This Groom Cries Reading His Beautiful Wife’s Letter | Amadeus Ranch Wedding Video

You know as I look at Sarah today I
can’t help but reflect on the little girl that she was and the woman that she
has become it just seems like yesterday Liz and I were packing her up in the in
the car and heading home from the hospital to start our new life our new
beginning today Sarah joins hands with Blake an amazing young man who we are
truly blessed to have come into Sarah’s life today these two completed each
other and they are now at the beginning at the start of their new beginning
their new life Blake, the day is here but I always believed that would come I look
back at all the years they took us to Sarah, we have been dreaming about this
day for so long now we have finally arrived I cannot put into words
accurately the wholeness and fulfillment my heart feels today the day that I get
to marry you I look back at all the years it took us to get to this day and
smile knowing that all the memories we have made a long way I think back to
being a 19 year old girl away at college and meeting you and feeling this sense of home and comfort I want you to know that I would not
change a single thing about the last ten years together we have reached today
having earned the right and with the confidence that we can handle whatever
life will throw at us as long as we are together today I have the fullest
of hearts along with a calming content and my soul I promise to love you
forever. Blake I will love you forever Blake I
will push through this life with you for all the good times and bad I will always
strive to be the very best wife to you I can be and when I’m not do what it takes
to become better I promise you my lifelong devotion I will always be loyal
to you I will love you unconditionally forever until it is you or I comforting
one another into heaven love always your bride Sarah when you think of the billions of people
that walk on the face of this earth the idea that two people can meet each other
to fall in love and to want to spend their lives with each other that is an
amazing thing it just seems to go against all odds as a pastor I often
think that that is the hand of God at work I pronounced them husband and wife in
the name of Father Son and Holy Spirit amen you may kiss the bride and the
bride may kiss the groom Wow so I wasn’t sure if this day was
ever gonna come I didn’t know Blake was ever gonna pull the trigger I can
honestly say that I’ve never met someone so unique never ceases to amaze me you
never know what he’s gonna do or say next always keeps you on your toes and
it’s impossible not to have a good time with I think one of the things I love
about it most is how genuine of a person he is
he was always true to himself and he doesn’t care what other people think
about him for as long as I can remember I have looked up to Sarah I truly can’t
put into words how blessed I am to have you not only as my sister but as my best
friend ever since you two started dating over ten years ago I knew that
knew that you were a perfect match for each other and I love to see how happy
Blake is for the Union with you in his life Sarah you are a very strong
intelligent hard-working woman who is motivated and goal oriented and you
helped push Blake to be a better person my sister’s happiness is one of the most
important things to me she is truly the happiest when she’s with you Blake
you make her laugh every day I will forever appreciate the amount of care
compassion and loyalty you show to Sarah one thing I’ll always love and admire
about the two of you is the abundant amount of love to have you share for one
another I know you will have the longest life of happiness the love and family
until me laughs along the way let’s cheers Womack’s


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