’ ‘The cops are trying to
find out who did this.’ Sir, a complaint was filed
on them just five days ago. But, someone has already killed them. Sir, your posting at this
place happened 2 days ago. Four people went missing and some
were dead during this period. What are you going to say about it, sir? The law will take its course. The law will do its work. You keep saying that while
these murders happen. Sir. Sir. What will you say about it? The law will take its course.


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