This Couple is Straight Fire ?? | Distillery 244 in Wichita Kansas Wedding Video

they met at KU though they disagree
on how they met Taylor says they met through one of the groomsmen Bo Ben told me that’s not really the case
he said he saw Taylor out one night with her ex and I’ll quote Ben here Ben said
you thought I was hot and so I hopped into those DMS Ben I gotta tell you that’s kind of
weird but you are the one standing here today man so
(Ben) it worked out (officiant) worked out yes it worked
out for you Taylor how are you feeling
I feel really excited very very nervous it’s the first time I’ve been nervous today I haven’t been nervous up to this point Is she coming or what? what’s taking so long I want to see turn around right now Oh my gosh… I see you Taylor your mom Diana wrote you
guys some advice by saying this great-grandfather had set many examples
for our family the first being to remember to put God first and the rest
will fall into place knowing that marriage is a lot of work
and isn’t easy but remember that it comes with a lot of rewards Ben your mom also told me that you’re
the biggest mama’s boy (laughter) she told me me a great story about how when you were in gym class and you were to run of mile you finished first and you saw a boy
with special needs and you went back to help that boy finish and encourage him
she said Ben always sticks up for the underdog so when I asked Ben why he loves Taylor
he said this to me he said I love everything about her she’s beautiful
inside and out she has a huge heart and literally cares about anyone and
everyone she’s the best mom I could have ever asked to raise our kids she’s the
whole package when I asked Taylor why she loves Ben she said I love Ben
because he’s such a positive person and always makes the best of every situation
Ben is always pushing me to want the best version of myself
Ben is the kind of person that never speaks ill of anyone and always sticks
up for the underdog not a lot of people are like Ben so before I met Taylor I heard of her
because in Wichita how does anyone not know about a knockout like that what I
didn’t know was that a knockout was the most sincere and loyal friend that I
will ever have Taylor I want you to know there really are not words to describe
the kind of friend that you’ve been to me your kindness is so genuine you have this heart of gold and this innate sense of good (best man) you know kind of the magic those
two have between and you know how much Ben is able to make Taylor
how much Taylor makes Ben adore her it’s it’s something that is able to be seen
right away that was truly truly special and today it marks
it officially but I’ve already felt like Taylor been a sister for a long time now

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