Hello it’s Allison I hope you’re having a super
happy day so far I am so excited for this video I have been wanting to film
this for it’s so long and I’m so glad to finally be doing it so today I am
sharing five different wedding dresses that are affordable and less than 250
dollars so everyone knows how expensive weddings are in just the wedding
industry in general it is just so crazy how much people spend on weddings trust
me I know I just got married and it surely is just mind-blowing and one way
you can really save money is on your dress so for me I ended up having two
dresses at my wedding which is still so funny to me but it actually worked out
so well so I actually ended up going wedding dress shopping and picked out a
beautiful gown for me to wear at my ceremony and originally I was planning
on wearing it the whole time so my ceremony and reception but then when I
found out that you have to get it altered and bustle and all this that was
gonna cost like another two or three or maybe even four hundred dollars for
alterations which I was just so frustrated about I have no idea that it
cost that much to get alterations so I decided actually that I wanted to just
get a whole different dress for my reception and it actually saved money to
do that and so they’re getting alterations on my first dress so so
crazy I found this beautiful dress from Lulu Luce and I’m actually so excited to
be partnering with Lulu’s on this video but my reception dress was from there
and I ordered it online and loved it it turned out to be so perfect in the
perfect reception dress and I loved slipping into it after
my ceremony it was like the equivalent of wearing sweatpants after wearing my
first dress it just felt so good so freeing and it was just so good to dance
the night away in this beautiful dress so I will be showing you this dress in
this video this dress is actually the one I wore for my reception was two
hundred and fifty two dollars so just a couple of dollars over two hundred and
fifty but it is so beautiful the detail is stunning it looks like in thousands
of dollars truly so I’m so happy with it and I want to wear it every year on my
anniversary just as a fun little reminder and think that will be it’s so
fun but the rest of these dresses I’m also super excited to try on they are
all from Lulu’s and they are all less than $250 which is so incredible and
summer even less than $100 which is just mind-blowing and I really hope this
video is helpful and hopefully you’ll be able to find a dress for your special
day so the first dress that I’m gonna show
you is this beautiful white sequin strapless dress it has so many detail
and it looks so pretty so I will try it on for you guys but I just wanted to
show you some detailed shots oh my goodness so beautiful I love strapless
like sweetheart dresses as you can probably tell from my wedding dresses
but I just love like the beige underlying layer and then the sequins
above it okay Wow I love this dress this is so beautiful because think when I get
married if it’s like a glove the only thing I
would have to get it hemmed but I’m only 5 3 so that’s pretty difficult Brandon
likes it if you can hear his whistle he said he wants to give big Nick into
so I could wear this so pretty the material is super stretchy too which
is make say a hundred times more comfortable next one is actually the
least expensive of the five and it is just equally as beautiful it is the
forever and always white lace dress so pretty I love the top this one would be
so beautiful for like a coastal or beachy wedding as well I just think
that’d be so dreamy this one is such a dream and definitely my style
it is very bohemian and beachy and I love it perfect for dancing the night
away not to mention it is so comfortable ocean of elegance I breathe Maxie tries
so pretty a guy might just love the neckline and then the straps excited to
try this one on another winner so pretty this has to be one of my favorites I
love the straps but also the little off the shoulder detail it is so dreamy and
I love the two layers so it’s very trouble and Bridal
be seeing you you know the old familiar place and the fourth dress is this song
of love off-the-shoulder maxi dress so pretty I think off the shoulders just
instantly at such a layer of elegance and class and would be perfect for a
little bit of a fancier way loving this this is such a classic and timeless off
the shoulder dress it looks so lovely and definitely for a modern bride surely stars in sky and then finally we have the dress but I
were for my wedding reception and that is the true love white beaded rhinestone
maxi dress it’s just the most beautiful I love it so much and it brings like so
many great memories last but certainly not least because this is my dress up I
love putting it on I’m a little biased the suit is definitely my favorite holy close seven homies this magic spell
you cast this is nothing uncle when you kiss me heaven sighs and though I close
my eyes I see and those are all the dresses I really hope you all enjoy this
video I think all five of these dresses are absolutely stunning and I’m sure
they may be beautiful on you as well I hope you guys enjoyed I’ll see you next


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