UN ARGENTINO Regresa a ARGENTINA Después de 25 AÑOS | La Mudanza a Argentina y Problemas con Aduana

well good afternoon everyone here I am
back with my dad daniel we are continuing with the story of his life
episode number 12 13 13 13 cream and we know where it goes
they are so many and so often that we are already lost but well if you go
following the series they will be given account that the previous government and this
when it appears they haven’t seen it that the number out there doesn’t have much
importance where we had been ok well in the last video I wonder
to make him talk a little they saw because yes no no no but tell your story
I listen to your story and learn about your life in the last episode you told
about the birth of his three daughters in montreal i’m also building the
hotel and as you were still living in Canada sending money to Argentina
from montreal and the project was going advancing little by little but of a
moment when they decided to do moving but more than anything also for
the issue that as I said I I was feeling pretty bad about the
column and activity that was carrying on was very harmful
the doctors had said leave that because will end up in a wheelchair as well
good then my brother too already he had returned to canada he had
married in argentina and came with his with his wife so I said let’s do a
this thing you stay here we are going to reverse the roles now when you
you were there lot sent money Now I’m leaving and I’m going to do the same
that I did when I was here so the moving of this began to be planned
it was in the year 94 95 and 124 we give ourselves 1994 I was less than the Turkish president and well the move in canada was prepared
it was not easy because they saw moving out of one end of the world to the other and
taking all personal things and there was a law that said everyone
those Argentines who had received abroad more than two years
everyone had the right to enter the country your household items and a vehicle
for each person over 21 years of age they will return the vehicle could not pass
the 10,000 US dollars of price and my wife had also
made the residence to go live in the argentina so we had filled all
the papers through the consulate in the Argentine consulate of Toronto
we hired a company they brought a 42-foot container the big one and I
had bought two used vans two 8 suburbans with diesel engines for
take them too because we were going to need there on the mountain so
well the day came that we had to take the vehicles to where it is loaded
the container put them first entered the queue and the second entered face
or both tubes stared at each other into the container and up there
a wooden platform was built for put more boxes and more vehicles and this
in the room I would do it that’s not a company where the company let’s say that
was responsible for doing all the packing of the container and give a house with a
truck and took all the boxes of we had to carry the vehicles
us personally and it’s super difficult because once one enters a
vehicle of that inside a container you can’t open the door so
I had to go out the window I went out the window and how can you and leave
the key must be disconnected connect the battery and very little
fuel can carry in the tank We bought the insurance in case something happened
the container went from montreal to the new york city by land in
truck and in new york what you do goes in a ship the shipping company without
zym concept without line if we load everything what we have
and what we did with the girls we went from montreal to peru
encourages the language we stay how much time has shown in Lima there was a
very marriage wedding we live there married his mother’s frog
and at the same time we made time to give the boat to
that comes to Argentina because if not we were going to arrive and
we had what we had the suitcases nothing else we had nothing indigent this
from Peru we flew to Buenos Aires wine my mother in law with us to join us
from there we went by bus tie fat this trip I don’t remember not only
I remember the first night or maybe last night in buenos aires in the
hotel yes there was a demonstration when there were drums there was no
there was quilombo we were in the street tacuarí and there is near constitution already
midnight but be a quilombo of that but drum bombs roar bombs
nobody could sleep and from there we went the bus terminal and
we left in withdrawal bus we agreed on
at that time there was no ‘low cost’ and these steel issues line apart yes
we took the plane we had to get to the city of cordoba and from there
transport us again to the areas where were we then we
It was better to get on the bus because he didn’t leave us in town
and it was much more convenient there we took a taxi and went to
up and good in Argentina too already was my foster mom waiting for us and
with the adopted child also that we had created the state in
Argentina and we arrived and well we arrived at a property that virtually everyone
wild work everywhere and they were the two houses and we settled as
we could and wait for him to arrive container finally
there was no phone at that time they were still just installing the
phones with the menem government that they brought phone and gave everyone to
everyone who wanted a phone but they were not doing the
facilities in the area we we were so every time we had to
giving on the phone was a drama because you had to go find where there was a
phone to call the company in buenos aires to see what happened to him
ship the ship turned out to grabbed a storm out there by the caribbean sea and
they had to change everyone containers to another ship in
kingston i believe in jamay that did that transshipment and was delayed a lot of
time so well finally we they call and tell us that day will come
the container have to be for receive it in buenos aires i went with me
wife the girls stayed with my mother in law my foster mom on the property and my
wife and me by bus are buenos aires the
container had arrived and they had taken to the tax deposit there in the
mouth we have to go there to do the subject from
other things I had already hired a Cordoba company were they a
transport company to send a truck and they were waiting there
something from the container thing we would have we were loading in the truck and we were leaving like this
what I said and done we started according to the issue of what time and
let’s go and we get to the tax deposit they were like
half past three in the afternoon I remember a patio all of mud and full of
containers we went to the office and the first problem I had was with the
owner the tax deposit operator I says to you you don’t have to pay 1,300
dollars to deconsolidate give you nice words deconsolidate take out the
more fawn inside things and I paid in canada and they told me that is paid
is that the container arrived at your destination
then yes no no you guys they reported badly that this than the other for
not be very a fight and an argument to In the end he lowered it and I had to pay 800
dollars to be able to make use of tax deposit we were making
he tells me well now he has to go to customs and there they will open the container
going to go a customs inspector are going to open the container this I tell you and
if you can sit with your family whole with the boys with the new
generations like that are learning and it they are realizing how they were and
Maybe things will be in Argentina we grab go to the office I speak there
with a capo I will not tell you the name because it’s not worth telling me if we go
to open the container and this guy sends to an assistant and the assistant led to
another assistant that is the assistant he carried a notebook and a pencil in the
hand and the helper asks you brought the cutter tells you similar view scooter
the plastic utility knife they use to cut well we get to
where is our container and we check with the ballots of
shipment the container has a seal that is
as a tape can be plastic it can be metal that has a number and
have to match the number that is in the bile and not from transport and
he tells me let’s cut the seal we check the numbers how short it opens
the container and well there they were all things true grab and behind the
last truck of a lot of boxes also large boxes of the grab type and
he tells the other past and cutter tells him the little knife king but a box and
outside in the mud does not cut the tape and start to open and start to take off
items per item in the view box and left it lying like that in the mud more and
all true to see this to see this I grabbed an article this is new what
had carried a bag that still it had the price of a rope that had
bought to tie on the roof of the pickup and maybe if I needed to put
something on the roof to tie and that one had the price
it was sealed off the track and I grab it and as the other note to notes said this is
new this can’t come in because it’s a new product said I tell you well
here we start and a box opens for me scattered everything was about to go away to
rain also I say chef hung up on me it took six months to pack all these
boxes you are going to check a box one for one 25 years ago I say in canada
I’m bringing things from my home as they say the law stipulates and
perfect and tell me with that little voice typical to see although he tells me and says no
you want me to check what you bring from electronics tells me to see it the
electronics I bring a TV one in that time was a videocassette of
vih a bhs and i bring the kitchen refrigerator did not bring me say well tell me if not
Do you want us to check you out? So just tell me about 500 dollars
I say if I don’t bring anything illegal at 500 dollars if you don’t tell me look I’m going
to explain one thing he tells us already we cut the container seal and
We close here at 4:30, so in an hour we close and as at
seal is already cut we are not responsible for anything in the merchandise
which is inside this container and I he says and you know that what they are
working and circling around here are Brabo tells me don’t follow him I know how
the guys operate if I told them no no I give you nothing, the container told me well
today the seal is not cut and the next day I went and found nothing
nobody has chanted everything for sure so I say but I revere your mother’s son
you saw now you see I say well it’s fine this one grabbed me got me not
I have exit I say ok with who I have that talk come and tell me let’s go to the
office takes me to the office and we go to place where the old man was first
who received me and he tells her here the man we fix says with 500
passenger categories I don’t know what all those stories that
they have there in the old man was sitting so with the legs up on the desk
this one of you will not believe what I’m telling you, I remember
swell the vein of the cogote January I took the pill the pressure before doing the
video with doubts and it was there and a huge office full of people for everyone
sides and he tells me well he tells me ok and he I say well, yes, but where are we going to
go I say this has to take me to a little room where nobody sees me is not
true I have to give 500 dollars on his side no no a box tells me here
grab five 100 dollar bills you I put them on the table I grab them
He opened the desk drawer and had one of those metal cans where
the cookies come, you see those cans round it opened so the yen there is
the area up there along there inside is wrong
grab seal grab the vile papers online and transport papers frees the knight from the merchandise
the pin said they saw what I of 25 years in the canal nobody ever had me
asked for a kick in this country and as soon as I screw up in the Argentine Republic
as the investor we were like to try to do something did you see around the country and
you feel what to say but it will be possible that nothing has changed in 25 years like that
how good we start to get things done on truck was there next I have to
make a mention even though they went many years ago to the
córdoba transport company and that name yes I will say it because when
you have to say things and you have the merit must be told and recognize the
offer was called the company of cordoba transport but they had offices
in Buenos Aires that was the offer and we loaded
all in the truck and with the rush and with the mess and with madness not even
we made a list of what we loaded in the truck took things on
truck left and not a paper in hand nothing if they wanted to have
disappeared with all the merchandise what they could have done there was no
no collection of the fact but the
things to córdoba and I didn’t miss even even a shoelace swims and
excellent also congratulations and a total honesty pleasure to transported
well he took the first truck from container back and I see that one of
the doors are supported it had hit in transport trucks
they are true I have to call the insurance company because you
they say if something happens you have to call to the insurance company then where
there is a phone and the click was already gone inside they left me only once
that garpe the 500 dollars did not give me more dollars then was the office
knocked on the door is tata was the one I had taken out the 500 dollars with the
pasta still iron the writer me I tell you please where there is a phone
motorcycle to make a call to the company insurance because the truck is
hit and I have to report look at me that way I can use the phone
I say and stop and tell me but yes we say you are already from the family tell me
one thing for them so so normal to be co email or be bribing a person
that like who drinks a glass of water and I looked at him, he said he wins from
hit a tube and sit it on the desk because
That is the evil of Argentina so he pulled out the truck he pulled out the
another loaded the truck left they me they say well they tell me in customs it’s called national customs association
it was at that time those of customs tell me you bring two
pickup trucks your cabin pickup name of his wife let’s give him a
six month transit permit because she cannot start the process of
Eradication of nationalizing the vehicle until you have permanent residence
she had a temporary residence for two years yes that car has to
take away and the other one tells me the other truck hesitates of everything
inside and we will leave it here in the Deposit
prosecutor and then you have to start the customs procedures to nationalize it
I say well, I have to come from here I’m going to Cordoba so I’m going to come
next week he tells me there is no problem we will charge per day of
stay of the truck in the warehouse come whenever you want and tell me and for
enter the system we will charge 140 dollars to get the truck to the
computer and to get it out of the system it’s 140 dollars more he tells me I tell him
but holy mother to do this saw this practice these vans
general motors although it is already in the system go 640 dollar we load the other
truck the truck was already gone I had the address where I had to
take things and your mom and I had already come the dany with us we loaded
roof top mattresses chairs we are all and for cordoba leave the
tax deposit there in the corner this one they checked the tires with air him
I say loaded with air because it’s heavy and go
the walk was going but a pin were big
four doors two rows of seats back also took place tremendous and
well, let’s go on agreement all night traveling
and we arrived the next day the property we download and I think there are some pictures
then we are going to show you photos and I tell my wife well we are leaving
because they are charging us every day so we left that van in the
property and we went again from bus
so good with the subject that started on nationality process to the truck
I needed to first send us to the azopardo street in front of the ministry of
war I think there was customs they have to go to machines and tools
to look for an inspector so that the check the truck that checks all
the information and the come on there is one morning where are the inspectors
nobody knew don’t look for it over there look for it over there I must know how to give
inspector that disaster that if there were been in this country tell you about
tomorrow at half past eight in the morning have an appointment with the inspector will
be waiting here and one goes expect it they take them and they all go there together
I had to go looking for the inspector of Customs to check my
vehicle until at the end one appeared there they tell me is that is there the
inspector of you the inspector if I have I have to come to inspect
the truck that is in the tank prosecutor there in my mouth tells me but
little while and come on I think we were all in taxi I don’t remember well we got there
verified the van is in a lot of papers
well with this you can start the process believe it or not they had us I think they were
three or four days to my wife and me running from that the office of the
azopardo street to another office that is in retreat that is there near the
Commodore courts something is there a building there that is also customs every
procedure said good now go to retirement a taxi for respite we got there like this
ok this is all right return to your charge so they paint instant instant read a
moment because in the end it tells us good the last procedure you have to do is
go to crosses tells me leo cross that no go to the building and ask for crosses
I already had a file that high of papers I go to the building and tell him that
is crossing where is the crossing goes up to second floor there they will attend arrived
there a queue waiting office full of people doing nothing chatting in each
desk 78 laughing laughing at waiters entering with cafes
and now rodrigo crossing attends to me the girl I see him good crossing and what is the
process in this office what is it that you have to do tell me this is crossing
I grab all the papers and a rule the put a line so smooth but it will be
possible I say to what extent the bureaucracy and create jobs that don’t
they exist they can arrive to see in a country made a line to
papers that crossing already finished the process I had to pay because at that time
a part of the tax on the vehicle value charged me 1200
Dollars I had to go to the nation bank
Argentina called a disaster ended up in this process and I don’t remember
with what happened but the We didn’t pick up the truck on that trip
We returned to Cordoba with your dead mom we had been shattered because we
we spent the day running from one end to another provokes and how they danced us
we arrived at the property and your mom says well I keep the girls
you came back only good air to get the newark van I’m going to go with
my foster mom from obama we left I both got there to the tax deposit
were all the papers in order me they say if you can take it and say I
I say but if I’m going to live in Córdoba and I told myself why he didn’t do all the
procedure in the city of cordoba but now you come to tell me century when
i got here they told me that truck no comes out because you have to nationalize it and
they made me right this quilombo in buenos aires when there could be
done in cordoba if there could be done everything we would have given him a pass
provisional and did the whole process in Cordoba a little friend who warms that
I grabbed hollow so the truck we got on with my foster mom come on
for Córdoba we leave for Córdoba and it was raining down the route of the vite trucks
they made me with the lights what’s up he said looked at the board like that and now
it was practically dark it didn’t look the light
and I say before leaving Montreal I had told a mechanic I had
led the van checking the alternator of the current
because it makes a noise and when I went to look I said check it this yes yes
go well told me but forgot and the alternator was not charging the
battery so I was staying in the route did not see me why it made me
teach with the light of the trucks I say to the flute
in the carlota of a station service had cost the way efe
and I say I get in there and put the flashing the guineo ticked and the light
stayed on had no strength to the battery or to give them tic tic tic tic
between and I left the truck running from özil to unemployment it did not rip him anymore
what am I doing here in the middle of nowhere inside from the service station they tell me
we are about to close tell me how good I am going to fill the ten floor tank of 10
start the truth I’m going to stay all the night with the van running
hoping everything went out have enough electricity to power
the injection pump nothing more so you I say wing we had not worn a coat we had
gone she lay in the seat of back and I forward turn off the
heating the light is everything and the Van
the noise they made seemed a way every night begging that I don’t know
Stop the engine because if I wasn’t going to have to go by bus to look for a
alternator bring it load a mess but well a cold we spend
we froze I say I can’t learn the heating because she throws
electricity the fan and if I eat the little electricity that should
be generating the alternator we we stay here and I say old excuse me
but we are not going to have to endure waiting for dawn waiting for that
dawn like who expects the messiah until a little clarity began
for her the horizon and I say good in the more or less one could turn on the
you mean the truck was light blue and on the gray pavement no no they didn’t see me
I say when a little bit of clarity I say now not so I hooked the march
I got on the road to the town there refuel and we go up to
the mountain and when you turn off the engine and what I wanted to learn again
let her have stopped on the road no nothing would have happened so good that
were already two o’clock in the property and on the road when it came to me
stop there in a part of the province of buenos
aires- la caminera they won’t pay me good good the truck
I had the Quebec plates I didn’t have no paper i had the license of
international driving was not licensed of driving to Argentina tells me role of
cell phone started with all that they ask for find green cell on the other from
2000 I grabbed the he the stack of papers the Thomas Tiny Coliseum I told him and he stayed
you saw and this tells me I say look look now I was hot.
take the truck from abroad I just left the tax deposit of
customs and this what they gave me and I’m leaving To Cordoba I already have to do all the
paperwork and tell me but look tell me about that truck with trailer is on the other
side of the route I read if there was a truck with a container above
those are chileans he tells me and they have paper problems three days ago
that they stand there like telling me you with this have for a week you
I say good what’s the problem tell me good me
says look they attend is something for yesterday goes to continue without any problem I had
to give I don’t know if 20 36 about soul is the excuse to kick you on the road you can
contribute something to buy weed he tells me I say been that it takes to buy the
grass was already already loaded it rained so well we keep on
trip we got there and I say to me wife tomorrow we will go to customs in
Córdoba and we will start doing the procedure that was missing to be able to take out the
patent plates had to go to customs and that I had to give a form
special of them so you can go with that the automotive registration and do
the whole process there I become in the truck this city of cordoba station o
just opposite customs agreed when we were going
A tremendous desk entered Havana full of people waiting here nobody you
give ball nobody attends to you nobody question I approach until in the end
I call a person the finger listen to me I have to do this procedure so that I
give the certificate to get the the license plates and register it me
he says if I call him is other people comes the lady grabs the package of
papers and start seeing yes if it’s alright it’s alright it’s alright
ok it’s ok ok and he tells me he’s missing a paper here I say good
what is the missing paper tell me is a role that should have given him the
inspector in buenos aires that says what type of equipment does the vehicle have and then
like what kind of equipment and if you have radio to take out the air conditioner
we go down don’t look no problem come there is the van out there we go
and you verify it tell me don’t tell me you that the process in buenos aires as well
that role has it they have to give in Buenos Aires a moment to see if
I understand you can not go out and notice if the van has radio passes
booth air conditioning or heating He was the only one needed and I already
Buenos Aires suit that I do and tells me will have to go back with the truck
Buenos Aires tells me but I don’t have papers to circulate
look the only one I have are all these papers that are in front of you and you are going to
have to look for a truck to see our flat trucks make it load
and take her buenos aires in a truck and have it checked again at customs
and then that employee of the Customs in the city of Cordoba I would like
go outside but it’s not the same customs in all the country
national customs association is not Call in Cordoba in good current
airs or where it is not the same here but as you started that process already
us that itchy that there are among the Cordoba and Buenos Aires sure because
something else could not be good now that something i’m fried
take over my wife well I’m going to go back to buenos aires to see if I
they give that role and their fault that no they did it so I grabbed all the
file I had the collective took me again to buenos aires arrived I’m going to
azopardo street heat inspector no there was no one tell me you have to
go talk to another office over there in retreat tell me I’m going to retreat again
one of its old buildings the Argentina with those wooden floor
doors that seem to be built for eight meter giants those
windows with those tools of the metal blinds all his music
that 20 years ago he doesn’t pay them a hose
a tremendous office full of desktops typewriters no
they were like that they were singing none I was using the typewriter and
back there on a desk there was like 78 killing himself with laughter and the unemployed was the
I was only there and I went in there counter
they looked at me and laughed because finally I tell him to see there
some of you who can assist me and one comes telling me you need him
explain the case I say I need it because there are people printed on that form
to be able to register the vehicle I need this form missing the
review of machines and tools that he says the car team and don’t wait
what the boss called this comes a blonde platinum short that bad disposition yes
that can isolate it I explained again they say no
we can’t do anything for that I’m going to have to bring the truck
back and if not we will not give him the form they took me out I say I’m leaving
new to machines and tools to see if I find the inspector and he will give it to me
Do that and I’m going to Cordoba directly and just as there are people so bad the
Argentina there are very good people they were machine tools and I don’t know the
my face having been was untidy such that a guy got close to me and I
He says that out of nowhere I don’t know what he is going on he tells me I tell him
I already have a problem in my hands that doesn’t i know how i don’t know how to fix it i don’t know
how to get out of this what happens to him and I explained wait tell me and I take a
office hit and there was a man sitting in the office and told me he says no
stay can be receive this east gentleman a minute if yes sir says
inside the one that happens to him I explain the subject he tells me that he follows him I just went there to
retreat I talked to a lady took me out hence, no, I don’t know what to do
says look tell me grab a card he with his name stated
He handed it to me and tells me of Schiele that if you don’t get on it
the paper you need I’ll go alone in people and I’m going to rail and I can’t
say on camera what he said walk calm kid tell me that it already solves
the problem asked me nothing I thanked him who will have been i don’t know i don’t know who
it was he who was the one who was waiting in the queue not so at the same time
a life of accountants when I went to look for the van at the tax warehouse
to get her out I meet a lady and we got to chat we are
waiting there she was waiting for another inspector that were not machines and
tools she was bringing a crushed tomato shipment from
I hung up something like that and he told me juice and I don’t know what will happen if they are going to
release if they will let me out how much they will ask me to enter the
loading that I was the other when good we separated I left and I see that
the lady comes and I tell her and how it went the lady was red like a
normal taking that of those who brought brought barrels of those tomatoes
crushed and he tells me I can’t tell him what he told me but it seems that
you want tomato we have speaker with both and one entered those deposits
prosecutors and there is I saw everything Mercedes Benz with a cape
of dust so he is 20 centimeters that are there web with the card I’m going to
I withdraw again and again and ask speak for the platinum blonde of this one and
it goes badly you tell me about again but I did not explain how they are
things I tell you just take that card, I just
of talking to this person and he told me that if you have to come here to talk to
you are going to happen this this this and this and I told him all that nobody has given the
another and to lengthen the blonde and the blonde stayed read the card and
it was very good won if after all Argentine customs is the same and called
a click is to print the form that need the gentleman
in the little back you remember that were those printers from before they were
the printer was flying at 10,000 kilometers por hora y la desgraciada esta se quiso
hacer las simpáticas hoy así que usted es tan gordo y rico las mermeladas y los
dulces caseros cordobés y jazz espeso y yo la miraba y decía cinco minutos atrás
me hiciste la vida imposible y probablemente estabas esperando una
coima de parte mía y ahora te venís a hacer la simpática agarré el papel y
medem y le dije a dios no me dio vuelta viste escoria y me fui de regreso a
Cordova después llegó a córdoba este tenía el
papel o sea que ya no me hacía falta el papelito con la descripción de
calefacción entonces ella no hacía más falta yo ya tenía un certificado que
necesitaba y con ese certificado de compresión de haber completado todos los
trámites tenía que ir a otra otra oficina en córdoba a comprar el
formulario actual para poder ir a registrar el auto dijo goldman don otra
más donde queda eso me dan la dirección me voy para allá y entro le digo con el
certificado me habían dado buenos aires todo está en orden si me dice si dice él
el formulario que usted necesita vale 140 dólares me dice le digo bueno 140
dólares lo toque pacto que registrar el auto sí pero no tenemos listo nos tienen
que mandar de buenos aires yy no hay le digo como yo vengo de lejos me dice
espere un ratito que en 15-20 minutos llegan los de boca boca el correo
argentino y en lo mejor nos mandaron y llegan no acá
y le podemos dar yo digo pero será posible tengo que esperar el correo para
ver si tienen un formulario que es lo que necesita todo individuo que todavía
en vehículos extranjeros para registrarlo en la provincia llega a boca
le digo llegaron formularios no dice nulos tras colocar luego bueno vamos en
una cosa unam en una lista de nombres y me reserva uno en cuando estén me llama
por teléfono al almacén y ellos me van a avisar no me dice no podemos reservar
los es primero llega primero se lo They carry
le digo señorita yo estoy a 140 kilómetros de distancia no puedo venir
aquí todas las semanas a ver si el formulario está o no está me dice bueno
lo que puede hacer es llamarnos por teléfono digo que me da el número a las
dos semanas ya molido llegaron los formularios y me dice hay seis le
guárdame uno por favor que ya salgo para allá no dice no le puedo guardar si
llega y hay hay y le digo y si me hago el viaje de balde y me dice y bueno es
un pase nos viene a visitar así no sé en mi teléfono tenía ganas de
decirle digo me voy a arriesgar y me voy así que agarré me fui llegué tenían uno
lo compré 140 dólares y con eso y todos los papeles me dicen ahora usted se
tiene que ir a san agustín la provincia de córdoba para hacer el trámite y
registrar la camioneta que agarramos un día con todos ustedes creo que fuimos la
cuerda que cruzamos la montaña camino de tierra unos jugados y los arroyos
no me voy a san agustín y llegó ahí y en sant agustí ya la conocían a mi mamá
porque ella había ido varias veces por la camioneta ford f100 que teníamos la
propiedad me dice usted es algo de la señora que vive en canadá a lejos mis
mamás y si la conocemos el doña que esto que lo otro me dice bueno empezaron a
hacer todos los trámites y el tipo me dice sólo le podemos dar la tarjeta de
propiedad porque célula verde y licencia no tenemos me dice las placas o sea que
tenemos que esperar que nos manden de buenos aires digo bueno villanos sigan
dando con las placas de canadá y si lo they pay
la policía cuál es el problema así que agarré la cédula de propietario y me fui
para allá para la montaña y como a los seis meses viene un vecino nuestro y me
gritaba de ella de la entrada de la propiedad y venía sacudiendo algo en el
aire de oyente qué le pasa el vivir y había ido el hacer un trámite
en san agustín y le dijeron ser vos sos vecino de ellos canadienses tomás llevar
esto y me traía la cédula verde y las placas patentes del vehículo así que esa
fue la experiencia de heroína porque debe ser peor lo que me tocó hacer a mí
que lavarse una aguja con heroína yo creo y para registrar un vehículo en la
república argentina y después lo que pasó para registrar el de mi esposa no
sé si quiere que lo cuente ahora o hacemos otro vídeo otro día la otra camioneta la dejamos para el
próximo vídeo porque fue otro otro tema entonces bueno a ver que tenemos aquí en
la primera foto le vamos a mostrar esa es la camioneta con la cual hicimos toda
la obra la compramos en buenos aires y con eso estuvimos prácticamente cada vez
que le iba a córdoba la de hecho poner eso esos fierros que tiene ahí atrás ese
a ese armazón de hierro para traer este barras de hierro del 8 del 10 cada vez
cada viaje a córdoba se traían 20-30 barras de hierro así dobladas y la la
parte de atrás arrastrando por el pavimento sacando chispas venían en todo
el camino y diego el sha de cemento se lo ciudad de córdoba
ahí está así traíamos el hierro es un viaje de recién llegábamos de la ciudad
de córdoba allá atrás en la foto se ven las tejas que están amontonadas para él
el techo de los tres veces no sé si se usaron como quince mil tejas una cosa de
los trescientos cincuenta mil ladrillos para la construcción y todo eso su vida
por esos caminos de tierra ahí está la obra en construcción parte
ya se había techado parte faltaba a techar y la construcción que se ve ahí
adelante en primer plano es lo que se llama el obrador que es donde se guardan
los materiales para una construcción la bolsa de cal de cemento todas las
herramientas del obrador en una piecita donde se agua o sea que esa después se
demolió ahí está mi esposa contactos en el campo con él con el logo y él ahí
está el el hornito de barro donde se hacían los panes las empanadas y todas
esas cosas esta es una de las entradas que hay a la propiedad ahí estoy yo con
lo voy con el hermanito hermosa avenida toda de
eucaliptus son eucaliptus esos esas son las frutas de nuestra propiedad
las ciruelas coloradas dulces que parecían néctar cuando uno mordía una de
esas las abejas se volvían locas porque todo azúcar eran unas siluetas pero cada
vez que me acuerdo no sabíamos qué hacer con la ciruela se hacía mermelada se
hacía pero yo lo primero que hacía todas las
mañanas cuando me levantaba me iba a la quinta donde están los árboles frutales
y con el rocío de la noche quedan fresquitas las ciruelas o sea que era
tal la cantidad que había que miren lo que lo que nos dábamos el lujo de hacer
agarraba las más grandes citas le pegaba un mordiscón y escupía esa
cáscara y en ese agujero chupaba la pulpa con la cola como se llama el caro
solo escupía y el resto de la cáscara también la dejaba no no se comía el
interior de la cantidad que había de ciruela
es una hortensia en ese momento la ‘sala plantó tu abuelo
ella ya no está que el primer constructor que trajimos para hacerse
cargo de la obra conseguimos alguien córdoba vino el
esposa un par de hijos le dimos este lugar para vivir y lo primero que hace
ni bien llega le agrega un litro de aceite al motor del auto y tira la lata
se viste y uno dice como como a revolear una lata de aceite y al otro día agarra
una pana y ya está está hortensia ya todo lo que era pasto delante de la casa
lo saco dejó tierra y esté bien bien d ok una casa con una hortensia una cosa
sí el reto todos yo no estaba estaba mi hermano y mi hermano le dijo pero que
hizo no porque para que los chicos corran me dice le dijo sacó todo el
pasto que corran en el barrio vieron líquido es a hortensia y ahí nomás mi
hermano le dijo agarre su cosa en para que todo y se me va de acá un tipo así
disculpen que cuando yo de esta cosa me caliento pero esa esa es la realidad de
nuestra tierra aquí falla hay wifi falla mucho una una gran parte de la sociedad
aquí estamos con mi hermano muchos preguntan si me animo a ser un asado a
la cruz bueno ahí tiene ese lo hicimos con mi
hermano era un cordero salió unas alas pero igual para que vean que sí que me
animó esta es nelly antes mi hermano dándoles zanahorias pancita de la dieta
debe ser la hija en el verano córdoba un calor a de 6 gateado a éste
lo habíamos nos habían venido a avisar que lo habían visto que tenía una
lastimadura adentro vieron en el en el miembro de cava
y la mosca le estaban empezando a poner los huevos y se hacen gusanos así que
los muchachos los fueron a traer y los trajimos ahí a la propiedad los
maniatamos todos y hay una hay una pomada que se llama casi que que tiene
un olor fuertísimo ya diego de los muchachos de puso un guante y le metía
la mano en su cosa en el miembro y sacaba gusanos y al mismo tiempo dejó
cuando se limpió todos el empaque se empacó con ese casi que adentro para la
querella dicen en córdoba que es el gusano y el caballo ahí se había
levantado cuando no lo íbamos a soltar y se nos escapó y éste iba a colgado del
lazo y le gritábamos soltarlo soltar donde te vas te va lastimar y lo llevaba
como prácticamente la holandesa se esconde del bateado esa es una de las
casas que construyó mi papá que también estaban siendo refaccionadas estamos con
mis cuñadas y mi suegra y esa es la la construcción que hizo mi papá en el
año 1940 una de las dos está la otra tan en obra y están construyendo bien en lo
que era la montaña en esa época ahí está la fachada de parte del hotel en una
lista de la de la parte de lo que se ve en la zona como nos vamos a ir a tratar
de hacer algo con una cosa así cuando uno lo compara con lo que es el invierno
and the la calidad de vida desde ambos lugares
era la chimenea prendida en la en la parte que improvisamos un comedor
para el hotel en la casa porque la parte del comedor no la habíamos terminado la
construcción grande se comía la gente venía y se comiendo juntos ya la gente
le encantaba porque se hacían una sobremesa y una tertulia y se conocía
gente que nunca antes se habían visto y se sentaban a comer todos juntos y nos
pedían no no lo cambien no lo cambien así mejor que estamos todos esté al
mismo tiempo y podemos charlar así que empezamos a dar de comer ahí hacíamos
dos turnos porque no había suficiente lugar tengo un mes y en torno a la 9 y
otro como a las 11 de la noche el problema que claro se quedaban ahí
haciendo tertulia y me poseído ustedes lo mandamos a la de hornear y mi esposa
y yo nos quedábamos veces se quedaban hasta las dos las tres de la mañana
charlando y al otro día nosotros teníamos de pie las seis para preparar
la parte de los desayunos y todo eso estábamos muerto cada vez que se llenaba
the hotel no vemos la hora de irnos a dormir y ahí
le daban whisky trae esto y espera parte de el negocio esa es la parte de lo que
es lo que se ve mirando las galerías de la parte del hotel esto con arcos parece
un tema donde viven los monjes algún monasterio es un monasterio porque tiene
arcadas así adentro y tiene arcadas en los frentes muy bonito el lugar como sé
cómo quedó construido ahí está la totalidad de la vista ahí están las camionetas yo con las 33 piojitos una que mc esa
era la que venía a nombre de mi esposa y la otra es una chevrolet son iguales las
two este color estaba de moda no éstas
habían sido camionetas que habían pertenecido a la compañía hidroeléctrica
de quebec que se llama hydro québec y tenían un color gris plomo del color de
la compañía y cuando las remataron el que las compró las hizo pintar así con
la pintura encontraron celeste y yo las compré así pintadas y las pensaba pintar
de color bien bonito pero nunca se llegó a concretar en un camionazo será en
algún cumpleaños con todos los chicos de la escuela seguro que le estamos dando
de comer a nelly y ahora su hija tomando sal o azúcar no se lo damos a esta
ingresa así llegamos de esa foto cuando recién llegamos de buenos aires con la
camioneta de mi esposa hicieron eso se la llevan
y tuve que cargar arriba el techo y ven esa soga amarilla que está sujetando la
silla en el techo esa fue la soga por la cual me hicieron
un problema de que estos nuevos no puede entrar al país ahora así llegamos
cargados pero no entraba una gilera aquí estamos los caballos
el gatito tom y katie no sé cuántos años vídeos 21 años 21 22 tuvo una vida larga
vino a los estados unidos y luego a canadá lo trajimos a él
eeuu y después cuando vinimos a canadá vino con nosotros también lucía mes tome
están preparando galletitas acá están miedos ovejeros jesse y bonnie les puse
el nombre de out low jesse james y bonnie and clyde pero no sé a qué decir
a jesse james y bonnie era de y ahí había llegado el camión de la ceal
para transporte y nos habían descargado todo lo que habíamos traído de canadá en
cuestión caja así ya hemos terminado de descargar recién
ahí mismo y si se hizo se puso en funcionamiento y el próximo vídeo le
vamos a explicar cómo fue el tema con la otra camioneta y cómo se puso a
funcionar el hotel finalmente esta es la última cuota con la última foto red a
qué hora del cual llegamos a una hora bueno entonces para los que se preguntan
el por qué entonces que dicen que estamos aprendiendo mucho con los vídeos
que espíritu que esto que el otro el emprendedor vieron es una raza parte no
todo el mundo puede ser emprendedor porque uno se encuentra con situaciones
que muchas veces son difíciles pero el emprendedor tirita pero no grita
espero que entiendan eso y también el emprendedor debe saber aceptar las
consecuencias de sus decisiones sin lamentarse si el resultado final es
adverso o sea que si usted quiere ser un
emprendedor no puede decir si me arriesgo después si le sale mal se pasa
a cinco años lloriqueando así no así no es el emprendedor tiene que tener una
piedra aparte por eso que no todo el mundo puede ser emprendedor porque hay
gente por ejemplo que no se anima a tomar esas esos riesgos y como quien
dice un emprendedor una persona que no es emprendedora usted le dice que no
tenía marías a hacer una fábrica de cubito o en el infierno y ese cuando
escucha eso se le pone la piel de gallina y se muere de miedo pero el
emprendedor que dice y bueno y si conseguimos que satanás baje el
termostato y la temperatura unos cuantos grados para que no se derrita
capaz que dé un buen negocio llevamos ahí está la diferencia
tener esa fibra y saber que puede salir bien puede salir mal pero lo único que
el único que no se equivoca en la vida del que no hace nada ese nunca le va a
salir mal y aparte de haber no hecho nada si eso les quería decir porque hay
mucha gente que pregunta que se asombra porque porque se fueron a meter y bueno
desde eso es la vida vieron las cosas difíciles siempre van a requerir más
sacrificio que las cosas fáciles así que bueno los dejamos para que no se hagan
very long seguimos con la próxima esperemos pero
no los aburridos pero éstas se las quería explicar porque imagínense uno
después y esto va para toda américa latina porque es lo mismo en todos los
países vieron después nos preguntamos por qué no vienen los inversores a los
países cuando un nacional ciudadano que ha vivido 25 años afuera y que tiene
todos los derechos y no tendría que tener absolutamente ningún inconveniente
en entrar a su país natal le hacen semejante quilombo imagínense
en a una persona que viene de un país que no tiene la más mínima idea de cómo
funcionan las cosas en américa latina uno lleva preparado y ya lo ya lo
conocía que bueno estos son así y vamos a ver qué pasa
pero uno una persona que viene de un país nórdico eeuu canadá nativos de aquí
quieren ir a meterse hacia el negocio y les empiezan a bombardear con todo este
tipo de cosas pero te van a dar media vuelta y decir sabes qué
otra cosa mariposa así que por eso que querían alejarse lo saber y no es un
vídeo muy explícito en sobre lo que fue el movimiento todo es más que nada en lo
que en lo que le sucedió un argentino que quiso retornar a su país de origen y
de entrada lo agarraron y ya empezó la esquilmada así que bueno nos despedimos
gracias fue muy entretenido esperemos que encuentren entretenido a los que lo
miran no nosotros pero así como se lo digo es fue es la pura verdad no le hay
mucho más pero no le quiero ir a dar todos los detalles porque voy a llamar a
lo más groso y luego gente ya


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