Hello everybody today is a day that I’m trying on my very first wedding dresses for my own wedding And I’ve been waiting for this day for a really long time whether it be through my own creations for myself or my dolls or Just saving photos of dresses i like, in my phone in hopes that one day I will get to try them on. When I thought of wedding dresses I immediately thought of that Pretty princess style and then when Carly got married she wore a dress from Galilee Lahav, and it was her dress or something like I never saw before I didn’t know Brides would wear that it was it was very sexy and Intimate looking all lacy and delicate and then I started looking at some of their other dresses that they produce and I instantly fell in love Their designs are just so so beautiful and it opened my mind to a whole another world of wedding dresses that I didn’t know existed Yeah, I was shocked then I began exploring Pinterest, more Instagram, more just what different websites and I found out there’s so many Different shapes and styles, there’s mermaid, there’s trumpet, there’s the princess cut, a line There’s long-sleeve, short-sleeve, no sleeves. There’s so many things I could bring sexy back There’s a lot to choose from nowadays and when looking at the photos I saved I think I can separate the types of dresses maybe or even wedding styles into two main categories So I think one would be like a modern classic designer feel and 2 would be a more vintage bohemian Rustic feel modern being probably an indoor venue something that looks very elegant and classic like maybe a hall or a really nice building with a view and I think my wedding dress would be more like modern or something with a veil a very classic elegant updo and then The vintage bohemian side. I was inspired by my sister’s wedding Both of them got married Alice got married in a very small church and then they both had their reception Carly’s was outside and they both had their receptions in this barn and they and they, the barns I see a lot of barns on Instagram It’s very popular right now but they look really cool when you put a lot of fairy lights in and bring in some of the nature and They both did some DIY decorations, which I thought was really fun because we could all get involved in it it just seems very personable and Yeah, it was a really really nice atmosphere so maybe that or even outside in a forest or a garden or in an old castle and Dress wise I would like something vintage looking maybe some head pieces a lot of lace or like Yeah, a bohemian sort of feel. So today we’re gonna start with the first category– Of course, I love the iconic classic Vera Wang She does really amazing princess cut dresses as well as trumpet and the way she layers fabric looks really complicated And intrinsic and just really really beautiful. So I really want to try one of her dresses. I also love Galilee I’ll have her dresses are straight out of a fairy tale book, they really accentuate a woman’s curves and Most of the her dresses that I like I’d say our mermaid style and that is my fiancé’s favorite style dress I saved a lot of dresses from Berta because they’re beating and their lace and details are just gorgeous. Monique Lhuillier, I love the color of her dresses because they’re they’re just Slightly see-through the material she uses so it’s not like pure pure like bright white. It’s a little bit It just looks very soft and pure and I really like her long-sleeve dresses Also Liz Martinez, Alissa introduced me to her and her dresses are super unique She has this one butterfly one that is just out of this world And I’m sure there’s many many amazing designers I missing right now that I’m yet to discover hopefully I’ll see some new ones today and I think my main goal for today is to narrow down the sort of style that suits my body type or that I like the best. All right guys, we’re at the shop. It’s called central weddings here in Central Hong Kong. So I’m gonna go up This is the first time I’m meeting them the first time I’ve seen the shop Sorry, go ahead. So I’m really excited to take a look at what they have to offer and try out a few dresses Let’s go This is so overwhelming I’m here with Cherry and Mika. They’re not gonna be on camera much like most people in my life They’re gonna be a mysterious voice and maybe some body parts sometimes helping me but I just sat down and taking it all in and I want to ask you so when when it’s someone’s very first time coming in and trying on dresses How do you start the process of choosing which ones will work for them? we will focus on you and introduce the brand and also some different style and cutting and Will giving you one few pieces to try on to see which is good on you. Of like different styles okay, so I guess we can just Okay Romantic with a delicate beading. Yeah, like right away. I’m not oh my gosh. Well, maybe this is too sexy for me So, I think I wanted to Just try on a whole bunch of different styles because I don’t know what’s gonna look best for different cuttings in different cells So yeah some with long sleeves almost short some We selected something for you. Oh, really? something with the long sleeve and the layering bottom and something with their crystal Okay with strapless You looks so lost yeah, I’m ready. Yeah you crying Oh my god, I can’t breathe. Oh, this is a sample size sample, but fit you very well You know what? Like it makes me a boobs. Yeah, but brides are supposed not to be breathing like through the whole wedding Yeah No, I’m just joking Oh my goodness, I I didn’t expect to love this one because it’s quite Different the cutting. Yes. It’s nothing like I’ve really seen a lot of people wear but Do you want to step forward? Okay, yeah Cuz the light it’s better It’s look very simple but very elegant Yeah, I thought it would be very simple, but it’s very structured inside. Yes with pocket Oh my god They really think about the bride that is amazing. It’s between elegant and modern. Oh my god, that just sold me that it’s so good the pocket. Yeah Okay, I really really love this one You thought you’re Cinderella, but you are today Bridezilla nope. Oh My god This looks so good You like this one? Yeah, I love this one, but it’s like it’s sexy. But at the same time it’s not like provoking exactly I think it’s just enough and I like how it’s a little bit see-through You can see like my skin tone a little bit through it. It’s like it’s sexy, but it’s still pure at the same time Yeah, it’s not too much because of the longer arms and please look at the back, it’s so pretty Oh my gosh the way it sparkles in the light. Oh my god There’s like a few layers. So there’s this one underneath Which is I don’t know the name of material this one and then there’s a lace on top and then there’s this see-through one here that has all this intrinsic beading and there the beading, little flowers They use those chandelier lace underneath Yeah chandelier lace yeah, I actually feel like Think because my body shape isn’t the curviest this one isn’t the most suitable for me Yeah, because I feel like if my hips were a bit Yeah Yeah, then this I would definitely go for something like this, yeah, I think I wanted to like this because he likes it I don’t think maybe it’s this particular one cuz there is obviously variations, but I feel like My body shape the best I can pose more this look Yeah, exactly Really? Yeah, so cuz everyone told me the dress they thought they want is not the one that they choose and it’s so true Yeah, I didn’t think long please would suit me so it’s this lacy one But inside is a very sheer nude material, so it’s not completely see-through There’s like two layers of lace Surprisingly I really do like the long sleeve. Hmm Pretty. This one has so many different Patterns. Yeah Exactly inside is like sparkles in the under layer and then on top is all this Stitching and then there’s pearls and beads that have so much going on. So this one looks like something you wear at night Yeah But it’s sexy like Pretty like elegant and sexy like then This is this is this shape of mermaid or the Trumpet? So based on my preferences and what I’ve liked so far the staff recommended I try on this dress from Monique Lhuillier. They said that this is their most popular dress that they sell here and I like it because it’s a little bit of a pinkish white. So I think it really suits my skin tone really well But this can be think yeah, I think this just needs to move up a bit But there’s a lot of different beads in here So there’s like stars and like flower the back This one’s another Monique Lhuillier but it’s a drop waist so it doesn’t Doesn’t go in at the waist and comes out here like normal like they normally would It drops down goes out and this is more like a corset like it a little bit See-through. Yeah, I don’t know but it is really nice. It’s really different feel like I’m a bit confused Really what I thought I was gonna like is not what I liked and then Yeah, and I still like I think the princess cut and like this without Anything and I also like the long sleeve It’s not a beads but oh there’s little beads inside we’ll just move the stitching That’s which I like the structure and the inside the way it fits and hugs you I think this shape Gives me a bit more of her waist so I like and I love the back of it So it’s very structured a lot of layers and material both like all different textures inside It’s very heavy the different textures and material Alright, so I just finished up trying on dresses I tried on a ton I am not sure if I can put all of them In the video because I felt like I tried on a lot. I was actually really fast at changing but I think my overall experience Well, first of all big thank you to central weddings. They were all super patient, super nice and Really just let me take my time. Take all the photos and videos I wanted to and Yeah, they really helped we’re good at picking out dress as soon as they realized. What type by lights they’re really good at recommending me dresses and I think I Really wanted to like mermaid dress for you elbows san but I think that it takes a little bit more I have a little bit of a straighter body so it doesn’t look as nice on me I need something that like gives me more of a waist. So I actually really liked princess style and any with longer sleeves – I didn’t expect to like long sleeves, but my favorites were the one with long sleeve in the beading the white one and also the pinkish tone longer sleeve with the beading and then also I don’t even know what numbers they are, but the Sleeveless one that had a bit of silver in it and it was really long at the back, those three were my top favorites But I would love to know what your opinion was on them. Which one did you guys like the best or what? sort of style Do you think was more suitable for my body so I could try out more of that type of style? And what was your favorite Natalie? I Really like the Israel one the one with patterns and stuff. Yeah. That one was nice too. Yeah I’m actually thinking because they also do rentals I was thinking too to rent some to do a photo shoot just so I can have like different dresses because they’re all yeah There’s a lot of really nice ones. But yeah Success. I’m so happy that we got to do that and thank you so much for watching I’m gonna have another try on wedding video with vintage dresses coming up soon. So you will see that All right now I’ll see you in my next video


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