Travel Trip Cancun Mexico | 20th Wedding Anniversary | Family Vlog

Hi all good morning we are on our way to
Mexico we are just about to leave in fact we’re running late and we going to
catch a taxi because it’s like 4:00 a.m. in the morning and so but I’m feeling
ready for the trip. I’m feeling gorgeous gorgeous I just took my two
strand twist and as you can see I have a full mane. You can see it right there. We are in Houston, Texas and we have a five-hour layover so we’ve got all the time in the world we need to make our way to our terminal so
we’re gonna take it easy like Sunday morning cause that’s what it is it is
[it is Sunday morning] but we’ve been up since what? 3 a.m. We got a 3 a.m. phone call. Anyway, this is our first time in Houston, [Not my first time] it’s my first time in Houston, Texas, it’s his first time. We finally in Mexico no problem Hey all, we are finally in Mexico and I’m just going to give you a quick room tour so this is the front door and this is Mr. E. [Hey] and he did a great job booking the stuff
as you can see we have like sort of like a one-room kind of setup here we have
his and hers sinks, the bathroom a huge shower a jacuzzi and of course
closets and TV we have a king-sized bed I think and our sitting area and eating
area and this is the pièce de résistance. So this is the view here not too bad not
oceanfront we couldn’t find any oceanfront because they were all taken
but this will do Now we will go and have some dinner freshen up and go have some dinner there’s the ocean. we need to go check
out the ocean we just checked out the beach and you can see it right there. Let’s go out there but anyway the beach is very underwhelming actual food Caribbean
beach. I guess this is not actual Caribbean it’s the Gulf of Mexico so no
Yucatan peninsula. We getting ready to go have some dinner and apparently here
you have to dress up to go to dinner it’s an adult only place so you kind of have to
dress like an adult so as you can see mr. e he’s dressed like in a adult and same here I’m dressed like an adult. okay you know that little kid? Oo I love my earrings. you do? Remember that little kid? who says, “I’m gorgeous!”, that is how I feel right now. Anyway, okay let’s go. We are going to have our first dinner. And we chose this seafood restaurant oh and there’s my date it is it feels awesome here like at
this time of the night during the day it was like a little bit hot but it feels
like really nice right now and we got the best seats I think. that’s the moon I
don’t know if you guys can see the moon up there but it is absolutely gorgeous
it is glistening over the ocean my camera is not doing it justice but it
is absolutely beautiful it’s much bigger in person and much brighter and more
defined um but it is absolutely beautiful. Good morning from I should say hola
from Mexico it is absolutely scorching hot and it’s
like it’s not even 8 o’clock ok there’s the Sun you can see it is scorching okay
so we just woke up we’re going to go get some breakfast we’re not sure yet what
we’re going to do very um we’re not sure what we’re going to do yet we might
drive down to Tulum today I think that might be the major thing that
we do otherwise we’ll come back and relax so but we’ll just go have
breakfast and and decide what we do at that point but it is absolutely
scorching hot but I mean it’s not like I didn’t grow up in South Africa okay I
grew up in South Africa so I’m used to heat but I’m expecting that breeze there
is the ocean right they don’t know if you can see it so we got a partial view
of the ocean. Can you see my outfit okay so I here are my shoes I don’t know if I’m
going to be able to walk with these all day long but they’re comfortable amazingly
and I don’t buy shoes that are uncomfortable in general and these are
absolutely beautiful and yet comfortable but anyway anyway okay so okay so
Mr. E. is all beach ready. Let’s see what we can grab before we head out. We decided to take the scenic
route to break fast and I’m wearing high heels so I don’t know that was a smart
idea. let me see everything is available for free
but it’s wrong to drink in the morning. Let me see if I can get it to run. you don’t wanna mess with it. we are driving we are in a taxi in
Mexico, and we are on, Cancun, Mexico and we are on our way to back to the hotel .The funny thing is our Spanish is just coming out. it’s just flowing I know right, Poquito, poquito, poquito. people think we speak Spanish because our Spanish has just been coming out. but look at that! No seatbelt, nothing. Driving at 100 miles per hour. Ok, so this is lunch but here’s the thing when we were in South Africa we we had a
running joke about the seviche because we are ad in the US about this guy who goes to South America and gets introduced to seviche so this reminded me of
that. Seviche, you better get out more Look at his face, so uncultured (Qaba mtshana) and the boss is back getting on the bed
with his socks. Anyway, we were talking about how they have so many services here. This is an all-inclusive resort. So you can pretty much do anything you want. and most services unless you require
a person, pretty much free. we were thinking of taking a sailboat tomorrow, on our own. Kidding! The water here is like bathtub warm. It is so warm. Actually it is my first time putting my feet in the water. what did you say? [Angawi uSdumo], say that again! [Angawi uSdumo] Those who are in South Africa know who Sdumo is. good evening we are going out to dinner
right now I hope the camera is not too foggy because guess what it is so humid
here it is in July and it’s the height of the summer. Look at him. He looks
so good like the day I met him 27 years ago stand on this side so I can get a
better view of you. Yep look at that okay me here’s my outfit I love it and here are my shoes, I love them what I – I love them they my old shoes but I decided to
bring them here in Mexico. Let me twirl around. okay so we’ve been having an awesome service here. They even put your napkin on your lap. It’s the good life. thanks to that guy Thanks sweetheart. This is absolutely beautiful. We just had a live mariachi band. this is Aztech soup. anyway I ordered this thing I wanna try it. after an awesome evening of dancing and
now we’re going to watch the moon because it’s so happen that the moon is
full and it’s been going up the ocean I hope tomorrow when we have our anniversary dinner it will be up there it is absolutely beautiful I just don’t have
the camera to capture it so I’m just going to go watch it and enjoy it for a
few minutes at least so much you can see it but the moon right there. it’s so big in person but my camera cannot capture it what were you doing in July of 2017
I was in the Yucatan Peninsula watching the moon, full moon and I didn’t have
a good camera so you wouldn’t believe me when I say it was huge yellowish and very beautiful. And you can see it’s glistening over the water there good morning on day three of our
paradise paradise honeymoon escapade so today is actually our wedding
anniversary 20th wedding anniversary and we have something special planned for
later on so today we’re gonna just try and relax and find one activity that we
can do we don’t know yet because until tonight I’m not wetting my hair anyway
I’ve waited this long so might as well wait but also we’re going to try and do
that but we’re going to go have some
breakfast now and figure out what to do and then we’re going to have dinner by
the ocean at 8:30 this evening the Sun Goes Down really late here so we didn’t want to be hot so we wanted to be as late as possible so but anyway so good morning I
hope you guys are doing well and thank you again for watching I hope my camera
can see me because it’s been very foggy here as soon as you get out of the room
it is the humidity just hits you. [It is absolutely brutal] Actually it’s not brutal, it is just humid but [it is during the day] yeah but it’s it’s bearable oh yeah at least to me Maybe
because I’m darker than you? I love the speakers like that play music. Yeah, they got very good quality speakers. a very good quality speakers. Okay, sorry about that foggy video there it’s the humidity people I just so humid here more like brunch than breakfast. It is breakfast. It is not even 10 o’clock. Really? It feels late. Ok, so we gonna play.
anyway so we were supposed to go to Tulum we’ll go tomorrow I know we’re
postponing it will running out of time but we’re just going to play table
tennis right now Gracias so we are gonna go to the room oh it’s so nice and cool on the side hola hola Buenos Dias I can’t believe I have not
enjoyed this beauty holy I need to I can wait to jump into
that pool okay so we are on our way to Playa De Carmen which is a shopping
district here we just gonna see if I can find some souvenirs for the kids and
some tequila for myself hola so we decided to go to the pool
even though because it’s so hot here and we don’t have much to do so we just
decided to pool. no thanks Amigo few pictures picture day, we decided to
take a few pictures for our anniversary so we can have something wonderful to
remember it by so we’re going to do this book thing. they’ll take a ton of pictures
and then see how it comes out look who found his favorite thing to do
putt-putt. I’m gonna join him and putt-putt for a second myself Oh common. I know the green is too shaggy. fail some sombrero without you a matter
how do you weigh oh yes my love on ax men for the personal contribution
when I got myself and I gotta give another army to your feet


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