USD Votes promotes student voting and civic engagement on campus

so we’re doing a couple of things here
at this event tonight probably the most important thing is we’re just trying to
register as many students as we can voting is hard for young people it’s
hard to learn, it’s a lot of paperwork, it’s a lot of new information, it’s something
that because we are places of learning we are uniquely capable of scaffolding
and helping people develop those good civic habits so it’s important to USD
that we’re doing this. I’m from Accra Ghana and Nigeria but I would go I grew up in Georgia I’m very passionate about being a part of this country in this
government and a citizen and I just want to give that same passion to my peers
and my friends however I can. I talk to my peers all the time I know that
everyone’s got an opinion about something everyone’s equally impacted by
governments in different ways so it’s really nice to you know be able to help
them have their voice and their opinions heard

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