TSL Plays: The Cost of Adulting

(screaming) Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays! Today! We are playing! The Cost of Adulting! Here are the rules! We are, Zilo! We are, Chowda! Zha men shi Johris! Alrighty! We have Zilo, Chowda and… Zha men shi Johris! The 1st question! – I still got student pass.
– Mine is mine is $50. – So that I go like Eighteen Chefs…
– Cannot be so expensive… – It is!
– I don’t use it anymore. I use it all the time. 1 2 3! – $99
– Oooohhhh!!! And the correct answer is! $120! – Woah!
– I told you! Real adults don’t need concession! Exactly! Correct! This one is a situation! – He can take care of his car first a not?
– What is Category A? Category A means. They are cars that are 1600CC and below engine power not over 97kW. – Orh. That one ah.
– Oh isit, you understand ah? I thought you student! Honestly right, I didn’t know vehicles got CAT. So, scooter is what? – E-scooter… COE no need.
– Not COE. I know COE! – I know COE!
– I also! (shouting) Eh I know! I say I know first! Time’s up! Time’s up! 3 2 1. Reveal! $30 000! $30 000? Okay! Correct answer is! – 31 000 and!
– Aiyoh!!! – $783!
– Yay yay yay yay! – Woohoo!
– Yes! Looks like our luck hasn’t run out ah! You all can buy car but cannot take concession. Adults mah! Adults where got still take bus! Haiya! Next question! – Wah shit.
– What! This one got sell at Value Dollar. Is it trick question? Is it the more children you have, the cheaper your milk? I don’t think it works that way! Then why must she have 5 kids?!! Situation! Situation! I love children! I want 10! Can I ask Zilo what is your reference point? Since you all are the youngest. Themselves lah. They still remember drinking this! That’s disrespectful for my 5 children. You are the father of Sew’s…?! Ya! (screaming) 3 2 1. – 28! 28!
– Bam! $28! $25.80! $28.88! The correct answer is $92! – WHAT?!!
– WHAT?!!!!! So they won ah?!! Oh! We win! We win! We win!!! Firstly, firstly, we are the closest. – But like, $92…
– Wait, $92?! This one can buy 2 Switch games eh! Is it $92 because of the brand? Or in general milk is this expensive? In general, milk is this expensive. What kind of wagyu cow milk is this?!! Which stands for Registry of Marriage! Huh need to pay one meh?! I thought just go to the priest sign sign then sumpah sumpah(swear swear) then together already what! Chow and Brenda, what are your thoughts? Getting married must pay one? – I thought just the you know the banquet then must pay.
– Ya… I thought you get married! I thought ROM is like you go there then you just sign the cert. Ya lor! The cert paper very cheap one leh! Sunshine Plaza got! No but you still have to pay! – Hello hello! Can you all just write your answer or not?!!
– Like the administrative? I thought they want to make it easier for people to get married! Then must be quite cheap right? It’s quite cheap! I do this many times already. Ready for the answer? 1 2 3! Reveal! 30.88! $100 and $45! The correct answer! $42! The youngest got it correct! Wait John, why you keep putting point 88? Because we know absolutely nothing so we add for huat! Okay, next question! She’s taking over already. I literally haven’t she just write then tell me the thing. So, I would like to say that this one we have a leg up because we have given many angbaos (red packets) to friends who have gotten married. Too many! And like if it’s 10pax that means the angbao (red packet) – must times 10 mah!
– The last number must be 8. Ya. Fullerton sounds expensive. That’s about it lor. No more clues! Chowda, what is your strategy for this? Err I think We are going to wing it! But basically tell me that when you go wedding right
But basically tell me that when you go wedding right – your angbao is around…
– $200 I think. How atas is Fullerton? – Umm…
– No, quite cheap. I feel you should put around the $100 area. – Because that time I go like not much over there.
– Interesting… Lies! 3 2 1! Reveal! – The Saturday night!
– $2888! We just changed it! $3088.88! Okay, the correct answer is! $1688! The point goes both to Zilo and Chowda! Actually, I feel like it is quite affordable in Singapore because they subsidise it like crazy. It is a law that all children have to attend – 10 years of education.
– Correct. – Oh really ah?
– Cor-right. Actually, why, why, her daughter but that one is a boy? Eh! You cannot say this kind of thing anymore! (inaudible) People like the hair, like the hair lah! Why all blue! Why cannot be blue! – Why girls cannot!!!
– Oh my god!!! ARGH!!! Trigger warning! Trigger! 1 2 3! Reveal! $158! $19 and! $15.88! The answer is! It is free. – Huh?!
– What?! Okay lah makes sense lah I guess because there are a lot of hidden costs associated with schooling. So this is what happens if Adria’s err youngest child go to primary school naked lor. Wait, can I say something? – What?
– So next time right children out there if your parents every say you know how much we pay for your school fees anot?! You go and show them this! Tell them, you pay nothing! – And then…
– Then after that you end up going to school naked. Don’t encourage kids to talk back to parents! – Ya…
– Ya… Oops. Sorry. I meant your parents really do a lot of things for you. Next question is! Damn! – Eh no 3rd child…
– 3rd child? – 3 months ago?
– Different father. Different father. That’s not the point! That’s not the point! The point is right! She wants to – Maybe it’s the same as your GST Voucher.
– Ya. I think, I think the tier list is like IPPT like that. The more kids you have, the closer you are to the top price. I think it’s like a multiplier. So is like video games you get scores right. It’s like times by 1 if you get a streak right so this one you got a streak of 3 eh. – Speaking his language eh.
– This guy is speaking my language. 1 2 3! Reveal! $500. $2888! $1100! $500! Wah! Poor Sew leh. 1 milk can with this. – $1000 leh!
– Oh $1000? – Ours is the lowest! We can only buy 5!
– Oh my god! Eh your baby won’t last beyond 5 months. – But I can buy my baby
– Sew is still alive! I can buy my baby Nintendo Switch! – Huh?!
– Your baby don’t want Nintendo Switch! Your baby wants milk! Got my wife neh neh what! Total enhanced baby cash bonus for a third child is! $10 000! – Woah!!!
– WOAH?!!! Easy! – Wait, you are the 3rd child?
– I’m the accidental baby so my mum must be happy to get this accident. That means as the eldest son I only bring problems to my family. When does this baby bonus end? Everytime I get baby I have money right? – Why? You want to faster ah?
– You want promo code? You want promo code ah? Please quote BABY10 for $10 000 cash! John! Eh, that’s me! – Is 33 years old.
– That’s not me! Eh I like this! Because recently right got this video got the ah beng explain CPF, you all go and watch! Die lah! I cannot pay for my medical bills! 1 2 3! Answer please! 17%! 20%! The correct answer is! 17%! Yes! That’s right! This is you ownself! I remember this because got this ah beng explain. Don’t worry about BTO when you have your BRO. My 10 room mansion cost about – cost about like
– Stop it lah! – You where got 10 room mansion!
– Please! Eh! You know where you stay anot?! Huh?!! – You remember? You recall?
– Your flat look like what! 1 2 3! Reveal! $450 000! $420 000! $700 000! Because ah Punggol like – Happening!
– Ah ha! Singapore no space right? Yes. Singapore no space. 5 room is a big flat mah. – Okay.
– Uh huh. So who can afford my 5 room is only my parents and my grandparents generation so we all cannot one right. So this is the price we cannot afford lah. Ya but you also have to take into account the location of Punggol right in… correspondence to He’s trying to sound like an adult! Did you see! The cloud the smoke just forming here! Can trust his fengshui calculation! He got compass on his arm leh! He like that like that like that then he just aahh okay! (inaudible) Okay, the answer is $423 000 – to $551 000!
– Yeah! Oooohhh! $700 000 will be too high since they want to attract – people to buy BTO right, should be much lower.
– Ya. – Your siblings are way older than you right?
– They are all married. Exactly! But they stay in condo! Her house got ten years series! I’m the eldest child! I know how to buy shoe only for myself! What is solemnise? Solemnise means make real, make official. Means Facebook status can change. If not Facebook cannot change. Change already and then police catch! 3 2 1! Reveal! 1 year 8 seconds, what the heck! 9 months! 6 months! Oh, it’s quite even! I was thinking like you know, you need to – form the kid right then
– Form the kid! Ya. 9 months later you collect your kid! Your kid and your keys! Then it’s just nice your kid will have a room in your 5 room flat. Wah, that means the moment the paper come it’s like darling tonight we must busy Okay! The correct answer is 3 months! Oh! I know I can lah. I think this one is follow Singapore law one. I feel like the only way you can have a will is if you got things to pass on but I do not know because Singapore got different numbers for different legalisation. Like you can smoke when you’re 19, you can drink when you’re 18 – You can have sex when you are 16.
– sex when you’re 16. Then you are an adult when you are 21. So, what are you lah? 3! 2 1! Please reveal! 12! 18! 16! All of you are wrong! Huh? It’s 21 years old! Now I damn curious right, why you say 12 like what type of will you think a 12 years old will leave for their Their chou chou (smelly pillow)! Their chou chou not very chou yet what! My Power Rangers toy! Okay, so we have tabulated your scores! Mmm. The winner is! Zilo! Johris, what happened! No, it’s like that one! As you get older then you get more forgetful It gets annulled! Because they really never take into account all the the projections and the trajectories. As in what do you think of the cost of adulting? Honestly right, some of the figures surprised me. Like for example, I didn’t know going to primary school was free. – Ya.
– That means like Angelo stated right, all the threats my parents made against me, I abit… Highly suspect! Thank you for watching another episode of TSL Plays! If you liked the video, don’t forget to like, share, subscribe! And watch our other videos over there! Bye!


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