This Week at UBC – September 1–7

Welcome back to This Week at UBC! This week we are joined with a special guest. Maddoria. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m a third year Human Geography student trying to pay tuition with drag. Join us, for Pride at UBC. Get ready for a fabulous evening where we show our appreciation for all
of sexual and gender identities. Strike a pose, get your dance on, and show off your pride September 6th. For most students, Imagine Day at UBC replaces the first day of classes. This is an opportunity to meet your professors, meet new friends, and learn about the expectations of your faculty. End it all
off big pep rally. Summer in the Square series is unfortunately coming to a close. Make sure to catch the last performance this week at Wesbrook. Start your year off with a bang at AMS First Week. A two-week orientation for all UBC students every year in every faculty. With over 40 events across campus, this is a great way to meet and interact with new and returning UBC students. The Center for Teaching Learning and
Technology is hosting Summer Institute An event where instructors can learn more about universal design for learning, open educational resources, and much, much more. That’s all for this week. For more events make sure you check out the calendar online at See you next week!


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