This father-daughter wedding song goes back decades | Humankind

(gentle guitar music) – I think it means more to her because now, like I said,
she’s a Navy wife now. Her dad retired from the
Army, he’s a Green Beret. And now, she’s marrying a guy in the Navy. So she knows she’s about to go through it at a different level now. (gentle guitar music) It definitely makes me feel proud. I miss it sometimes because
he just retired last year. (gentle music) Cause it reminds you of deployments, cause that’s when they always
played it, at deployments. Even now, they say that
as adults every time they hear that song you get
that little choked up feeling. (gentle music) “The Daddy Song” even
now, they don’t even say the name of the song or I’m already there, they just call it “The Daddy Song”, so I know for sure she
will play it for her kids, that’ll be the same thing. It’ll be known as “The Daddy Song”. It just, I guess they’ll
create more memories. (gentle music) ♪ I’m in your prayers ♪ ♪ I’m already there ♪ (gentle music) I was like, “Mom, I don’t
care what else goes wrong, “that video has to play.” The video went perfect. He didn’t expect it at all. He had the reaction
she wanted him to have. (gentle music) The kids know that no
matter how hard it gets, it’s not easy, marriage
is not easy, period. And that’s even harder, cause
they know no matter what, you’re gonna go through
bad times, you are. You’re gonna love each other, but you’re not gonna like each
other very much sometimes. But no matter what, you stick it out. Whether they say that no matter what, being apart, being together. Liking each other, not liking each other, there’s always that
love and that commitment and that sense of family
pride and national pride. (gentle music) It makes us stronger. You know that they’re not
gonna be there physically, but they’re always there
for you emotionally and support you and not
only does he protect us obviously as a soldier, but
he also protects us a father, spiritually and emotionally and all that. (gentle music) – [Announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, give it up for a father and a daughter. (guests cheer)


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