Top 10 Best Part Time Jobs to Earn Money

Looking for extra income in your spare time
or looking for a complete transition to another job or if you have lost your job and not expecting
any job sooner. Then there are Top 10 Best Part Time Jobs
to help you earn money easily. Number 1 are Analyst Jobs
Analyst are persons who do the work of analyzing, identifying problems and solving or implementing
new changes to resolve management and business problems so that it brings efficiency in management,
organizational or system and achieve its purposes and objectives. Most commonly there are management analyst,
financial analyst, market research analyst etc. Analyst are often employed full-time but there
are employers who take in part time analyst as well. Financial Analyst and Management Analyst make
more money with a median hourly wage of $38 while market research analyst pay, falls in
the range of median hourly wage of $29. At second position in this list are Computer
Programmers. With a median hourly rate of $35.71 computer
programming is yet another job that gives quiet fulfilling money. But its hiring outlook is merely 8%. Having the ability to code can open doors
to lot of job opportunities both within reputed companies and also as a freelancer. This job surely requires a steady state of
mind and a lot of patience and personal interest. At Number 3 is the Network and Computer Systems
Administrator With a median wage of $34.88, Network and
System Administrator is a job involving administrating the IT systems like LAN, WAN and intranets
which can be its access control to its network and/or troubleshooting. The overall hiring outlook for this job is
around 12%. So I think if like to just administrate network
and computer systems then it’s a good job for you. Number 4, Accountant
With a median wage of $30.55 Accountant is a job of accounting or accountancy that is
the measurement, disclosure or provision of assurance about financial information that
helps managers, investors, tax authorities and others to make decision about allocating
resources. You can acquire special certifications as
Chartered Accountant, Certified Public Accountant and earn more. Hiring Outlook for this job is 13%. Number 5, Writer or Author Jobs
As Writers and Author number have increased, these jobs now has a median pay of $26.89
and one can earn up to a maximum of $55 per hour in some cases. Depending on the writing job and its deadlines,
a writer will be responsible for creating specific and focused content in one or more
subject areas. Sites like freelancer provides lots of writing
jobs. Not only writing search specific contents
but writers can opt to write narrative stories or can publish their own book and earn money
from it. Passionate and instinctive writer can make
difference which can become their full time career, one such example is JK Rowling who
worked as a secretary for the London office of Amnesty International, but she dreamed
of being a writer. After being fired she focused only on her
writing and today she earns unimaginable income from her successful book series of all time,
The Harry Porter Series. Number 6, Social Media Assistant and Online
Researchers With median hourly wage of $21 to $28. Content editors, social media assistant, online
researchers and market research analyst are jobs that involves the understanding of consumers
and competitors behavior and bringing up contents, products or services that sells. The hiring outlook for this job is little
high around 32%. Such jobs can also be found at freelancer
website. Number 7 is the Event coordinator
Event coordinator, Guest Service coordinator or Event DJ are some jobs that has median
wage of up to $21 per hour. According to, some jobs like
Jazz Teachers can pay as much as $78 per hour which is quiet good income provided you can
book sufficient hours to it. Being teacher is different thing but event
performers’ needs skills that really produces an entertaining feel. So if you are good at music or anything that
can be performed in event or occasions then you can use the same for teaching others and
earning from it. Number 8, Cam and Escort Jobs
This kind of jobs are more of adult jobs but there are some jobs that don’t involve much
of sexual acts in cam modelling and escort jobs. The hiring outlook for this kind of jobs is
very high and increasing with time. Females tends to earn more than males in such
jobs. The median hourly wage may differ from $50
to $200 depending on the task given. This kind of jobs also requires skills of
attracting, engaging and making friends both in sexual and non-sexual way. Number9, Proofreader
With the median wage of $15.93 jobs like proof reader or grant analyst holds a hiring outlook
of 3%. Proof Reader jobs involves reading electronic
copy of publication to detect and correct errors in the text or art. Proofreading is the final stage of editing
process before publication. Similarly Jobs as Grant Analyst you are involved
in the analysis process prior to granting of budgets and monitors expense activities
and other grant problems with managers and administrators. And at Number 10 is the Package Movers
Jobs like Delivery Boy or Delivery Truck Driver or Material Movers has median hourly wage
of $11.04 to $13.23 with hiring outlook of 5 to 10%. These jobs mostly involves delivering the
packages to specified address within stipulated time and providing the confirmation of delivery
to concern service providers. Some of these jobs requires you to own your
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