Two Mothers | 뻐꾸기 둥지 EP.50 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.08.27]

Come in. Episode 50 Mr. Yu, please sit down. Letter of Resignation Do you have to do this? I’ll find a suitable replacement. I’ll pretend you didn’t give me this. Let’s give this a fresh start and… Are you saying that I’m your slave? I understand how you feel. You know you can’t go against the tide. Can’t you lend me your talents? I want to do my best for this company. So… I’m sure that’s what you want. But not me. President Baek, whom you admire so much, built this company with blood and sweat. Are you really leaving? Is that for the best? Think it over for a few days, and if you still feel the same way, then I’ll accept your resignation. If I quit, my father may never get his company back. I’ll stay to the bitter end. I’m going to keep getting promoted, buy up as many shares as I can and get the company back. I’m sorry for calling you at this time. Can you keep investigating John Wilson and also about Grace Lee? Yeah. There has to be some kind of connection between those two. Okay. Thanks. Yeah. I need to stay here so that I can help President Baek. Honey, honey. Honey, can you hear me? Honey? Open your eyes, honey. Yes, dear. Let’s take it slowly, one step at a time. Come in. Are you doing all right, sir? What brings you by at this hour? You haven’t eaten yet, have you? I brought some nigiri. Really? Let’s have some together. What’d you want to discuss? Since you’re here so late, I’m sure you have something to say. I’m too ashamed to face you. Don’t feel that way. I’m at an age where I can always remain calm. Tell me. I… I decided to keep my position, sir. I’m sorry. Is that all? Don’t worry. My life is mine and your life is yours. You need to get promoted and get married. After Junhui got demoted, I was worried that Lee Hwayeong would give you trouble as well. I’m relieved. I’m sorry, sir. It’s fine. Let’s eat. Have a great day. Goodbye. Great work. Just look at her. She acts like she’s royalty. She can’t even do her job. I don’t like her. Right? If I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve held onto that cleaning job. This is all your fault, Lee Ssangsun! I could’ve kept working there. Why’d you convince me to quit? Just look at us. Come on. Your daughter’s a big time CEO and you want to be a janitor? Nonsense! I assumed that if you quit, your daughter would give you a clothing store. You should’ve known better. That brat doesn’t care about her mother. Now what’ll I do for a living? Maybe we should start a kimbap joint. You’re great at making kimbap. Bingo! That’s it! You’d be a big help. Your big arms are great for making rolls. What are your tiny noodle arms good for? What else? With this pretty face, I’ll be the cashier. Okay, then. Wait. What is it? Tada! It’s all right here. Planner…? We need to have uniforms. We’ll go door-to-door in uniforms. What do you think? Sounds good, huh? Well? Hello? How do you do? May I ask who this is? This is Jeong Jinsuk. I’m the manager at Chef Bae’s restaurant. Jeong Jinsuk? Oh, the manager. She should be here any minute. Is she stuck in traffic? Who are you waiting for, Ms. Jeong? Welcome. Oh no. Hey, Jinwu. Huija, what are you doing here? Jinwu says he wanted pizza from here. Jinwu, tell me what you want to eat. Pasta? Steak? Come on. What’s wrong with Jinwu? What else? He wants his mommy. We brought him here to cheer him up. I see. Ms. Lee? – Chef Bae’s sister’s coming in soon. / – What? Make sure Huija doesn’t… You know? Yes, of course. Don’t worry. Okay. I was just thinking about Jinwu. I’ll get him a present at the mall and meet you at the restaurant. Okay, then. I heard you were self-made. You really made it big. The CEO of HS Group. Are you running a big company? This is really fancy office. Sit. How have you been? You’re as beautiful as ever, Lee Hwayeong. What do you want? Did you forget? You gave me your business card. You dropped it on the floor for me. Where’s my child? I told you, he died. Why? When? How? I told you to stop lying. I’ve searched all over the country for you with this leg you busted! You ruined my life, but you’re whining about your leg? I did love you, Lee Hwayeong. Truly. Don’t give me that nonsense. Get out, or I’ll call the cops. To Sangdu You seem disgusted. There’s no need for that. You know that’s not the original, right? Give me a job instead of a payment. A job with a big salary. A payment is just a one time deal. A man needs to have a steady job. With this leg you busted, it’s not easy to get a job. But if that’s too much for you… Go there tomorrow. I’ll let them know. Thank you, Lee Hwayeong. I’ll see you later. Don’t contact me ever again. Have a great day. Where are you going? Where are you going? Let me go. Did I ever force you to stay? Your belly’s getting bigger. I thought you had no place else to go. You’re the one who did this to me! I’m trying to take responsibility. Let’s get married. Hwayeong. Get out of the way. I don’t know how you feel about me, but my feelings for you are real. I love you. – Let’s have this baby and… / – I’m leaving. Hwayeong, what’s wrong? – I’m leaving. / – Where are you going? I’m leaving! Don’t touch me! Byeongguk Hello? Welcome, Ms. Bae. Is your manager in? She invited me. Yes, I heard. Right this way. You’re not going to me out again, right? No. Right this way. Where’s Shik? – Here? / – Please have a seat. Right here. Welcome. I’m sorry I didn’t get to greet you. It’s a bit hot. Shik… I mean, is Chef Bae busy? Yes. Order whatever you like. I’ll take special care of you today. There’s no need for that. Just pick up the tab. Let’s start with some cold drinks. Why would your brother fall for such a paper-thin woman like that? How can he have such poor taste? I think Byeongguk invited Hwayeong. What do I do, Ms. Lee? I invited her, so I can’t ask her to leave. I’ll try to keep them from seeing each other. Don’t worry. Thank you, Ms. Lee. Why isn’t anything going my way today? With love comes pain, according to Professor Oh. Giseop said that? He sure talks big. What do I do? It’s delicious. How is everything? My dear Chansik made it. Of course it’s good! But… Gonghui? I’m grateful for all this, but is Shik really that busy? We came all this way, it’d be a shame if we didn’t get to see him. I agree. President Jeong! President Gwak! Hello. And you are? You don’t remember me? I used to work as a janitor at your building. Manager of crew #2, Ssangsun Lee. You must be the president’s son. He’s so adorable. You’re so cute! Did you come to eat? Yes. Ms. Jeong invited us. She did? Yes. Well, what happened was… But how could you invite us and then ignore us like this? I’m just tagging along, so I don’t mind, but Chuja is Chef Bae’s sister. You practically begged her to come. Why’d you even invite her here? What is she saying, Jinsuk? Why did you invite them? Well, you see… Jinwu. Hwayeong! Did you invite your mother? No, not Hwayeong. Like I said, it was Ms. Jeong. Jinsuk, what’s going on here? Well… It’s true, ma’am. Ms. Jeong invited them. Isn’t only natural that she’d invite her lover’s sister? Ms. Lee, what are you talking about? Ms. Jeong. You can’t keep your love hidden. Just be honest and upfront. Ms. Lee, about the order for the reservation… This is so embarrassing. I’m sorry, Huija. I would’ve told you sooner, but I couldn’t find the right time and… I was going to tell you once I was certain. More certain? Certain about what? Were you going to set a wedding date? Jinsuk, let’s end things right here. What? Marry him and let’s never meet again. Huija. If you marry Lee Hwayeong’s uncle, do you think it’d be acceptable? How could you let this happen? Goodness. Aunt Jinsuk. How could you deceive us like this? This is absurd. Deceive you? You deceived us when you cheated on your wife. That’s deceit! What’s absurd is that you kicked your wife out and now your mistress, Lee Hwayeong lives here. That’s absurd! Uncle Chansik, are you out of your mind? You know I’m with Byeongguk. How could you date his aunt? Do you know what a pain this is for me? Fine. Are you done talking? You think you have a right to judge me? Your love’s a romance, but mine isn’t? In truth, it’s just the opposite. Uncle Chansik! Jinsuk and I aren’t getting any younger. There’s no way we’re giving up now. So don’t tell me what to do. Let’s go our separate ways. End it now. Otherwise, I’ll never see you again. Fine. I don’t want to see again either. This is great. Oh, geez. Michael, please calm down. We were looking for the right time. Why’d you do that? Why? Nothing remains a secret forever. It’s time to face the music. Strike while the iron is hot. We’ve jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. Look before you leap! Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Geez! Oh no. I’ve made a huge mistake. I’m sorry. What are you doing? Hello, professor. Everyone seems so tense today. Is something the matter? Yes indeed. I just dropped on a bomb on everyone. A bomb? I just told President Jeong and President Gwak about Ms. Jeong’s relationship with Chef Bae. Really? And? Are they going to break up? No. Until death does them part, they will never break up. Oh! I’m so sick of this! It’s just my luck. I knew the invitation was fishy. I feel like I was set up. What’d you do that for? Why’d you butt in with their affairs? Hey, they’ve been my bosses for years. How could I not say hello? You should’ve read the situation before you went to go greet them. Are you trying to get in everyone’s way? Were you trying to ruin their lives? Come on Chuja. I didn’t mean to… Ssangsun! Get out! I can’t live with you anymore. I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall! A brick wall? That big head of yours is totally empty! Why don’t you ever think? Fine! I’ve got a big, empty head! But what about you? Are you any better? Do you always think ahead? Haven’t you made mistakes before? Tell me! Are you any better? Mom! Ms. Lee! Stop fighting! The neighbors will complain. I’m holding back for Sora’s sake. You better thank Sora for this. Gosh! Ugh! Why is my life so sad? I don’t have anyone else in this world, but my best friend just told me that I’m an empty-headed brick wall! This is unbelievable! Fine. Ms. Lee! Fine, I’ll move out! Ssangsun Lee is moving out! Get out then! Get out! Fine. I’m leaving. You’re no better. You’re just calling the kettle black! Forget you! Have a great life! Ms. Lee! Goodbye, you hypocrite… I’m so sick of this! Ms. Lee is right. It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong. Why shouldn’t I be upfront? It’s me, Chansik. Jinsuk. Wait. Chansik. Can you answer my questions truthfully? Yes. Do you think we’ll ever break up? Never. Chansik, do you really like me? I like you. Chansik, do you really love me? I love you. Me too. I love you. Me too. Newbie, go get some bowls on the line. And make it quick. Aren’t you… Baek Yeonhui? It’s so great to see you, Yeonhui. Here! Have some of this. Thanks. I heard you got married a few years back. I guess you’re having financial troubles. Yeah. You were the valedictorian of our class and you graduated from a top university. What happened to you? Maybe I was too sheltered my whole life. It’s not easy to get a job. The ladies in there were yelling at me because I wasn’t doing a good job. I might get fired at this rate. Visit me at my office later. What? The education team? Yes, dad. Thanks to Eunsuk, I just got a great new job. Really? That’s great. You’re talented, so I’m sure you’ll do great. Your friend’s got a great eye! Oh, dad. Well, I have to get back to training. I’ll see you afterwards. Okay. My baby… I didn’t think she had it in her. Honey. Your daughter’s the greatest. I never thought I’d say this, but our kids are going to take care of us. Ma’am, is the beef soup ready? Yes. It’s too salty. Add some water and boil it again. I think it’s all right. Ma’am. Okay. Jinwu, come here. Good morning, mother. Where’s Byeongguk? Did you just call me “mother?” You may think you’re Byeongguk’s wife, but you’re just his mistress. Huija. I told you not to call me “mother.” So why do you keep calling me that? Are you trying to get on my nerves? I don’t want you to call me that. Mother… Yes, President Gwak. But I wish you hadn’t called me his mistress. Then should I call you his “second?” We used that term a lot in my day. Ma’am, please bring us rice and soup. Why do you get so worked up in the morning? You could’ve just let it go. Yeah, mom. Let’s start our days with good, happy thoughts. You’re not setting a good example for Jinwu. Be quiet! Shut your mouth. Jinwu, let’s eat. What do you want? Do you want this? Hello? Aunt Jinsuk, it’s me. Oh, hey. Um… Wait a second. Hey. Jeong Jinwu. I told you to behave at the dining table. Yeonhui, why did you call me? I’m sorry, Aunt Jinsuk. Did I call at a bad time? No. No one’s around. What’s up? Is Jinwu eating all right? Does he stay up all night crying? Aunt Jinsuk. I want to see Jinwu so badly. I understand. I’m sure you miss him. So I was wondering… I’m sorry for asking, but can you let me see him for a while? What? Me? I’m begging you, Aunt Jinsuk. I want to see Jinwu so badly. Fine. I’ll do it. I’ll call you later, so come to the restaurant. I’ll take Jinwu with me. Oh. Okay. I’m hanging up. Jinwu, you’re done eating already? His clothes are wet. – Come on. / – Oh. Let’s see, Jinwu. What would you like to wear? This one. This one? You can’t. This is a winter shirt. Yes I can. My mom bought this for me. Still, you can’t. Jinwu. Remember the shirt I got you? Why don’t you wear that one? You can wear this one in the winter. Here we go. Wear this one, okay? That’s my mom’s! Really? Let me see it. It’s so pretty. What do you think, Jinwu? Aren’t I pretty too? From now on, I’ll basically be your mom. No! Give it back! That’s my mom’s! Jinwu, don’t cry. Don’t cry, Jinwu. Shush! Why is Jinwu crying? Give it! Jinwu, why are you crying? Jinwu, why are you crying? Who made my Jinwu cry? Grandma… Ms. Lee hit me. Ms. Lee, I hate you! I hate you! – Mommy… / – Okay, don’t cry. I need to talk to you. Mommy! Mom… Pick one of these women. I won’t let that low-born girl become Jinwu’s mother. If you can’t stand her, I’ll take Jinwu and leave. Jinwu! Mom! How have you been, my darling? Mommy, don’t leave me ever again. Stay with me forever. I’m sorry, Jinwu. I’m so sorry, Jinwu. I really am. Hey, you! Do you really work here? I’ll let you go this time, but from now on, you better watch it. What are you doing? Jinwu, let’s go. No! I’m going to stay with my mom! Don’t touch him! I’m Jinwu’s mother! I gave birth to him! I’ll never let you take him! Never!


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