Toy Story 4 Party Decor Ideas | Forky DIY | Watch Me Set-Up!

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I’m gonna walk you through my Toy Story 4 set up and I’m also gonna show
you how to make a standalone four key cutout that you’re going to love this
video today is sponsored by u backdrop who sponsor the beautiful backdrop that
you’re going to see on this video today but more about this wonderful company at
the end of this video all right guys let’s get started here we
go to make my cutout I’m going to be using a 2×4 sand that piece of plywood I
got this from Home Depot and it already comes cut so you don’t have to worry
about cutting it or bothering anyone to cut it for you at this store to help me
draw for KI I’m going to be using my handy pecs tube that I got from Home
Depot some time ago this was left over from another project and this is a tube
that bends you can pretty much shape it to you know which ever way you want and
I’m going to use it to draw the upper part the spork
part of 4 key and yeah you don’t have to use this you can easily grab a bowl and
use that okay I just like this that’s all alright
so alright let’s get started oh this is a picture that’s going to help me make 4
key so this is the guide I’m going to use I google for key and many images but
this one is the one another thing is gonna help guide me
with drawing are the googly eyes that I got from Amazon you can find these at
any craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby where nowadays Prime is my best
friends okay so here is this sport part now I’m
going to work on the body and here’s what the following moves like alright
let’s start cutting I’m going to use a jigsaw to cut out deep fly wood or four
key today I am going to be working out of my garage guys because that sawdust
inside the house is a no-no totally a no-no some construction going on some of
my neighbors are getting some things done in their houses so it’s actually
making me feel like a bad ass totally because I can hold my own you’re gonna
hear my power tool and to make four keys popsicle sticks feet and clay I use what
I have leftover of the plywood now I’m going to go ahead and paint porky in
white the clay is like a dirty white basically like a white clay that kids
play with for a very long time and he got dirty I wanted to use white and
brown but I do not have brown for some reason I know I do somewhere in the
house but anyway I’m going to use white black and a little bit of gold and see
how that goes and I’m gonna leave the popsicle feet as is because popsicle
sticks are made out of wood obviously alright so no need for that
while I let the paint dry I’m going to make these stand for the cutout and it’s
going to consist of what you see here this I got from Home Depot and was once
a eight-foot stick and it is now what you see here which is a four feet one
foot and two six inch pieces okay and I’m going to put it together with 3-inch
flathead wood screws I’m also going to use quarter and
by two inch dowel screws I’m going to start by drilling a hole in the middle
of my four foot wood strip now I’m going to drill all the way through in the
middle of my one foot strip and also you’re going to drill holes in the
middle of your six inch strips now you’re going to place your one foot
strip over your four foot strip and screw it together so now I know where
the screw is at where I stand I am going to drill holes on this side and the
opposite side so I can place the other two legs nice finally time to put
together four keys face I am going to be going on the googly eyes with my hot
glue gun and then I’m going to be drawing the eyebrows and painting it in
red and the mouth in blue and I’m going to use acrylic paint and there he is so I painted they stand
in white same white that I use for four key now I’m going to nail in all of the
cutouts I’m going to put the pieces together like puzzle pieces I’m going to
start with the fork or these spork and then I’m going to move on with the feet
and then lastly be clay I’m going to use one and a half inch common nails to
secure the fork and then I’m going to use one inch wire nails for D clay if
you look closely porky has a rainbow on top of his foot so I found this very
cute set of stickers and he has her rainbow so I’m gonna go ahead and place
it right on top of his foot and lastly I am going to add his arms and it’s going
to be this red giant chenille pipe cleaner that I got from Michaels and he
is too cute love it now join me as I put together the whole setup as I said
earlier this video is sponsored by youth Batra guys this company has a variety of
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