Twins Wedding in Igboland Nigeria | Christmas Vlog 11 | Flo Chinyere

Women and taking too long to get ready! Ah-Ah! Did you come back?? It’s a lie! It’s true! Everything is going according to plan. Twins, I will call the result of this dance competition later. The entrance is like this, what will the main dance be like? I can see you, I can see you. With this dance style, nobody should kick
the other. Each groom should take his wife to the seat. Twin you went for dance practice, for real! What will happen in the future should happen
now! We will still dance, so go and be seated. It’s rare seeing twins like this … … talkless of doing the wedding together. When I ask “is there an anointed person here?”
… Somebody please ensure that women do
not come out. I asked the same question in Nanka, a woman processing palm oil came out. Even motor mechanics were raising their hands. But the oil I’m referring to is holy anointing. The one with which someone is ordained to serve God. I don’t mean cooking oil or palm kernel oil etc. So if there’s an anointed of God amongst us, Is there a clergyman in our midst? Can you kindly come and say the opening prayers? Praise that Lord for He is good. For his mercies endureth forever. All eyes should be on the couple. We need to know how they will use to present the kolanut to us. Will the grooms give their brides the kolanut
to present? If so, we will accept it like that believing that’s how they do it in their hometown. You will see that Agulu people get too much
sense. They have trust issues. Kolanut was brought to them and they uncovered it to make sure it’s kolanut
inside. You know women are cunny. When someone they do not like visits their
husbands, They will serve the person cookies. Breaking of kolanuts (I have a video on that). Link will pop up on the screen. Smiling like a new bride. See me here live at Neni! It’s happening live! You would have been part of it but unfortunately, you did not come back!!! Majority of you don’t even know the way to
Neni. Oyilidie you always tease them. You are missing a lot ooo, you are missing
a lot. Make sure you come home next year 2020! The ladies are shy. This shows that you have never cut a cake
before. (Meaning never been married) I am happy you did that. Please we will cut this cake with what I call collective responsibility. Under individuality incollectibility (gibberrish
lol) I’ll be spelling, you’ll be pronouncing. The first person broke the kolanuts and said that God should bless them with children. The second person that broke kolanuts said
the same thing. The third person the same thing. The titled man said the same thing. On that note, I would like the couples to tell us themselves how many children they
will have. And we will all say AMEN to that. Because it is said that where two or three are gathered, the spirit of God is in their midst. Once we say AMEN to that, it will come to pass. So if I say O. N. E. all of you should chorus
ONE! Twins and their brides if you want to cut
the cake on one, feel free to cut it. If I say T. W. O and the guests chorus TWO, if you would like to have two children, you cut it on TWO. You can cut it on one if you are sure you want to have Jesus (an only child) Afterall Jesus is a single child like many
children. If you cut it on two, two hands two legs of
???. Are you following? If I were to advise you people, I’ll say cut the cake from 14 or 15 or even 30! Because low population dealt with us during
the last election. We need to increase our population. Why were the brides exchanging glances when
I said 30 children? When you were getting married, did you not know you will have children? Have children and multiply it is God that
takes care of children. Who told you they will cut it on one?
You think they don’t want children? They say that one child suffers, he/she needs
a supporter. The twins are two people. Husband and wife are two people that came together as one. I pray the spirit of the lord to bless you
on TWO. As I say T. W. O. TWO! Ha, I knew this was going to be a tough match. It will be like a match between Man City and
Liverpool. I am aware that you guys want many children. Please how many tribes of Judah are there? 12 minus two because there were two disobedient
tribes. Minus 2, ten, right? And we also have 10 commandments. I want God to bless you on 10, at least 9
boys, 1 girl. What is hei? Don’t you know that men are important
in the society? If you go to seminary school, would-have-been people’s husbands are there. If you go to prisons there are more men there. Single ladies will be milling around distracting us married men due to lack of husbands. Please bear 10 children for us! May God bless you on 10 as I say T. E. N.
… TEN! Who told you they’ll cut it on ten? Look, the other twin’s wife flinched, she
almost cut the cake. Yes she did, I saw the flinch. I once prayed for God to bless a couple on
eight. The groom mistakenly pushed their hands and
they cut the cake. The first pregnancy, they had twins. Second pregnancy were triplets. Is that not five kids already? I told them that if they dared try another, what I prayed for will come to pass. God hears my prayers. There’s something called quinque via in latin. Five ways of solving a critical problem. I want God to bless you on five as I say F. I. V. E … FIVE! Hey, hey … where are your parents? I think your parents should come out here and conduct this themselves. What exactly do you want??? Ok, the first kolanut that was broken was
4 pieces, The second one the same thing. The third one the same thing. The one broken by Ozo (titled man) was a special one, it gave us 3 pieces. So may God bless you on three. Holy Trinity in one God, God the father, God the son, God the holy spirit. This time all of them nodded, it’s like I am finally singing the tune they like. Ok, may the Lord bless you on three and I
say T. H. R. E. E. … THREE! The wave is flowing. If you pay attention you’ll see … … the two facing each other saying sweet nothings. As far as they are concerned, we’ve ceased to exist. I told you people there’s a difference between when a wealthy man is spraying money and when a poor man is spraying money. A poor man will want to blind you with his 40 Naira so you will know he is … … the one that sprayed you
the money. But when the wealthy is spraying money, they don’t need to do all that. Making money is good but having the heart
to spend that money is a different issue altogether. I have two witnesses in the cutting of this cake … and they are doing a good job telling us what they saw (spraying money). Keep pouring the wine for the toast. We have not yet started the main dance. Nne leave those lips, you will have time to kiss it officially later. Feed your husband and make sure he is full
first. I saw the size of food you gave him. That means in a short while the twin will be as big as Yokozuna. The two women will overfeed you with food. It’s ok! Those picking money exercise patience, so people do not step on your hands. If people spray for a bit, let the couples move to a new location to give you space to pick the money. Ehe, now you are talking because I was saying that I have not seen any dance style yet. I’ve not seen you dance any special style here. Is there an accountancy graduate here? I want to hire you to be giving people change. After the wedding reception I will fire you.


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