Throwing a Thanksgiving Party : How to Decorate the Children’s Table at Thanksgiving

So it’s Thanksgiving time and your hosting
Thanksgiving at your home and your wondering, “what do I do with the kids? How do I decorate
the kids Thanksgiving table”? Well my name is Lori Randall with Simply Divine Events
and I’m going to tell you how to decorate a kids’ Thanksgiving table. One idea that
you can do is have the kids make a place mat when they sit down because the kids are not
going to want to sit there. You’re going to want to keep them busy, get some arts and
crafts on the table. One idea you can do is just get some nice construction paper and
what you can do is have some paint set out with the paint brushes, some crayons, some
markers, pencils, and let the kids just go ahead and decorate their mat. And once they’re
done decorating their mat, you can laminate it and always give it to them later and that’s
something they can have. What you can do is have them draw, you can make a turkey, actually
what you can do is just, they can draw with their hand like this and then have them trace
their hand if they want to do that. They can just make their little turkey here, they can
color it, they cut it out, use some scissors and cut it out. That’s an idea that you can
do as well. Also you can put little pumpkins at each of the kid’s place setting and have
some paints and some markers or even stickers and let them put some stickers on here and
decorate their pumpkins, keep them busy. Another idea is you can get these fun little pumpkins
you can cut out and, before the kids sit down and put what’s inside a pumpkin and you can
get a lot of pumpkin seeds that you might have that you hollowed out your pumpkin, put
some glue and then go ahead and have the kids glue some yarn and some pumpkin seeds on it
and then that’s just like another cute idea. So basically you’re going to want to think
of just keeping them busy. Some people even just get a nice, white sheet of paper and
line the table and let the kids just draw and color that way if you don’t want to get
all crazy with all the crafts. That alone keeps the kids busy. So best of luck at your
Thanksgiving feast. Again, my name is Lori Randall and have a great Thanksgiving.

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