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hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I have a special request to make a Tiffany themed wedding setup and here we
go okay guys this setup is going to consist
of a couple of arrangement a mainland which is going to be a tall vase and
then a couple of smaller ones and then some which I haven’t decided yet
well you will see at the end sometimes I just do it as it goes because you know
it depends on how the whole thing is going to look so yeah I’m going to start
putting the tall base together and this is going to consist up of two of these
vases from Dollar Tree I really like the shape of this basis and I’m going to
start with the bottom 25 I’m just going to be this tea light candle holder so
I’m going to turn over my tea light candle over and I’m going to add some
e6000 to it and also some hot glue I’m going to add the e6000 in the middle and
then I’m going to add my hot glue to the borders of it so you can buy instantly make sure to handle your base from the
bottom moving forward because the e6000 which is the most permanent glue used on
here takes up to 24 hours to fully bond the hot glue especially with heavy
object is not the most reliable blue so make sure to wrap from bottom all right
so now I’m going to glue the top and I’m going to turn this over and I’m going to
add these 6000 here and on the opposite side and then I’m going to add hot glue
to the rest of the space and the opposite side now I’m going to head outside to give it
a couple of coats of paint I’m going to use krylon brilliant silver while I wait
for the paint to dry on my tall base for about an hour I’m going to get started
with my Tiffany boxes I have three sizes here this is a large medium and small
this is not the largest boxes they have on the store but for what I have here
that’s what we’re going to call it large medium and small
this one is a 5 inch 4 inch and 3 inch and I’m going to use Americana Bahama
blue acrylic paint and I also have a couple of foam brushes so here all of my box is all painted I
gave each of my boxes a couple of coats of paint and I think they look great I
think they look like Tiffany boxes or at least it looked like that to me I want
to say to you what I’m going to do with each of these boxes just water spots
right here I painted the lid for it as well because I’m going to use this large
box as my face for my color vase these two video boxes right here I do not
paint the lid because I’m not going to use it and I’m going to use these two
boxes as the base for a couple more arrangements and these three smaller
boxes here these are going to serve as decoration for the table and they are
going to be partially open as so so I ended up painting the inside of the box
in here and I’m not I’m not sure you can see so it’s partially painted or halfway
painted because I’m going to leave it open and I’m going to add some jewels in
the box now I’m going to come back to my talk vase and right now I’m going to
leave my wrong kinda holder to the top of my tall base I’m going to start my arrangement with
these beautiful white hydrangeas from Michaels as you know I usually use
Dollar Tree flowers to make my arrangements but right now Dollar Tree
is not carrying any white hydrangeas so I’m going to be using these flowers that
were donated to me by a friend and in the future when you do find white
hydrangeas from Dollar Tree you are going to need at least three to four
bouquets to make a bouquet as full as this one I’m going to add a bouquet to
each corner now I’m going to add a bouquet right here in the middle which
is going to cover some of the foam right here and right here on top and here’s what it looks like so far now
I’m going to work on my base for my tall vase and it’s going to consist of my
largest box which I’m going to add rocks to them so I won’t move you can add
anything you like as mom it is heavy and it’s just going to keep it in place
these are leftover rocks that I have in other projects and you can sit in there
forever and I’m going to get to use them so I grab my lid and I’m going to trace
the shape of the tea light candle holder that’s at the bottom of my face and this
come to in a packet so you’re just gonna grab the other one this I’m left over
and you are going to trace the shape right in the middle of your lid this is
just going to help me place the diamond wrap rivet away from the middle here is what it should look like now I’m
going to work on the ribbon on the sides first thing you’re going to do is
measure and cut the amount of Reverend you’re going to need then you’re going
to act loop and you’re going to start from the bottom but you are going to lay
the ribbon on top of this one to make sure that is the same exact
measurements then you’re gonna remove the lid and
then glue the top I’m going to place the vase on top of the box I’m going to use
e6000 right in the middle and I’m going to add the glue around the edges I have
to make sure this is centered somewhere to turn this around okay I have to see
other than that this is not going to come out right and that’s about right so
now I’m going to add a bit of my diamond ribbon right here in the middle and this is it for now for my tall
centerpiece arrangement now I’m going to work on my smaller arrangement and my
other table decor now moving on to make my smaller floral arrangement and I’m
going to be using these two medium boxes to make them and I’m going to use four
rows of the diamond wrap for the tall arrangement I use the whole five rows
but for this one I’m only going to use four rows because it’s a little smaller
the process is the same as the other box so I’m going to go through this quickly to make this arrangement you are going
to need a bouquet of hydrangeas and half a stem of the orchids so all you’re
going to me is to place it inside the box you can use a floor point if you
like whatever think it’s necessary then you’re going to cut the flower and then
you are going to add a little blue alright the stem and then you are going
to place it randomly in the arrangement and that’s pretty much it very simple
last but not least I have my smaller boxes and for the bottom of the box is
the same process as the other boxes except that I have three rolls of ribbon
and here for the top I’m going to show you how I made this I’m going to glue
the three rows of ribbon in a cross he’s going to look something like this
and now for the bow I’m going to continue using three rolls of ribbon and
I’m going to bend the ribbon to look like a ribbon
Esso and I’m going to make sure that these two ends meet and I’m going to add
glue right there where I’m welcome to me and then I’m going to add glue to the
middle of here of the top of the ribbon and then I’m going to bring this part in
this part together and that’s it then you’re going to add
glue to the back and you’re going to place it in the
middle hope you live here on top of the ribbon and we’ll that’s it and here they are I
love them alright guys this is this is my Tiffany themed wedding centerpieces
and some of my decor and I am absolutely in love with all of this I love it
this is sophisticated elegant just breathtaking the colors with the
diamonds and the hydrangeas and the orchids I mean they flow so well
together it is so amazing I love it I wanted it
marry him oh honey with my husband and I forgot to tell you make sure to
glue the lid to the bottom of the box because that’s a bright now you can just
pull it up this is not going anywhere is really solid and heavy but you want to
make sure that this is secure so at some East 6000 or a solid blue that it’s
going to hold it together and just keep it there alright I hope you guys enjoyed
this video make sure to give it a thumbs up if you liked the video and make sure
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DIY decor alright until next time bye


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