This is all I have. warframe dojo decoration.

This lobby has changed a lot since it was created. Many modifications were made to the robot or trading post. Anyway, if I invite someone to dojo, he will see this for the first. Trading Post is made with Fortuna feel. This robot was made like an old model. It looks old compared to the series afterwards. But before this, the robot looked older. :p I had to break up and rebuild what I had made before to add the Railjack dock here. The interior of the lab has not been decorated yet. :p Only the gardens, which are the pathways between the labs, were decorated. It was pretty well decorated, however. This Sawgaw is the point. This is a walking self-propelled concept robot. When you make it fit inside, the design becomes more square. This bloom was called to the people of Nidus’ wife or primitive Saryn. I tried to make it as pretty as possible using only the Infested parts. Railjack dock. Instead of decorating the dock, I made Scaffolding so that the clan members could see their railjack from multiple angles. This is Oracle. I decorated this place with a cute, slightly spooky concept. These dolls discuss shampoos that are good for their hair. The exhibits here are also replaced when something is updated or added. It’s a place to brag about one of the achievements I’ve made in Warframe. I want to increase more trophies. 🙁 This is the elevator line for people who came to this dojo for the first time. It is explained in Korean and English. If you go this way, you will enter the monumental Art Room 01. This room had experiments to create robots with Grineer and Corpus Part respectively. I was trying to make a face to face each other. This is where I tried to make a beast robot. I referenced the type of liger in Zoids. Customers say it is a wolf, a lion or a tiger. Anyway, I tried to make the details. I tried to make it possible to ride on a humanoid robot, but it was small. It is a bird type robot. I also referred to Zoid. It is a spider type robot. I was trying to make it a concept like a robot truck from the beginning. Pretty well made. But people who don’t like bugs hated it. DE had previously fixed the light source. This room suffered a lot from it. Originally, the lower part was dark and the upper part was bright, so the yin / yang were divided. Now the lower part is also bright. Anyway, this is a room that many people liked. People were curious about the one-way magic. Someone told me the Metal Gear Solid. However, the motif of this robot is metal rage. It was a pretty cool mechanic game, but now the service has ended. It is a whale-shaped transport. It’s like a Euro truck. When it was first made, the back of this whale was covered. I fixed it with a glass window. Deer family. People mentioned Horizon Zero Dunn a lot. Anyway, it is pretty cute. It is a decoration outside my first observation deck. It’s a spaceship. Actually, I did about three times of making and breaking this. Shadow-related patches, etc … There were many twists and turns. I thought I wanted to build a house while building the interior of the spaceship. Someone had suggested changing the direction of the door. The barbecue next to the campfire is a decoration we added later. I want to eat meat. It is a guard that is easy to manufacture and consumes less materials. It’s pretty cool for that. Based on this, I made a guard mk2 on the dojo of Japanese warframe partner Karon. So there are only 1 and 3 marks on our dojo. I went to trade with someone else’s dojo and was surprised to see a copy. Everyone notices this robot’s motif at once. I am glad it is. The surroundings were redecorated long after the robot was built. Jurassic Park. After making this robot, I seemed to be bored with her hands. So I added dual kama. This place was also popular. This guard is of type mk1. Same as the guard in Room 11, but with different weapons. I regretted making this place. I should have made this in a spacious room. Someone copied this room. That was pretty cool. This is the season when the orokin decoration was updated. Someone asked me to make a bird with orokin decoration. So I made it. This is my first female figure. This is horror style. After seeing what others have made, I was inspired. His name is inscribed in this room. It is a room where many people think of ‘That game’ and are disappointed. Well made anyway. War is not good. At this time, I tried to stop making decorations. I tried to make something that meant the end. But eventually I continued making. :p It is a body of broken guards over the years and a trace of the glorious past. The concept of a crossroads devil. The devil was made pretty nice. The concept of Pacific Rim. This monster had a robot that resembled Kaiju. But I thought it wasn’t good and replaced it. This is a crab monster. I used natural materials for this decoration, so I was able to differentiate the texture. That’s why it looks so different from a robot. This is the Millennium Falcon concept. In other dojos, this seems pretty too. But I am proud that this is high quality. Anyway, I was disappointed with this time Star Wars trilogy. 🙁 I saw this joke in Don’t Starve. This was a pretty cold joke. Anyway, this place is pretty. I was going to make this deer’s family. But I quit soon. This place is beautiful as it is. This is a space station concept. Fortuna was an updated season. I am dissatisfied because the inside of the bus is too dark. This is a dojo specific light source problem. It is impossible to solve. 🙁 This place was also well received. In fact, I made butterflies to fill the space. But everyone liked butterflies. Of course it was difficult to make a butterfly, so I was happy. Doom concept. I am very sick when playing FPS games. So I can’t but it is a great game. It is said that icon of sin will appear in Doom. Really? This is the first in my world series. She was made beautiful and nice. Both upper body and lower body are well made. She stretches out the cobweb from her hand to make the world. Second. It is the least rated of the series. 🙁 But I tried. I was struggling to finish this series, and the youngest is created later. The subplot for what the world will be like is in this decoration. This is also a little comedy. Gentleman Kraken is pretty cute. I wanted to make a robot after a long time. The robot is well made. Helicopters are well made. This method of attacking a helicopter is also cool. Many people liked this whale. I’ve had a lot of trouble building a central reactor. But people liked whales more. Often it doesn’t work as I intended. This room was surprisingly unpopular. Hmm why? Anyway, I paid attention to the details. The robot is also cool. Officially, this robot is the mk2 type of that robot in the lobby. This is the youngest of the world series. There have been many concept changes. I first tried to create a god of destruction. She is a grim reaper watching the world fall. It was well received. I think she is well made too. This is a supplementary story created after the World Series. It is an image of spring that wakes up after a long winter. Managers live here. I made it similar to a hanok.(hanok is a traditional Korean house.) There is also Ondol. I like Captain America on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This comment is a comics homage. He is a type of guard mk3. Especially, the blade was well made. The cold air from that monster is being split by the sword. It’s hard to notice it up close. Few people notice it. Something has changed in this room. Originally there was a wall on the other side. However, the transparent area increased, making the wall invisible. Still, this room is still pretty. There is a little magic here. I like monster movies. I watched all of the Monsterverse movies in the theater. Please make a good next movie. Especially the story. 🙁 Anyway, Mothra’s wings were pretty. This room is a little break. This is a Pobber band. This piano is not my original. I copied the piano made by someone else with a slight arrangement. The turtle is cute. The deep sea is scary, but it is also mysterious. I tried to make this symmetric. Actually, this room has a problem. I made this completely symmetrical. But They fixed something, and the territory changed. It is impossible for me to fix this. 🙁 Pobber Assault Squad. The little Pobbers join forces to attack the Grineer MOA. I liked the dead space franchise. Is it really dead? 🙁 I remember that many videos or books were released. Why is the franchise ruined? I had a hard time building the same house four times. Here is the flow of life. This is the most recent work. It was difficult to build a fluorescent pond. This is the collection room. There are Cetus, Fortuna and Ayatan statues. This room was created long ago by someone who was the first member of the clan. I just placed a receptionist and a transporter here. This is all. I hope you have a good trip.


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