Trailer | Extreme Engagement | Netflix Original Series

the moment I saw PJ I was head over
heels so I proposed to her. Yes yes yes yes yes. And that moment was everything I dreamed of. We want to find out if we’re really ready for marriage so we’ll spend
the next year in eight of the world’s toughest places finding out how men and
women in the most remote tribes get their relationships to work. I’m wanna
christen that hut. Not like that you’re disgusting. I think Tim is going to discover I’m my own girl. Don’t do it, don’t do it … oh no way. Can you stop faffing about because I’m ready to go. Am I an adrenaline junkie? I suppose yes you could call me that. My god, this is so scary! You’re not a pubescent teenager anymore. I didn’t think you needed to keep proving yourself. If this is the Tim that I’m
expected to live with on the road for the next year, we are in big trouble. What should a marriage be, PJ? Oh my God, guess what Tim – not this. If you’ve got that many doubts then why are we together? We’ve been through better and worse in
sickness … he is withering with pain … and in health. Till death do us part, I feel like we’re dying
every time we go on one of these bloody adventures.

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