Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations In Nigeria

hi my name is token ball and I’m glad to
welcome inside YouTube channel so it seems 2012 to the unique year because it
comes with a lot of unique date to our wedding so ideally when we are trying to
prepare for honeymoon we try to give it enough attention and we have put in a
lot of money in suit appearing for ease but most time solids really get hurt the
last plan we do during the wedding and also because of that we have limited
resources for preparing for the honeymoon
but today I’m here to talk about five destinations
that’s are wonderful for the honeymoon and our romantic beautiful I guess what
they are within the budget so let’s get into the video so our first destination will be Leo
buddha mountain resorts so if you think the beach is a cliche idea then
definitely this result is the type of place you would love to be presence is
located in cross real estates and also it’s close with a lot of love listen
errands and adventures to covetous except from the fancy restaurants and
the wonderful rooms it has Oh Buddha Mountain Resort also has field like
horse riding what’s up rock adventures and also wonderful places to visit
against you have great pictures to take for your honeymoon experience I can
Betsy so our second destination will be the
country carob beach resort so if you love your vacation by the seaside then
this is definitely it is mission for you actually if you live inside or near
Lingus then yes you should visit this wonderful beach and also if you’re
looking for a very private place to have your honeymoon
yes this is only accessible by boat so it makes it very private and very
entertaining for just the two of you also it’s offering beautiful rooms and
very nice cousins and also you can have activities that you can do while you
relax by the beachside the definition will be the affair Resort
and Spa and this honeymoon destination is also nearly goes it is accessible by
route which is a hard long drive or by boat or an helicopter and one of the
major reasons why this place is wonderful for newlyweds is because of
the spa experience its offers full body massage and harmonica spots but you
relax your body throughout that period in addition if I get a shared room which
you can share with other people you love to spend your time leads and still
enjoys on privacy with your spouse during your honeymoon period so this is
a wonderful place for you to experience your honeymoon so what destination will be the a bomb
hotel and golf resorts so this hotel is not so related to an honeymoon
experience but it is located in who you are quite formed and it has a lot of fun
activities everybody can enjoy during this period some of the things you can
do is go on your bike ride to enjoy the beautiful scenario of a quiet home
States another thing is that you can also enjoy spot activities like going go
free enjoying time with your spouse so it
could move from one honeymoon experience into a vacation period we’ll put of you
enjoy yourself and have so much activities to do during this period so
our final destination will be the eco-terrorists beach resorts
so for fans of the beach and seaside it’s definitely a place for you to be
with your spouse echo sorriest Beach Resort is located in in Beijing luckily
go streets and also it has not so many sports activities or the leisure
activities you can find in other places but if you want to unwind by the sea
have new cow meals I still enjoy time with your spouse then definitely this is
your place to go and this place is applied affordable and very relaxing
throughout your honeymoon state so on downloads we’ve come to the end of this
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