Unique Diamond Engagement Rings Settings/Designs, Bespoke Engagement Ring For Women

hi everyone in this video we’ll be
showing you five unique diamond engagement ring designs if you need some
inspiration for special and unique diamond ring designs this is the perfect
video for you over here I have a round brilliant super ideal cut
diamond on a halo pave setting on the side of the band you will notice that
next to the mini diamonds there are some milgrain patterns in rose gold giving
the band a special touch and unique style from the top view it looks like a
classic halo diamond engagement ring design with a very brilliant and fiery
diamond as the centerpiece the main diamond is being supported by double
prongs at its four corners giving the ring a more vintage and antique style
from the side of the Ring this is where you get to see the hidden beauty and
uniqueness of this setting it has a Rose Bowl flower petal basket supporting the
halo and intricate filigree diamond ring designs underneath the band the inner ring is
done in rose gold with milgrain patterns creating a beautiful contrast this is
another unique diamond ring design and it has two horses which is
holding on to the prong head so you can see the horse’s iron rose both to add a
bit of contrast and you can even see the smallest details like the hooves of the
horses here and even the ears and in the middle here that’s a beautiful blue
sapphire which adds a bit of contrast alright from the top this is how it
looks like with a super ideal cut so you can just see how brilliant and sparkling
the diamond is and on the side here there’s some diamonds and blue sapphires
of alternating on a pave setting next up is a classic solitaire diamond
ring designs we did something very special on the site profile view of the
Ring where we made these wavy filigree patterns in rose gold and combined it
with an inner rose gold milgrain ring these filigree patterning can be
customized to any shape or design that you prefer we can do them with your
initials making a ring one-of-a-kind along the side view of the band there
are some mini diamonds as well to give the ring some extra bling if you’re
looking for plain classic solitaire diamond ring setting but something still
unique and special this is the design that you might want to go for this is a
very stunning micro pave twist diamond ring design with hot shaped tip prongs
when we look carefully on the side of the band you’ll notice that the pave
band is tapered thick to thin towards the main diamond giving the ring a more
organic and feminine appearance on the side profile it has a stunning in a rose
gold pave ring with a spiral underneath the diamond
overall this accentuated the main diamond really well because you can
really see the main diamond floating in the middle even though there’s a lot of
spirals and twists going on this is definitely one of my favorite diamond ring settings
where it makes the ring look very elegant and definitely very very
special this is another bespoke engagement ring design and is the last
ring that I’m gonna show in this video the ring is made in white and rose gold
it has a micro pave prong head in a flower design where the six prong
stretches out from half of the inner ring is made in rose gold and is done in
a pave style with these mini diamonds while the other half is milgrain the
bottom part of the ring has white gold lace pattern designs and
this is definitely one of the most unique diamond engagement ring design
that you can go for so I hope you guys enjoyed this video where I managed to
inspire you on some very unique engagement ring settings that you can
customize for your partner I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you need
any help on your engagement ring designs or customizations feel free to drop us a
call or email us at [email protected] thank you for watching

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