Until Death or Until Divorce || KADRIAN THOMAS

will you take this man to be your lawful
wedded husband this woman to be your lawful wedded wife I do for richer for
poorer for better for worse in sickness and in health to love and to cherish to
have and to hold till death do us part I do usually those are some of the most
sentimental words you can hear at a marriage ceremony but it begs the
question at times when a couple is going through hardships in their relationship
it is as if they throw those sentimental words out the window they forget that
before they actually got well that if you ask them do you understand that he
will need your understanding and patience it would have been I do
do you understand she needs your affection I do do you understand it’s no
longer my money but our money I do but that I do sometimes turn into I don’t
when sickness arise or please hold me instead of I do I won’t do you love me I
don’t instead of I do and so instead of till death do us part it is actually
till divorce do we part and when the ugly side of your partner begins to show
it ugly head through traits of character that you did not recognize during dating
and courtship it may become easy for you to just throw in the towel but I want
you to take a trip down memory lane if you’re at a place in your relationship
right now where you’re deciding that you don’t want to stick it out you don’t
want to remain in the relationship you don’t want to commit any longer until
death do us part but on to the divorce I want you to
reminisce and remember when you looked in his eyes when you looked into her
eyes and when you promised her those beautiful words for better for worse for
richer for poorer in sickness and in health till death do us part because at
that time you weren’t thinking about divorce you weren’t thinking about till
divorce do we part and you know the simple difference between you saying
till death do us part or until divorce could mean that you
actually practice what you promised because those were some
amazing words and how do you practice what you actually promised there are some
practical things that you can do for example if your partner likes to have
more sex then have more sex if they like appreciation write them a note if they
like gifts buy them one if they want more time with you carve out the time if
they need attention and affection give it outside and a part of the lovemaking
because that could be the simple difference in you saying till death or
till divorce do we part if your spouse is going to know anything about
affection sympathy empathy understanding kindness or intimacy you will have to be
consistent in practicing what you actually promised on your wedding day
even when they are irrational and when the baggage they carry creates a tension
in the relationship between both of you by being consistent with what you do
could become a powerful tool for you saving your marriage relationship and so
instead of onto the divorced do we part it will remain till death do us part so
practice what you promised on your wedding day
so that your marriage can last so that your relationship can last so that you
can have a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship that you can reminisce and
look back at after 25 30 or even 50 years of marriage so instead of till
divorce do we part it until death do us part remember to leave a
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