Thom Hartmann on the News: August 16, 2013

Thom Hartmann hear on the news you need
to know this it’s not like we needed any more proof
but documents released by Edward snowden show that the NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times every year according to an internal an essay audit
obtained by The Washington Post there were nearly 3,000 incidents have unauthorized collection storage access
to or distribution I love legally protected
communications between 2011 and 2012 alone allegedly most to the incidents were
unintended but according to washington Post many
were failures are due diligence and others were outright violations a
standard NSA operating procedures summer the most egregious violations
included disobeying a court order and using unauthorized data for more
than 3,000 Americans and legal residents a senior and as the
official spoke to The Washington Post anonymously and said where human runner agency operating in a
complex environment with the number of different regulatory regimes so at times we find ourselves on the
wrong side of the line since news the NSA spying programs broke americans have been told repeatedly by
an essay supporters that our fire privacy has not been violated not once
however these documents prove that it’s simply not true in addition NSA
officials deliberately left out many details on these violations in a report
submitted to congressional Intelligence Committee the Justice Department and the office of
the Director of National Intelligence last year former as a director Keith
Alexander said we don’t hold data on US citizens
however newly-released Yenisei auditing guidelines don’t
require the agency to spell out if wonder how many americans were spied
on without Edward snowden this information
would have been kept from the public in even from the majority our national leaders this report shows
that nobody is watching the watchers and despite all claims to the contrary
the watchers are in fact watching us in screwed news
these days just because you make more in the minimum wage doesn’t mean you have
enough to get by you data from the Center for Housing
Policy shows that even so called white collar employees can’t afford the rent
prices in many major cities examples from the data include a
receptionist bank teller and an urban planner not have him get paid enough to cover
the cost to the average rent in places like Chicago New York or Los Angeles is jobs are what most people would
consider middle-class if the median salary workers in those
industries is too low to qualify for a one-bedroom apartment in metropolitan
areas let alone a two-bedroom for a small
family at thirty thousand dollars a year or
less the salaries just don’t cover today’s expenses and they certainly don’t provide enough
income to pay off to college loans that these positions now require snatches fast-food employees in low-wage
workers who need to raise mister middle-class does as well after
accounting for inflation workers today make less than they did in nineteen sixty 8
we may be the richest country in the world but our workforce is not sharing in any of that wealth in
the best to the rest the news the white house is getting a little more green President Obama announced back in 2010
that he would put solar panels back in the white house and they are finally
getting installed President Jimmy Carter first installed
solar panels back in the nineteen seventies but Ronald Reagan called a min Chokin to
calm down will make it get Bill McKibben the leader of 350 .org
said no one should ever have taken down the
panels but it’s very good to know that once again the country’s most powerful address will be dry and some love that
power from the Sun according to a White House official the
panels are art event energy retrofit that will improve the overall energy efficiency of the building it’s
not clear how much power the snooze panels will provide but they will help demonstrate that
older buildings can be energy efficient our nation still has a long way to go to
make the switch to green energy but our commander in chief is taking another
small step toward a cleaner future North Carolina’s
new voter suppression laws are being called the most deplorable and the
nation and we’re finding out that there were
even worse than we thought according to a new report from the State
newspaper the new voter suppression laws will make it nearly impossible for
college students to vote in addition to drastically cutting early
voting hours in rejecting college ID’s devote a new bill will force 9300 voters to use
one small precinct that has only 35 parking spots many as 90 300 voters are college
students who previously voted on campus as college polling places have now been
eliminated college students have a tendency to vote
democratic so North Carolina Republicans want to keep them away from the polls several lawsuits have been filed a block
these voter suppression laws and students in North Carolina are
hoping these legal efforts succeed and finally a 911 operator in
Kent Washington save the wedding of one very thankful woman a soon to be bride
was packed up her car on our way to get married loaded in her wedding dress it went
inside to get a few more things but when she came back out address was gone so she called 911 to
report the theft Candice the 911 operator who took the
call was Mary just met 18 months earlier and ask the caller when the way
wedding was scheduled and the frantic woman sadly said two-day
so with the approval of her supervisor Candice offered the woman her wedding dress and the woman
gratefully accepted for supervisor said candice is an
extraordinary person she had something someone else needed and she made it
happen definitely save one woman special day and fulfilled the Something Borrowed
tradition in a totally unique way and that’s the way it is today Friday
August 16th 2013 I’m Thom Hartmann on the news

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